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I’m sure you guys remember the “UFO squadron over Oakland” video that I posted here a few days ago. It generated quite a controversial storm here on GT. Some said it was a secret U.S. plane. Others believed this to be a flock of Geese flying in formation. Whatever it was, it was sure fast.

Well KevinMC360, the person who shot the video is back with a new video shot just last night (June 11th, 2010). KevinMC360 had left this comment on GhostTheory:

Just for you guys

Thank you for your support.


The same style of video as the previous one, we know see only four bright objects fly by the Oakland sky at night as opposed to the five that we saw in KevinMC360’s last video. What are they?

The fact that that these objects are seen flying in the same formation and location, minus one, leads me to believe that the U.S. Air Force is running some late night test flights.

What do you guys make of this whole issue?

  • Brad

    Kevin I have to agree with you and some of the others, Those are not birds, especial Geese, We have them flying over our neibhorhood almost daily and they do fly in semi V formation , but, they also make a heck of alot of noise, calling out to the others.
    So, moving past that, Youve got a great chance to compile some hard video evidence for us all to see.
    best of luck, maybe I can take a trip from the central valley later this year, I be glad to back you up.

  • Snaubak

    Fighter jets. Sorry, Kevin.

  • steve horvat

    I was watching the clip and saw the focus changed mopre than once . as the focus changed I saw that the stars did not go out of focus but the moving dots did . telling me that the moving dots were much closer than the stars . the position of three dots with respect to one another remained theoretically the same . then I believe that the object ( plane ? ) rolled over and the spots went with the roll and back . UFO ? unlikely .

  • Jacquie

    Terry and the rest of U that say its birds: no way. These points of light do not behave like any species of birds, migratory or otherwise. W#hat it is I cannot say, but it is NOT BIRDS.

    I say keep that camera to the sky! Good work!

  • curt

    not geese, geese our very vocal you can hear them from miles away.

  • Ron A

    I am quite taken back although not really surprised with this persons inability to understand what he or she is mentally processing whilst viewing the objects videoed by KevinMc360.
    As an individual who has first hand encounters with these UFO craft
    and wait for it, dare I say there “occupants” I can say that what you have videoed Kevin is in fact;
    “Very Real”
    (even though in some other cases Birds have been noted)
    My basis of conformation is justified by my own personal experiences
    oh and yes I too have had those that are hell bent on denial & as an outsider to your encounters KevinMc360, I do understand the need for in depth response as you had put forward for the “Observer” you will note that you didn’t receive any recognition for the additional time spent to justify your video this is just so typical of an individual that is caught up in a classic state of denial and will remain this way right up to the day when he too is confronted with the truth. My personal case was subject to the very same type of attitude as this “Observer” displays until my evidence was carefully examined by a Professor inverstigating UFOs and Alien abduction located at
    Murdock University in Western Australia. When his findings were noted in public records then and only then did the non believers slip away.
    The thing is Kevin these negative attitudes don’t do anyone any good and whilst I can relate to dispute for valid reasoning, in the Observers case I am of the opinion that there is more at play wheather it is just to upset the honesty & integrity put forward by going public with your video or just because of his own personal belief?.
    Kevin please remain honest with yourself and others as I did and the truth will shine through to those who don’t have trouble accepting it.
    On behalf of many others along with myself who do understand thank you for coming forward with your video clips.

  • KEVINMC360

    Oakland UFO Squadron is back 5-26-2011

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  • ssle

    I saw exactly the same thing a few months ago in San Francisco. I would describe what I saw as exactly what you saw. This was in Winter 2013.