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Alabama Sightings: Gorilla or Bigfoot ?

December 17, 2014 – 11:17 AM | 1,507 views

There have been several Bigfoot reports in the past few years from residents near the Tallapoosa County area in Alabama. In 2012 we broke the news reports about the strange sightings in Hale County and …

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  • Daniel Ignacio Valdez

    Daniel Ignacio Valdez – This is very true the one me and my friend seen is the Hatman as big as a house and his dog Blacky sensed it and ran scared before it appeared to us my fiend knew there was something I never believed him until it appeared to us with a brimm hat and a long cape dark shadow huge roaring right in front of us looks almost like Zorro in some ways but huge and shadow darker than the night I never forget it appeared in El Rincon Del Diablo in Edcouch ,Texas behind my dads house this is true I witnessed it and my friend which I did’ t believe him and also an animal knew before dogs can feel things before humans when it comes to evil I was shocked when it appeared cause when I turned to see my friend he had already ran about fifty feet away towards my dads house my adrenaline made me feel like I had extra abilities that’s how scared I was a jumped a fence like a deer would my friend said walk me back home I said no way ill watch u from here this happened in the 80s when there was break dancing and heavy metal we would listen to Ozzy Ousbourne describing what we seen in one of his songs and it really happened that song attracts the hatman shadow. Submitted my story how it happened Daniel Ignacio Valdez.