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So October 13th 2010, came and went. According to retired NORAD office Stanley Fulham we were supposed to see a display of hovering UFO crafts above Earth’s major cities on that day. Well, something did happen.

Around noon time in New York, many people reported seeing strange object hovering above the city. The objects were said to be executing unnatural maneuvers and to have emitted bright lights. Several videos were posted of these supposed alien craft and all I can tell you is that they look like balloons. Upon blogging about the emerging news, the big news site, HuffingtonPost mentioned GhostTheory on their article about the New York UFOs. Immediately I saw the big spike in traffic on our servers and it slowed our website down to a crawl. But there were a few people who were able to report in from New York right before GhostTheory buckled under the massive wave of traffic.

Anonymous says:
October 13, 2010 at 3:20 PM


PCWilliams says:
October 13, 2010 at 5:28 PM

ABC news:

New Yorkers Mistake Balloons For UFOs – CBS news:

Brad Smith says:
October 13, 2010 at 6:43 PM

I was in Times Square today. Someone was releasing dozens and dozens of yellow balloons for a period of 2 or 3 hours. I don’t know why, but that’s what these are. You can check Twitter to see people talking about it this afternoon.

ElfishGene says:
October 14, 2010 at 12:41 AM

♫99 yellow balloooons♫

There was an interesting comment left by GT reader Kevin:

Kevin says:
October 14, 2010 at 8:22 AM
I love how everyone talks about how people are just crazy and it’s for publicity. And then thousands of reports in NYC of ufo’s come out and discussion just stops on this page.

I wanted to point out this comment because of what it really actually means. Kevin is under the impression that we, readers and editors, were somehow convinced that what the media and social networking sites fiercely propagated as the truth, was real. But that’s far from the truth. Thanks to you guys, GT was getting updates from all across the globe on early October 13th, 2010. Not that we were expecting any crafts to appear above us, but just to reiterate that there are some people out there that will take advantage of the media, social networks and propagate their own delusions. In this case, Mr. Fulham had a motive; he was pushing out his own book.

Do I believe in UFOs and aliens? Yes. Do I believe that this person is in contact with “souls” who are eons of years old and was given a date in which aliens would make their presence known? No.

Overall I think this was just mass hysteria. If you read the news sources carefully, not one of them states any official records of UFOs or shows any evidence. All we know is what thousands of people blurted out over Twitter and Facebook: “OMG UFOS over NYC

  • TheTruth

    Hey Javier,
    MyFoxNews Coverage Showing Tail with Blue Flash Lights

    ABC News Jellyfish shot

    Does Fox News 5 footage look like a yellow balloon? Or a tail and blue flashing lights. Google many people reported Yellow objects with Blue lights (also news reporters). I saw the objects appear and disappear in broad day light myself. Many others reporting the same thing. ABC News footage looks like a jellyfish not a simple yellow balloon.

    Article Quote Yellow with Blue Lights

  • TheTruth

    UFO’s over Golden Gate Bridge on Live webcam – 10/13/2010

  • Truthtime

    The NY FAA RADAR facility was also shut down at 645pm… as were all 3 airports. the building was evacuated because somebody smelled fumes. Doesn’t that seem a bit suspicious. Those “balloons” hung around until the evening.

    Radar facility evacuated… c’mon.

  • TheTruth,

    Yea, I’ve seen those videos. The problem is that there are no definitive shots. Many people reported seeing yellow balloons being released, other reported white balloons being released in a different part of NY.

    There are many conflicting stories, many claims with no proof (like the disappearing ufos).

    Usually the simplest explanation is the best.


  • TheTruth

    NY POST Shot of JellyFish looking image

    Looks like Delbert Newhouse UFO Footage – 1952 – Tremonton, Utah

    Phoenix Lights were said to be flares. But flares don’t stay at the same altitude and in formation or up to 45 minutes or can cross a whole state of Arizona. IT TAKES ONLY 6 MINUTES FOR A FLARE TO DROP TO THE GROUND.

    Check out Feature Length Documentary “Phoenix Lights” here

    Regular Yellow Balloons in Times Square don’t have tails with blue lights flashing and stay in one spot for at least 2 and half hours by witness interviewed on Fox 5 News.

    Regular Yellow Balloons couldn’t stay in the same area of Manhattan from Noon to 11 pm on Earthcam cameras…glowing looking like lights in the sky.


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  • TheTruth

    If the simplest explanation is the best, then when people for centuries thought they saw angels or gods in the sky it would make more since they were UFO’s. Do you think angels or gods in the sky is more probable than a UFO???

    Alexander the Great saw a shield up in the air. The simple explanation would be UFO’s not an actual shield hovering in the sky. When people described a thousand years ago “Chariots in the Sky” they described the only vehicle that existed at that time. They had no concept of flying machines.

    Today, even in the 21 st century people describe this event in obscure ways. Like saying it looks like Superman flying in the sky (ABC news footage). I saw it and I have no idea what it was but it looked more like a jellyfish in the sky then a simple balloon also had blue lights blinking.

    Go to the best website for UFO Evidence

  • thatguyfromsyracuse

    I’m glad NYC was able to survive the alien siege. NOT THIS TIME YOU DIRTY SPACE WARLORDS!

  • Snapp

    The mere fact that there is an aftermath to all this makes me giddy, ALOT of people yesterday if even for the slightest second had a brief moment of “wtfery” and curiosity. Sure in the end it turned out to be friggin balloons, but I believe everybody needs a moment every now and then to just let go of all those strings of reality and enjoy the moment of weirdness and get caught up in the atmosphere of it. There’s no magic to life if you just spend all your time immediately shooting everything down with a close minded scepticality, some things are just not that logical. Open mindedness and common sense are enough to be able to enjoy what happened yesterday and still smile about it today.

    I’ll still continue visiting my favorite sites like GT and others to see whats going on in the not so easily explained 🙂

  • Best website ? pfft!

    Don’t they still publish hoaxes as “true evidence” ?



    The best site for ufo evidence is GhostTheory! 🙂

    All kidding aside:

    As much as I would like to believe that UFOs are hovering above our cities waiting to make contact, I have to remain logical and rational.
    I think we must all come together here on GhostTheory and come up with answers. Let’s put this speculation aside (my skepticism and some of the reader’s belief )

    Can we get some New Yorkers to watch the sky and report to us?
    Can we get some video/photo evidence that proves people’s claim of ‘superman’ flying around NY?

    Let’s get some answers people! No one goes to lunch until we do!


  • TheTruth

    This UFO in July reported by ABC news over China also looks like a Yellow Balloon!!!

  • TheTruth

    Javier you are 100 % correct about that photo. But no website is 100 percent perfect.

    The most analyzed photograph in UFO history is the May 11, 1950 McMinnville, Oregon UFO

    Dr. Bruce Maccabee (Optical Physicist) Detailed optical analysis on photograph

  • whyrichard

    … maybe we’re being attacked by yellow balloons?

  • TheTruth,

    That was a joke. I know websites can’t keep updating their stories, look at GT. I’m sure I have a few that are out of date.

    All the videos from NY didn’t really show any tangible evidence. Some people described objects flying like “superman” or emitting bright lights, but that’s about the extent of it.

    If there are UFOs over NY, a densely populated city, I would expect more credible videos surfacing.

    Either way, let’s keep our eyes, ears and brain open!


  • TheTruth

    The Fox 5 news report at around 10pm should a light with a tail and blue lights. I would have to say the yellow balloons wouldn’t explain the footage was shown by Fox 5.

    Now there has been numerous reports in history of UFO’s with tails and blue lights. Helicopters in NYC don’t look like that on broadcast camera and they can’t stay still for 2 and half hours AND look like a bright shining light (like a north star). They will loop around in a flight pattern in an area. We see helicopters in NYC all the time. They don’t stand completely still for hours. Also they don’t look like Jellfish UFO’s. There is numerous photos in books and online of Jellyfish looking UFO’s. In the 60’s on CBS UFO specials they would call them swamp gas (jellyfish looking ufos)