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According to the Bigfoot research team, Discover Bigfoot, on one of the latest episodes of the reality television show Swamp Loggers, the crew stumbles upon a Bigfoot nest out in the forests of North Carolina. Some of the crew members from the show photographed their find. The photos show matted grass and large mounds of scat surrounding the nest. The Discover Bigfoot team makes an argument about the similarities of gorilla nests and these so-called Bigfoot nests.

There is also talk about possible Bigfoot creatures being accidentally taped during the Swamp Loggers episode ‘Rainy Days’. On the 15 minute and 27 second mark, the Discover Bigfoot/ Facebook Finding Bigfoot team entertains the idea that possible Bigfoot creatures are lurking in the background of the scene:

Could the Swamp Loggers team accidentally have stumbled upon a Bigfoot nest and scat?

I doubt it. And let me tell you why…

What the Swamp Loggers photographs show is similar in appearance to a gorilla’s nest and fecal matter, but that in no way should be interpreted as hominids being responsible for this. Bears tend to leave the same ground indentations and matted grass while “nesting”:



Source: North American Bear Center

Also, bear scat can be pretty massive as well:

Bear Scat-3

I believe the evidence presented by the team is not compelling enough to claim these findings to be anything but a bear’s natural habitat and droppings. What do you guys think?

  • Red, don’t you think DonBondo when you see my name anyway? As an editor I have to be a little more careful in what I say. You know how that goes. Although I couldn’t resist the dipstick comment at the end there. I haven’t even flirted with you in quite some time. You haven’t cut your hair, have you?

    I think the subject all comes back to evidence. I stand by my first post as it would have been very easy to gather hair and feces.

  • Hucksterfoot

    If only we had Bigfoot snagged in a berry vine.

    @TaZZ – Does Bigfoot do this?

    To me the sticks and twigs look like natural fall. The bear scat? Well, we all know Black Bears like to sit and contemplate by these stick circles. The poopin’ part just comes naturally. Though the contemplating part is most likely just thinking about the good bowel movement it had the day before.

    @Scott McMan – Thanks.

    Does Bigfoot poop in the woods
    just have to find a Bigfoot and see
    running from tree to tree
    till ya find a black pile
    filled with nuts and seeds

    Ohhh…Bigfoot it must be

    OK! sing along with me now :]

  • CL

    Hey gang, I’m the one who caught this split second movement in the background of this show, watched it numerous times, took video with my phone and posted on youtube. Who knows what it is in the background if anything but to me it looked like something big and not human…hence the reason I took the time to record it…Ironically these “nests” are being found in the same area, not sure what to think of that but curious to see an outcome if any.

  • Jess Depew

    the loggers are always beung pushed to get 100 loads a week it’s a wonder they’d see anything. However, I think overall Bobby treats them well enough at the end of the day so to speak. Blobby

  • Woody

    Cant be Bigfoot.Its not all out of focus.

  • mbarrett

    Hello bigfoot hunters,
    here is a higher resolution video of the swamp loggers on camera bigfoots (bigfeet?). It is also zoomed and steadied a bit.

  • Hucksterfoot

    So this Bigfoot can mimic a person that is part of the film crew.

  • mbarrett

    i was on a bigfoot forum and someone actually explained the guy’s sleeveless t-shirt by saying sometimes a sasquatch will wear stolen human clothing. People are amazing.

  • Hucksterfoot

    Bigfoot borrows/steals razors to. :]

  • terry the censor


    I love that the word “popular” is set off with quotes!

  • thundercloud47

    I just happened to run across my favorite Bigfoot article. It’s very long but at the end of it I smiled because it sounds like the type of luck I’d have if I were a Bigfoot researcher.

    Years ago there was a man named Tom Slick (or was it Swift?) who was determined to find the abominable snowman. He was not having much luck when he was contacted by a man in America who got him interested in Bigfoot.

    Tom starts paying this fellow to be his researcher along with several other people the man recommended. Time goes by and the man produces no research but promises Tom he has a big find that will amaze the world.

    Tom is curious so he sets up a meeting with the man somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Tom also has some of his more dependable researchers meet there too.

    At the meeting the “Big Find” guy shows up in a battered Plymouth car and does not speak to the other researchers. Tom and he leave in his car to go view the site the man had told him about. Some time later they return. Tom gets out of the car, and the man goes speeding away.

    Tom storms back into the camp and pours himself a hefty shot of Scotch. No one says anything. It was on his second drink that Tom started laughing and told them what happened.

    On the way to the site the “Big find” guy told Tom he had found a secret Bigfoot latrine. He told Tom of his plans to bring in scientists and researchers to monitor the site 24/7.

    He parks the car and they go crawling through thick brush to get to the site. When they do Tom sees a huge pile of poo. Not one pile but several done over a long period of time. They could even smell the fresh stuff.

    All at once there is heavy footsteps in the woods. Tom sees a large brown object moving through the brush. He is scared and the guy who brought him there is so scared he looks as if he will take off running. Tom is totally convinced they have found a bigfoot site.

    All at once the object steps into plain view. It’s an older Native American riding a pony. He he looks at the two men laying prone on the ground as if it’s something he sees everyday. He ties his pony to a tree and removes two baskets.

    Tom worked up the nerve to ask him what he was doing. The Indian told him he came here frequently to gather herbs and that was where he always tied his pony. At that moment the pony raised it’s tail and made a large contribution to the pile of “Bigfoot” poo.

    The Big Find man was sort of a scammer who truly believed he’d found a Bigfoot toilet. His enthusiasm was why Tom had not fired him earlier from the project. Later on in his life his wife made many bad remarks about Tom to other researchers. Apparently they did not want the flow of money other people were giving them to stop.

    There’s a lot of money to be made on Bigfoot and it’s even easier to make it in this day and age. Myself I think it would be rather neat to find a new species of critter out in the deep woods and I’d love to be the one to find it. The truth is that if there is such a creature it won’t be me that finds it. My adventures would be like the one Tom had with the “Big Find” fellow.