• antoinette wardell

    I just read your story and I found it so terrifying. I have seen the dark shadow man all my life, but never in broad daylight. I can’t explain what I see when it happens, but I know I wake up screaming and feeling I am going to have a heart attack. I know I have hiked in many forests in my lifetime. I felt that foreboding feeling of someone watching me and my friend at the time. I now pay attention to that feeling, so does my current partner. He is avid outdoors man and a hunter. He knows and understands there is reason for fear in the woods. He looks at it a different way than I do which is to say that he feels there is a mountain lion or a bear that is watching us. I feel it may be another reason. I know we pay attention and just leave the area. The worst experience I had was in the woods of Crater Lake in the 80’s. My partner at the time were taking a break on the side of the road making coffee on the camp stove. This area had nothing but lodge pole pines. He and I were just sitting there and for what ever reason we both got the chills. He turned to me and said,” Toni we are leaving right now! We turned off the camp stove and threw everything in the back of the van. We jumped in and fired up the van and sped down the freeway until miles later we stopped and just looked at each other. We both felt the same dark dread and we both responded the same way. He was just as scared as I was and he was ten years older than I was and he has never felt like that before…all I can say there is a reason we feel fear and our hair stand up behind our neck and that is to say run like hell. Many years later I was in an office waiting to see my doctor about my back, and there was a picture of Crater Lake on the wall. I told her the same story to the nurse that was taking my vitals and she looked at me and told me that she and her husband had the exact same experience in that same area of Crater Lake. She was so taken back by my own personal experience. We both had theories about what happened to us, but we both felt that we did not want to go back there again.