Another UFO Squadron Filmed Over Oakland, CA


I’m sure you guys remember the “UFO squadron over Oakland” video that I posted here a few days ago. It generated quite a controversial storm here on GT. Some said it was a secret U.S. plane. Others believed this to be a flock of Geese flying in formation. Whatever it was, it was sure fast.

Well KevinMC360, the person who shot the video is back with a new video shot just last night (June 11th, 2010). KevinMC360 had left this comment on GhostTheory:

Just for you guys

Thank you for your support.


The same style of video as the previous one, we know see only four bright objects fly by the Oakland sky at night as opposed to the five that we saw in KevinMC360’s last video. What are they?

The fact that that these objects are seen flying in the same formation and location, minus one, leads me to believe that the U.S. Air Force is running some late night test flights.

What do you guys make of this whole issue?