Sylvanic Bigfoot, What’s The Story?


For the past 2-3 years I’ve been hearing about this “Sylvanic Bigfoot” project which is spearheaded by Todd Standing.

Todd Standing is a columnist for and a Bigfoot researcher. He’s made quite a lot of headlines in the Bigfoot community by coming forward with video “proof” of these bipedal, ape-like creatures that he has filmed in recent expeditions. It doesn’t just end there, he also claims to know a secret location called “Sylvanic” (According to Todd, this is the name given by the “native” people) said to be a hidden valley nestled deep into the American Rockies.

Todd and his team have released several teaser videos as proof and claim that they are keeping the location secret in order to protect the newly found creatures. Their website has very limited information as to who the team is and what it is they actually found. Here is a preview of a documentary that they have been working on.

Their website itself holds no real information. There are a few links for an online store to buy the “video evidence” of the creatures they filmed. Not a surprise.
So what is the real story behind the “Sylvanic Bigfoot” ?

According to Todd’s Youtube account, there is a short video clip of the supposed evidence that was captured recently. The video was uploaded to Youtube on November 27, 2009. I don’t know the date of the video itself.

As far as most of the information from, the details of the location or more video proof cannot be divulged due to the team’s effort to help protect these creatures.

So if they know the supposed location of these creatures, why not invite biologists, researchers and other scientists to go with them on an excursion to the area?
Their website offers the following explanation:

Our goal is to carefully gather as much information about this species while adhering to our first priority, which is to ensure we do not compromise the research site in any way. This species has zero tolerance for any sustained human presence. When a habitat is compromised, not only do we lose a valuable research site, these animals lose their home. Loss of a habitat means loss of life. Our priority now and always will be the welfare of this species. If we feel our work in any way leads to the detriment of these animals our work will stop immediately.

Our ultimate goal is to discover an intact body that has expired due to natural causes.