Ohio UFO Photographed By Security Guard


A security guard in Cleveland claims that he witnessed a triangle shaped UFO hovering above the building he was working at. The lights were “spinning” and within a few minutes turned off. The craft is then reported to have sped off quickly.

“Triangle UFOs” in Ohio are nothing new. There has been a myriad of reports in the last few years about these oddly shaped crafts in Ohio. Somehow though, I don’t think that what the security guard saw that night is a UFO.

I like in downtown Los Angeles. Usually I see helicopters hovering on top of buildings where they sometimes land. When it’s hazy or foggy, the helicopters illuminate the fog and clouds around it, producing this weird light show. I may be wrong about assuming that this is what the security guard saw, but it seems like a logical explanation to me.


MUFON Case #27270

OH, January 4, 2011 – lights over my building downtown cleveland it had a haze with lights and took off very fast.

i work security in downtown cleveland and i went outside to do my rounds and i looked up at the building and above the building and there were lights spining and then they stoped.

i got pics of it this thing was triangle with 6 lights on it.so i called housekeeping down to see it and they ran back inside of the building.so then it took off and at 6:45am it was up there for about 20min.that whole night felt weird and my radio was making weird noises.

thats my story what do u thank?