“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” - Stuart Chase


From time to time I like to post articles from Jason Offutt’s site, From the Shadows. Jason really picks up and posts some great stories that are submitted to him, along with publishing books such as Darkness Walks and Haunted Missouri. The following story is acutally a two part story pertaining to a family that is harrassed by disembodied voices periodically, which is pretty eerie for starters. When the voices start sounding like family members, it just gets bizarre.

Craig McFeeters sat in his home office in Lawson, Mo., on Dec. 22, 2009, when he heard a woman call from outside. The woman’s voice was clear – maybe too clear.

“I heard a woman who sounded like she was outside on the sidewalk about 15 feet from the front door and just outside of my office,” McFeeters said. “I heard a woman fairly loudly and vividly say, ‘Hello? Is anybody home?’”

McFeeters walked to the front door and opened it to an empty sidewalk.

“I fully expected to see a woman standing there,” he said. “I was wondering why wouldn’t she just ring the doorbell or knock on the door? But sometimes when the garage door is open, people will come in the garage so I thought maybe that was it, she didn’t know which place to go.”

He looked for a car in the driveway or for a woman walking toward the road, but saw nothing. The houses on either side of his were silent.

“No signs of someone from a neighbor’s house causing the event,” he said. “And it is very cold, so it’s not like someone had their windows open. But the voice wasn’t coming from far away. It was more like from the corner of the room, or just outside of the walls of the house.”

When McFeeters went back inside, he asked his son and daughter who were watching television in the living room if they’d heard “it.”

Click here to read the rest of part 1

Click here to read part 2

  • jbondo


    This is interesting. One thing I can say is that whenever I read about a portal opening I get the willies. I have no idea why as I don’t necessarily believe in portals. I often think of the alleged portals at the skinwalker ranch.

    When he talked about the woman calling from outside I immediately thought of the old west or an earlier time when people actually did this. I think it was quite common as a way to protect ones person.

    I like that this guy is trying to come up with a logical explanation for the voices. I also like that he’s trying to combine logic with paranormal. Kind of like a combo deal. Maybe the house holds hyper sensitive acoustical or auditory attributes. This combined with the closeness of family members may hold an answer. I also think that once one of them tells the rest of this amazing thing they experienced it causes the others to possibly obsess on it thereby producing their own experiences.

    Or maybe parts of their house have dimensional crossing points and one of the quirky side effects is that peoples sounds arrive home 10 minutes before they enter the house.

    Of course I’m thinking more crazy as I go. Nothing wrong with speculating even if it’s crazy talk.

  • I always read Jason’s blog. He definately has some great stories posted there. This one gave me chills because I have heard disembodied voices before.

  • Gary

    Julie, let’s hear your story! 🙂


    Yeah this is a cool story because there are others in the same household who also hear the voices, and I do like how the guy is trying to think outside the box with coming up with explanations. As I was reading and he was mentioning his opinion, I was thinking something along that parallel dimension idea that the other dimension is like 10 minutes ahead of schedule, just like your were thinking. It’s cool to speculate!

    Of course on the back side of it, I was thinking suppose it’s some sort of entity emmulating the voices of family members for whatever reason. Now that gives me the willies!

  • jbondo

    Are you maybe thinking of a demon by chance?

  • Peter

    I have heard a voice calling out my name once. About twenty years ago, I was about 13, I was walking from the bus stop to our house at that time and clearly heard a voice coming from of a tree, not the old spooky kind of tree but a very common and pretty young tree, the voice calmly but urgently called out my name. The voice was very clear and sounded more or less female.
    I heard it come from the crown of the tree, knowing that that was impossible I looked around to see who was playing tricks on me. We moved into that house only months before and I knew nobody in that neighbourhood well enough for them to trick me in that way. I still looked around and saw nobody, it was pretty scary and very confusing at the time.

    It still sends shivers down my spine up to this day but I have pretty much convinced myself it was a hallucination, or pareidolia.
    My parents had just divorced and I was under a lot of stress. After this incident I had to force myself to believe and proof I was not going insane, I did not like walking the same route again but I had to, just to find out if I would hear it again. I never did. I have always wondered if maybe I fought of some sort of psychosis by forcing myself not to give in to that voice by acknowledging it.

    I have had my fair share of hallucinations since so I became familiar with them, but all of them through my own poor choices, non of them this realistic and never have I been scared of them.

  • Gary

    Thanks for sharing with us, Peter!

  • Rachel Chapman

    17 years ago i was sitting in my living room reading a book, when all of a sudden i heard a softly spoken male voice say, look over here. I ignored it, assuming it was coming from my neighbour in the next apartment, and as the walls were quite thin anyway i concluded there and then that was the explanation. The sound repeated again, and this time i looked up and said-What? There was no more sound after that. My building wasn’t that old, summer-1994, and this was autumn-1997. The voice seemed too clear and too close to have penetrated the wall and still have the perfect clarity as it did, but it certainly freaked the hell out of me as i was alone that day in my parents house.

  • mia

    i woke up one night to make my son a bottle because he was only tiny at this time of when it happened, it was around 3am and i already know there is an unwanted presesnce in my house. Anyway as i gave him his bottle i turned out all the lights and as i turned over a mans voice had said my name, i turned around slowly with my heart pounding out of my chest to see that nobody was there nor had my door opened, not even in the slightest. i jumped out of bed and ran into my mum and dads room and asked if they had called me but they were completely fast asleep and nobody else lives in my house. i turned on all the lights and got back in bed paranoid as anything, as i calmed down my landing light had turned of and i thought it was the ghost, it was my mum getting into my bed, i was so confused as to why she was but after a while she told me that she felt somebody very strong hold her feet down to the bed so she couldn’t get up and she felt like she needed to protect me from something/somebody. nothing but strange things happen in my house but i searched on google the next day, i dont remember exactly what it said but i can just remember the bit where it said to never answer them, its there way of getting control or something like that.