Sylvanic Bigfoot: Mystery Solved?


When I wrote the post entitled “Sylvanic Bigfoot, What’s The Story?” I intended to gather information from the community about this ambiguous case. I was curious if there were any recent updates or press releases.

Todd Standing has been saying for years that he knows of a secret valley which lies somewhere in the border of the United States and Canada called “Sylvanic”, a name given by the “locals”. In this valley, Mr. Standing claims that he has encountered a group of Bigfoot like creatures and has even filmed some of them during past expeditions.

My original post was to hear from the community and possibly Todd himself about new developments or new evidence of the existence of Sylvanic. Evidence being the keyword. I did get in contact with Todd, who emailed me to thank me for the unbiased post that I did.

Since I had so many questions about this whole case I wanted to see if I could setup an email interview. I asked if he would be willing to do an interview for GhostTheory to which he agreed. After collecting a few questions from the other editors at GhostTheory, I fired them off to Todd and awaited for a response. I’m still waiting…..

In a interesting turn of events, one GhostTheory reader who goes by “MultipleEncounters” or ME, started to do some investigative work on his end. The information he uncovered puts Todd Standing in a different light. Let me quickly add that my interest in this is to present an unbiased report. The information that was collected by myself and ME can be verifiable.

One of the first red flags is in the name “Slyvanic”. Todd’s website said that this is the name the “locals” had given this hidden valley. A couple of GhostTheory readers had this to say:

Mortis says:
January 5, 2010 at 5:31 PM  (Edit)
Hmm, Pennsylvania – sylvania a latin word meaning of the forest or woods. Sylvanic, sylvania. Not too difficult to see a relationship here. Don’t think it is of some Native word and therefore don’t believe in this tripe. There are better things to pay attention to.

Bruce Mills says:
January 7, 2010 at 8:52 PM  (Edit)
I find it interesting that Standing’s so-called “native people” appear to have a grasp of Latin (sylvan- coming from Sylvanus, “woodland deity)!
I guess classical training has proliferated farther than I had imagined! Hmmm says:

syl·van also sil·van (slvn)
1. Relating to or characteristic of woods or forest regions.
2. Located in or inhabiting a wood or forest.
3. Abounding in trees; wooded.
One that lives in or frequents the woods.
[Medieval Latin sylvnus, from Latin Silvnus, god of the woods, from silva, forest.]

Given the fact that Sylvanic is derived from the latin Sylvus, it is suspicious that native people in the United States would have given this valley a Latin name. This is not concrete evidence of Todd being deceitful since many places in the United States do have Latin origins like California. One could say that Todd was confused as to the origin of the name or who exactly had initially named this place. Let us continue…

I then started to see several comments originated from the same computer or network using different name handles and emails. These comments were pro Sylvanic in nature. These comments were originated from British Columbia, Canada.

Author : Tracey (IP: ,
E-mail : *****
With all the research Standing has done and spent years working on with his team, I would think serious bigfoot believers would understand the immense cost involved.  He has never made any money, donating cash to humane societies.  It is my guess he needs funds to further research, as sort of indicated on his site.

That aside, getting biologists involved can be so difficult.  People always talk the talk but when it’s time to get in action, so many fail to bring it.  It is my understanding that this is why Standing has gone to journalists, they can make the discovery VERY public and hopefully hurry along the species protection Standing is trying to gain before revealing their location.

Kudos to Standing, I think he is doing a great job and needs more support and encouragement, not rude comments from derogatory, narrow-minded individuals who have never so much as been in the forest and have no idea what they are talking about.

Author : Louise (IP: ,
E-mail : ****
As the writer writing this NOVEL, I must say there are always skeptics and doubters.  I have all of Todd’s information and evidence, much of which has never been released and will not be without species protection.  I agree with him that the species would be threatened if he gave out this info.

The problem with evidence, in my opinion, is that for real conclusive and irrefutable evidence you MUST provide a genuine body.  Without that, no skeptic, including governments will accept the reality of them.  Todd works towards finding a body and until such a time, there will always be those who just don’t believe.

It’s nice to see such diversified opinions on this board!

Author : mark (IP: ,
E-mail : ****
I bought both videos a couple of days ago after reading these articles.  I think their great.  The website explains alot, and i listened to his interview on sasquatch radio from the 28th of dec.  the link is here

I hope he finds a body and proves all you nay sayers wrong.

Given that these all originated from Canada and the same network and possibly the same computer, we can deduce that these comments are from someone who is either doing Todd Standing’s PR or this is Todd Standing himself. If this is the case then it is really suspect how the author “Mark” made the comment talk about how great the DVDs that are on sale on the Sylvanic website are.

If there really are these creatures out there in a secret location and Todd Standing wants to protect them, why is he worrying about building up the PR for himself and trying to sell DVDs?
I would assume that his top priorities would be to get evidence first. Evidence that can be verifiable by the scientific community.

Let us now focus on ME‘s investigation. (I know it’s long, but it is well investigated)

ME says:
January 11, 2010 at 4:30 AM

Hi Javier,

Go to this page and scroll about half way down and read the post by MultipleEncounters which outlines some major inconsistencies and contradictions on the part of Mr. Standing over the last 5 years.

ME says:
January 11, 2010 at 4:53 PM

Hi Gary,

Yeah I am ME.

Re his hiring actors, once again that’s a very old issue he has sidetracked in past questions to him by others. The original add is long gone, but if you look to this web archive site, you can still see his original ad there.

That was his phone number then as it was corroborated at for He has apparently changed his number since then however, but I do have a screen capture of that original page as I do the present one. And if you google that complete phone number (…-5296), you will see other corroboration still referenced on the net.

Ironically, (and I just discovered this) but if you do look at,, you will also see that his Administrative Contact is Todd Standing, (nothing special there) but with his email address is louise@… Louise, can we assume you are doing more then just writing his NOVEL? You wouldn’t be ‘Lil Sis’ would you be? Better yet, you wouldn’t be Todd himself are you? lol

And re ‘Lil Sis’, it’s not so much that she took the video or credits, but that he has slowly & methodically removed her from being present on that so-called ‘expedition’ for very suspicious reasons relating to story believability. You don’t just change history claims to suit what makes a better story as time passes. If you also note on his main page today, it says the four on that trip were:

“In 2005 our initial group consisted of a cooperation of 4 people: a biologist from Great Falls, Montana; a Cree Nations elder representing the First Nations People; the skeptic Todd Standing; and a paramedic fire fighter from Calgary, Alberta.”

I also wouldn’t ‘assume’ that his claim of a Cree Elder now being along on that original trip, means that the Cree are who named Sylvanic either. Unless of course Todd would like to confirm which tribe Sylvanic originates from one way or another?

Sigmound, did you actually see this statement somewhere about it taking 10 days to get there? “So why do you have to hike 10 days and be in the shape of an Olympian?” Thanks!

ME says:
January 11, 2010 at 5:38 PM

Hmm, one more little interesting tidbit I just pieced together. And this may further answer your question too Gary.

Jeese Louise, so, R U Todd’s Little Sister?

I also see the web site for Todd Standing is Louise@ outSTANDINGproductions, IS a production company. The name outSTANDING… would that by chance have an affiliation to the last name of Todd ‘Standing’? :^) The company IS listed as his email address at after all.

Oh what a tangled web we weave.

ME says:
January 11, 2010 at 10:25 PM

Well, well, well, lookie here.

Lil’ Sis, we have missed you so much. Mean old Todd never gave you the credit due in that First Expedition where it was YOU who caught all that magnificent footage of them hairy beasts up on the hill. Then he wrote you out of the script. Don’t you just hate when that happens in your industry, especially after such a grueling long trek into the wilderness land of Sylvanic, North America.

And so it seems, Louise IS ‘Louise Standing’. She looks to be about the right age too. Oh and one of her interests just happens to be ‘Makeup Art’ too. Hmmm…

And don’t you guys just love the way she said the above?:

“Louise says:
January 7, 2010 at 4:23 AM
Henry, his petition for protection in canada was heard before the house of commons. I’ve personally seen it on it the news. In the US he is just beginning his petition…”

She’s personally “seen it on the news”! I bet she has. It seems that storytelling runs in the family. You guys ever heard of a shill? I believe there were a few of them on the Unexplained Mysteries forum too when Standing was posting there.

And the house of cards comes crashing down.

ME says:
January 12, 2010 at 12:00 AM

My oh my, it just keeps getting better.

It does seem Lil’ Sis has grown up to be a very big and ‘talented’ girl. And all big girls have Facebook pages don’t they?

But so do big brothers, or did. Scroll down on the left column of her page and click on ‘Todd’ in Officers. Oh don’t worry Louise & Todd, I’ve already archived your pages for “Educational Purposes” of course. 🙂

Look at the URL of the ‘Todd’ page you clicked. Yep, it does say Todd Standing in the URL. Hmmm

But just who is Todd Rockwell, the Director of OutStanding Productions? But again, it says Todd Standing in the URL at the top of the page? Hmmm? Again

And to corroborate something more, Todd Rockwell is stated as the Director on the Outstanding Productions Website under Contacts.

Just what could all this mean? Now I am beginning to ask: Who is Todd Standing, or is that Todd Rockwell? My My, it is all so confusing.

And Louise, just how many years have you been involved in Film Production AND Makeup Art?

As Ricky Ricardo used to say: “Louise (I know, its Lucy), You have some splainin’ to do!”.

Of course Louise also calls Todd her slave on Facebook too. Hmmm… :^) (Had to mention that for fun)

And the next BIG question is: Is Todd Rockwell and Todd Standing one and the same? Stay Tuned.

So what are we to make of the comments that seemed to have been done by the same person in favor of Todd Standing and his project? or the fact that Todd Standing has a video production company and has hired someone who, we found out is his sister to write a book about this and help with the video production and DVDs that are on sale on the Sylvanic website?

Regardless all the contradictory descriptions of Todd’s description of Sylvanic, it’s important to ask why reaching out to the press seems like the ideal thing to do when making extraordinary claims. Remember the Johor Hominid incident? or the Georgia Bigfoot?

Mr. Todd Standing, can you comment on what has been uncovered by our readers?