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A post that I had made on Sunday about a video shot in Texas that supposedly shows UFO activity could have a more “down to earth” explanation.

GhostTheory reader John G, left the following comment:

John G says:
October 17, 2010 at 8:05 PM
Sorry guys, I really wanted to believe, but it was just The Golden Knights skydivers doing nighttime jumps with flares…

it makes sense when you think of it….

It sure does make sense. A quick check at the Golden Knights website, reveals the schedule of the US Army Golden Knights jump schedule:

On Location
Black Demo Team
16-17 Oct El Paso, TX

The similarities between both videos are very striking, even down to the way the flares get into formation. It seems that John G might have debunked this UFO mystery. At first, the initial report had startled me a bit. It seemed that the formation that the NYC UFO objects and the Texas objects were the same. It could have been a coincidence, but nonetheless I started to think that maybe I was completely wrong about what was going on in the skies of NY and TX. It seemed like now, the invasion was imminent.

This is why I love you guys! I think that we are a great online community in the paranormal. There have been a lot of videos and photos that have made us come together and in a mass collaboration debunked most of them. This UFO in El Paso is just another example of how strong the GT community is.


  • PCWilliams

    Maybe the skydivers were aliens! (joke!)

    This satisfies me. This video of the skydivers may not look exactly like the mystery lights, but who knows under what conditions the mystery lights were recorded?

    As for the “floating” in the original vid, if the skydivers deployed their chutes and were headed somewhat in the direction of the camera, this would make them appear to float. As an example, if the camera was facing west pointed upward at a 45 degree angle and the skydivers were moving east and descending at 45 degrees, they would appear to float.

    Not to mention, the mystery video doesn’t include any visual reference to the surrounding geography. The balls of light may have been descending and the camera simply followed them in their descent … keeping the balls in the center of the screen, making them appear to float. If we had a visual reference to the surrounding geography we would be able to better tell if the balls were, in fact, floating of falling.

    (The original mystery video) – (this skydiver footage) = (not enough evidence in the original mystery footage to call it a UFO)

  • Irishfan

    I’m just curious to know if anyone that was at the airshow that night has come forward to say they saw this performance that particular night. That would settle this once and for all. Also I believe this was not aliens. I think the distance and angle of the camera makes this look stranger than it actually was.

  • As a MUFON investigator, I like to take a video and tear it apart. I got the original footage and compared it to many of the Golden Knight’s other night jumps.1— When free falling at the beginning, in order to recreate the 1 light source followed by the sparks, my understanding is that the fireworks are attached to the foot of the skydiver which means that all 3 sky divers needed to be facing away from each other and somehow connecting all 3 feet together and haveing to do this while not looking at each other and free falling at the same time.2–When the single light source separates into 3 and stop, at this time yes, the chute could have openned but if you look at all the other video’s, there is a lot of smoke plus you see the top of the chute because the light reflecting off the flames. Even at a stand still, the flames should be shooting out regardless if the skydiver is moving or not. As they freeze to form that triangle, I should see the chutes and the smoke with the flames shooting out, sorry but I don’t. Now, how long the lights were floating there to form that triangle, I could not tell you but when I look at that video, to me it looks like everything is to perfect. Like it was done on a computer, not that it was but I am saying it was just to perfect. Like crop circles…for example..a couple of guys have said they are the one’s taking all the credit but if you look at their work, their crop circles look like they were made my children compared to other crop circles. Some of those crop circles are like, DAMN!!!! how in the hell…do you see what I am getting at. The original video of the lights over El Paso was like DAMN!!!!! was that to perfect, no errors at all…..get my point..Until I see 2 camera men follow them, one in the plane and 1 on the ground and document another jump equally the same as this one, well, then I am going to call it a UFO, Unidentified Flying Obect…no, that doesn’t mean Alien.

  • terry the censor

    For everyone who hasn’t seen all the relevant EL Paso links:

    Mysterious Lights Over East El Paso, News Channel 9

    The US Army Golden Knights parachute team confirms they created the El Paso sighting. See the second comment on their blog post:

    Here’s a recent tweet where the GK confirm they’re not aliens

    Here’s footage of some of their night jumps, which are identical in character to the Channel 9 footage.

    (Night jump starts at the 3:19 mark)

    Because some people here at Ghost Theory have questioned the credibility of alleged MUFON investigator Jeff “Two Vans” Gonzalez, I’ll describe our arguments over the El Paso footage. Jeff, writing as TheMufonman, insisted in the comments of the first youtube link above that the EL Paso lights couldn’t have been a jump team — mainly because he couldn’t figure out how the flare effects and jump formation were accomplished! I sent him the second youtube link and the GK blog post. He didn’t respond to me after that; instead, Jeff went to the GK post and, in a comment, demanded an explanation of how they performed their various effects! He seemed to be implying they _couldn’t_ have done them, just as he asserted several times on youtube. Wow.

  • Ok Terry, you better watch yourself when your talking about my credibility. I run a reputable organization and I have never ever did anything to ruin my credibility. If I did, then you need to show me where. If not, you better calm down or I will be contacting our Lawyers for you are defaming my name and my oganization’s name. I have printed this page and I will be sending it to our Lawyer’s office. Again, everything you see on my web site is the truth. There are no lies anywhere on my site. If your angry because I don’t see it your way, well tough.

  • PCWilliams

    Jeffrey Gonzalez, what exactly did Terry say to defame you? All i see is a difference of opinion?

  • Irishfan60

    If I may quote Flounder from Animal House, “Oh boy, is this great!” I hope we can all be open minded and value each others opinions whether we believe each others perspective or not.

  • Hey PCWilliams, I am referring to the comment Terry made and I quote” Because some people here at Ghost Theory have questioned the credibility of alleged MUFON investigator Jeff “Two Vans” Gonzalez. he is asserting that I am not a State Section Director and Investigator with MUFON. And the comment on the Two vans again he is asserting that I made the whole thing up. That’s 2 quote’s from him that my Lawyer said unless he has proof of what he is saying then yes, he is in trouble. We can have difference of opinion and that’s what America is all about but don’t get pissed and start defaming someone’s character.

  • PCWilliams

    Jeffrey, at worst i see two people disagreeing. You should see the exchanges i have on other forums … it would make your hair stand up. It’s your choice what you do with disagreements. MUFON is (and by extension its investigators are) very much a public organization/figure serving a public interest. I don’t see defamation, i see commentary on a matter of public interest. I need more coffee.

  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Terry is asserting that I am lying about being a associated with MUFON. Why would I post all that for the public to see on my web site at . It has nothing to do about disagreeing with each other.

  • Scott McMan

    Alright, lets all calm down here. This is a message board not a court of law.

    While we should all be aware of how our posts will affect others we should also remember not to take it too seriously.

  • PCWilliams

    Army Golden Knights Claim Responsibility for ‘UFO’s’ Over TX:

    Read the comments by SGT Rachel Medley – she was one of the jumpers that night.

  • PCWilliams

    Even better …

    Your Questions About Night Jumps Answered!! Written by SGT Rachel Medley (jumper and team videographer that night):

  • Scott McMan

    Well PC,

    It would seem that this is not invading forces from a distant planet after all.

    Good find!

  • Apparently, according to this site, the question was asked to the Golden Knights right from the beginning if they were the ones who caused those lights in the sky over El Paso, Texas….and this is what they said…..”we cannot confirm or deny what those light’s were”