Army Skydivers Responsible For Texas UFO?

A post that I had made on Sunday about a video shot in Texas that supposedly shows UFO activity could have a more “down to earth” explanation.

GhostTheory reader John G, left the following comment:

John G says:
October 17, 2010 at 8:05 PM
Sorry guys, I really wanted to believe, but it was just The Golden Knights skydivers doing nighttime jumps with flares…

it makes sense when you think of it….

It sure does make sense. A quick check at the Golden Knights website, reveals the schedule of the US Army Golden Knights jump schedule:

On Location
Black Demo Team
16-17 Oct El Paso, TX

The similarities between both videos are very striking, even down to the way the flares get into formation. It seems that John G might have debunked this UFO mystery. At first, the initial report had startled me a bit. It seemed that the formation that the NYC UFO objects and the Texas objects were the same. It could have been a coincidence, but nonetheless I started to think that maybe I was completely wrong about what was going on in the skies of NY and TX. It seemed like now, the invasion was imminent.

This is why I love you guys! I think that we are a great online community in the paranormal. There have been a lot of videos and photos that have made us come together and in a mass collaboration debunked most of them. This UFO in El Paso is just another example of how strong the GT community is.