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Alien Drawings Found In Trash

October 22, 2014 – 10:18 AM | One Comment | 1,147 views

People throw away the darndest things. That fact does not make any of that trash evidence of anything.
From Neo Nettle.com
Mysterious Box Found In Trash Contained Drawings Of Extraterrestrials
By: Sasha Sutton  |@SashaEricaS
October 21st 2014
They say one …

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  • anais

    Your story is very hard to understand.

  • anais

    If you’re still looking for some medical or scientific explanation, you could look into Sleep Paralysis.

  • anonymous

    I have not seen the hat man myself, but in 2006, I was living in Moultrie ga. Way out in the country. We had a husband and wife team who delivered our news paper around 430am every day but never saw us or knew us. It was me, my girlfriend, my grandmother, and a baby girl living in the house. I had a broke down car in the carport with the hood doors and trunk open. The delivery folks tracked my grandmother down at her workplace to tell her that they had seen something only describable by the jeepers creepers 2 movie standing next to my car with its hands behind its back staring into the car 3 times in 1 week. The first time they saw it the wife freaked out telling her husband to call the cops. The husband did not want to because he did not know if it was one of us or what so they went on about their route. And since there were no more deliveries after us, they would back up into our driveway and turn around. When they did, they looked in the rearview mirror and the figure disappeared. The next time was 2 days later and it was the same thing. Again they went on their way. The third time, was the very next day and again, the same thing. So they asked around and found out who to find and where to find us. They described a black figure with a tall large rim hat and a long black trench coat or cloak. Just standing there , staring into the car. Again, we never saw this figure, or felt the presence. But the odd thing is that every time I have talked to my grandma since then, she mentions this to me. I am now trying to track down the couple to ask them exactly what they saw and what kind of feelings they had. I would really like to contact this entity to get some kind of understanding of it. As a godly person, I am inclined to not believe in this sort of thing, but as of late, I am starting to question what’s real and what’s not.

  • Southern California

    I’m a Christian mother, I’ve been a Christian most all of my life. I was 4 or 5 year old. I have not read about people describing his face or him on a horse. I saw a man on a red horse with a wide brimmed black hat and black
    trench coat that came down slowly from the skylight as I stood at the top of the stairs. The horse started to climb up the stairs. I was only 4 or 5 years old and I was going to be brave and walk
    down the stairs anyway at night to go to the bathroom in my parent’s
    master bedroom bathroom. I saw his
    face; I remember his face looking melted
    or something–skin color with a light reddish glow– the man and horse looked very real and also
    holographic looking all around the person. He had no distinct eyes just
    dark. While he was on a red horse, the horse
    kicked me as I tried to walk through the horse’s leg, and I literally flew backwards upstairs. I felt pressure against me, I was off of the
    ground and pushed against the wall at the top of the stairs and then
    pushed me back to my room and against my bunk bed ladder my back sort of
    hurt and I turned and climbed back up it. I also used to see skeleton
    type things flying in that room at night. (I held this story in for years and later discovered my sisters said they saw a man in a hat but different clothing and different color horses. I know what I saw was very evil. It was difficult for me to talk about every time I did. Now it isn’t, about 30 years later. I suffered also from other nightmares about Satan, demons, sleep paralysis, seeing and hearing ghosts. I haven’t found information
    about people seeing the face of the hat man and I haven’t found info
    about anyone else seeing it on a red horse or other color horse. I learned what to do…In sleep, before I even researched sleep paralysis, I said Jesus and
    a demonic entity tried to stop me from even letting the name leave my
    mouth, when I did it left and I woke up. That is proof the name of
    Jesus, and belief in Jesus Christ (not just saying it without believing)
    makes demons flee, I didn’t know this as a child—people should also share this with their children. I told myself as I walked down the stairs it wasn’t real, it was my imagination—but it was real. Just as the bible says. Prayer for deliverance
    helps–seeking forgiveness and forgiving others, and rebuking any demons
    or spiritual curses in Jesus name. I hope what I have said here can
    help others.

  • rebeckah

    omg i want to see the pictures so bad and oh i feel sorry about your 2 year old because i have seen him to

  • rebeckah
  • rebeckah

    no he has been all over and how would he vanish if he is a normal guy

  • ninammam

    Just say, in Jesus name “go away”

  • ninammam

    Say in Jesus name “go away”

  • Guest