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A security guard in Cleveland claims that he witnessed a triangle shaped UFO hovering above the building he was working at. The lights were “spinning” and within a few minutes turned off. The craft is then reported to have sped off quickly.

“Triangle UFOs” in Ohio are nothing new. There has been a myriad of reports in the last few years about these oddly shaped crafts in Ohio. Somehow though, I don’t think that what the security guard saw that night is a UFO.

I like in downtown Los Angeles. Usually I see helicopters hovering on top of buildings where they sometimes land. When it’s hazy or foggy, the helicopters illuminate the fog and clouds around it, producing this weird light show. I may be wrong about assuming that this is what the security guard saw, but it seems like a logical explanation to me.


MUFON Case #27270

OH, January 4, 2011 – lights over my building downtown cleveland it had a haze with lights and took off very fast.

i work security in downtown cleveland and i went outside to do my rounds and i looked up at the building and above the building and there were lights spining and then they stoped.

i got pics of it this thing was triangle with 6 lights on i called housekeeping down to see it and they ran back inside of the then it took off and at 6:45am it was up there for about 20min.that whole night felt weird and my radio was making weird noises.

thats my story what do u thank?


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  • joe

    Coincidently I have it in video and I am blown away tht the time of ur pic matches my camcorder… not only did I see,but 5 fellow eployees , scattered over cleveland area… if want to confirm we ll chat.. thanks.. blown away right

  • joe

    Oh btw, wasn’t a Helicopter!! Flights were grounded due to snow storm.. nor did I ever believe in such a ting until we ALL were starring at it from 5 locations 50 miles between us… a heicopter most likely wld not be visible nor would it have a green center, w red and green flash s and zigaround side to side, up and down, ib circles.. it was unreal and extremely hard to capture, nor du the lights come through on camcorder, also disappears on camcorder… jupiter was also visible tht day so I figured it had something to d with.. however jupiter doesn’t flashand zig zag or does it?