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A post that I had made on Sunday about a video shot in Texas that supposedly shows UFO activity could have a more “down to earth” explanation.

GhostTheory reader John G, left the following comment:

John G says:
October 17, 2010 at 8:05 PM
Sorry guys, I really wanted to believe, but it was just The Golden Knights skydivers doing nighttime jumps with flares…

it makes sense when you think of it….

It sure does make sense. A quick check at the Golden Knights website, reveals the schedule of the US Army Golden Knights jump schedule:

On Location
Black Demo Team
16-17 Oct El Paso, TX

The similarities between both videos are very striking, even down to the way the flares get into formation. It seems that John G might have debunked this UFO mystery. At first, the initial report had startled me a bit. It seemed that the formation that the NYC UFO objects and the Texas objects were the same. It could have been a coincidence, but nonetheless I started to think that maybe I was completely wrong about what was going on in the skies of NY and TX. It seemed like now, the invasion was imminent.

This is why I love you guys! I think that we are a great online community in the paranormal. There have been a lot of videos and photos that have made us come together and in a mass collaboration debunked most of them. This UFO in El Paso is just another example of how strong the GT community is.


  • Jake

    There is “The Onion” fake news logo on a newspaper stand in the “New York footage.” 1:14 to 1:16 of the top video. See for yourself.

  • terry the censor

    Jeff Gonzalez said: “I have never ever did anything to ruin my credibility. If I did, then you need to show me where.”

    Haha! Just looking at this one comments section…

    1) Jeff, you *ahem* analyse earlier Golden Knight jumps and the near-identical images in the Channel 9 object. Do you mention this conclusive match? No, instead you deny any of these images could be made by the US ARMY parachute team! Based on what? Your inability to figure out how the effects were done. Jeff, that is not skepticism, that is denial, and that is not credible.

    2) PC cites the Golden Knights Oct 20 confirmation and Jeff counters with the GK’s Oct 18 non-commital statement! Oh, Jeff! Such denial. Jeff, purportedly a credible investigator, got the answer he wanted to hear and simply denies others. That is not credible.

    Here’s some more information you won’t see Jeff discuss, from an obvious source Jeff did not check, despite his claims of being a credible investigator:

    El Paso Times articles about Golden Knights impending October 16-17 visit
    El Paso Times article and video of October 15 practice jumps

    > I got the original footage

    Jeff, could you supply the contact information so I can confirm this claim?

  • It’s the first time I hear from this US Army parachute team. Saw a few videos on youtube and let me tell you “WOW! They do amazing things

  • terry the censor

    JEFF: I got the original footage

    TERRY: Jeff, could you supply the contact information so I can confirm this claim?

    No answer from Jeff here or at my youtube inbox (where he has contacted me in the past). No link where Jeff shows us where he posted his film analysis. No such analysis — or anything about the El Paso sighting — is on Jeff’s website. All I can find online is Jeff being thanked by bloggers for passing along the link to the Channel 9 story.

    Are Jeff’s claims of having the footage and having done an analyis credible?