“Swamp Loggers” Stumble Upon Bigfoot Nest?


According to the Bigfoot research team, Discover Bigfoot, on one of the latest episodes of the reality television show Swamp Loggers, the crew stumbles upon a Bigfoot nest out in the forests of North Carolina. Some of the crew members from the show photographed their find. The photos show matted grass and large mounds of scat surrounding the nest. The Discover Bigfoot team makes an argument about the similarities of gorilla nests and these so-called Bigfoot nests.

There is also talk about possible Bigfoot creatures being accidentally taped during the Swamp Loggers episode ‘Rainy Days’. On the 15 minute and 27 second mark, the Discover Bigfoot/ Facebook Finding Bigfoot team entertains the idea that possible Bigfoot creatures are lurking in the background of the scene:

Could the Swamp Loggers team accidentally have stumbled upon a Bigfoot nest and scat?

I doubt it. And let me tell you why…

What the Swamp Loggers photographs show is similar in appearance to a gorilla’s nest and fecal matter, but that in no way should be interpreted as hominids being responsible for this. Bears tend to leave the same ground indentations and matted grass while “nesting”:



Source: North American Bear Center

Also, bear scat can be pretty massive as well:

Bear Scat-3

I believe the evidence presented by the team is not compelling enough to claim these findings to be anything but a bear’s natural habitat and droppings. What do you guys think?