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Yellow Book; An Alien History

April 16, 2014 – 8:52 AM | 392 views

In my last post, regarding cattle mutilations and the supposed reasons for those, there was reference to a text called The Yellow Book. This is a subject I have tripped across more than once recently …

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‘The Walking Dead’ Comic Coming To AMC Channel

Submitted by on July 22, 2010 – 3:30 PM10 Comments | 2,928 views

As if I didn’t have problems sleeping already…..

AMC television has been busy shooting scenes for their new series “The Walking Dead”, based on Robert Kirkman and artists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard’s black & white comics.

From Wikipedia:
The Walking Dead is centered on Rick Grimes, a small-town police officer from Cynthiana, Kentucky, his family, and a number of other survivors who have banded together in order to survive after the world is overrun with zombies. As the series progresses, the characters become more developed, and their personalities shift under the stress of a zombie apocalypse, most notably Rick’s.

In the beginning of the series, Rick and partner Shane are in a firefight and Rick is shot and enters a coma. Upon waking in a hospital, he discovers the undead are in the building and town. Rick returns home and shortly decides to go to Atlanta, where the survivors were told to await help, to find his wife Lori and son Carl. He discovers the city is crowded with zombies and bumps into Glenn, a scavenger for a band of survivors. Following Glenn, Rick discovers Lori and Carl are okay along with Shane, who is less than happy that his former partner has returned. He also meets new survivors.

The group search for a place to call home, settling in several temporary camps, including a prison, which comes to the attention of an insane man calling himself the Governor. The Governor runs his local city, Woodbury, Georgia, like a dictator and tortures Rick and other members of his group, culminating in an assault. After the prison is made unsecure by an attack, Rick and the surviving members, after leaving with others to Washington D.C for a chance to cure the infection, encounter cannibals and a township that is enclosed and safe, but holds a secret.

The series is set to premier on October 2010 and looks very promising. The entire first season was written, directed and produced by Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile) as well as executive produced by Gale Anne Hurd. (Aliens, The Terminator, The Incredible Hulk).

During the past few years I’ve seen several newly released zombie movies and they’ve all been a poor representation as to what a real zombie movie should be. For example, Tom Savini’s remake of Romero’s 1968 “Night of the living dead” amcwalkingdead5was one of the best zombie films that I’ve seen. Aside from that, all the new zombie movies that feature mutated and fast running “zombies” are examples of what I mean by bad zombie flicks. One constant complaint (and I know my girlfriend is tired of hearing) is that zombies should act like braindead, emotionless re-animated corpses. Not move like some olympic sprinter.

Either way, I’m glad I have TiVo and will be recording this show. After all, I don’t think a late night dosage of zombie gore will ruin my sleep.

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I'm a writer, a runner, and a hell of a coffee drinker residing in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on a book about Doris Bither and her terrifying account of a haunting in Culver City, California. The case was dubbed "The Entity" and it stands to be one of the most controversial cases ever to be studied by parapsychologists.

  • elhombre

    If this stays true to the original story this will be something special. If you get a chance read the comic before hand, just in case it gets bastardized by the screen adaptation.

  • syracusematt

    The comic is amazing, and I’m really looking forward to the series. I was able to read the pilot script, and it is different from the comic, which I think is a good thing. I’ve read the comic, I know what happens, I don’t want to see a straight retelling of something where I know what’s coming around the corner. They stick to the spirit of the comic though, so trust me, it’s going to be great.

  • http://hauntjaunts.net/blog Courtney Mroch

    Awesome! I had heard this one was in the works, but didn’t know when to expect it. Just in time for Halloween! YES!

    Yours is a complaint I hear a lot. I think it’s because we grew up with the slow zombies. They’ve gotten faster over the years. (Maybe a sign of the times? As we speed up –from technology and such– so do our monsters?)

    I don’t know. All I know is I have a thing for zombies in all their shapes and forms. Why, I don’t know, but I do….

    THANKS for the info!

  • Gary

    Actually I had read about the first 60 issues of this comic book, and I highly recommend it since it has very strong storylines/characters in it. The art really is just a bonus for the most part. I’m really jacked about seeing this when this comes out!

  • jbondo

    Actually I had read about the first 61 issues of this comic book Gary. So, as you can plainly see, I am the superior comic book aficionado.

    By the way, what does aficionado mean?

  • http://ghosttheory.com Javier Ortega


    I read #62 only. So where does that put me?


  • Gary

    I digress to your…official-nado-ness…:p

  • BC

    this is AWESOME!

  • BC

    Just found a trailer for it that premiered at Comic Con. Damn it looks cool. I love dystopian/zombie flicks. Here’s the link to the trailer:

  • Brad

    I hope they can keep it real and not to B-moviesh, We need a good zombie show to keep us destracted from the lack of economy and never ending war our troops are fighting.

    Bring on the walking dead!!!