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Sorry guys. Today’s “Friday Video” has been delayed. Last night my girlfriend and I decided to take a trip up to San Francisco and visit family, so I spent much of my time on the road.

But….here we are and I have this good documentary on cult leaders that I watched the other day. It’s pretty interesting stuff. If you’re into psychology and Uhm…crazy people.

I don’t have any personal experiences with cults or cult leaders, but I’ve read about Manson, Koresh and Jones. I don’t want to start a flamewar or anything, but the other day I was reading an article about Billy Meier and it claimed that it was possible that a reason why he claimed special and intimate knowledge about human life, the world and space travel and prophecies was because he might have wanted to start a cult for himself.

Meier’s U.S. representative, Michael Horn, could better answer this for us. He’s been active on GT answering questions and comments that many of you have left. No disrespect to Horn or Meier, but it’s not that difficult to see why many people could think that forming a cult could be Meier’s goal.

Cults are interesting. Some mimic others and some take from others. Some are so outrages with their claims that you just gotta sit there for a minute and shake your head. The Raelian UFO cult is something that is literally out of the world.






  • Chris Sargeant

    …and then please link to where YOU predicted the ‘obvious’.

    Oh man, are you still spouting this ridiculous line of reasoning? Javier does not claim to be a prophet, or spend his time making predictions for the future of the planet (or does he? ;)). Surely you see how your argument is entirely meaningless and infantile?

    No, of course you can’t.

    …even the ‘obvious’ is wasted on stupid know-it-alls who only want to argue… seem so obvious to you when the events occur.

    There have been a total of sixteen earthquakes in Japan since 1976 and there are over thirty eight on the historical record, including twelve +6M quakes in the 1900s alone. Funny though how there is no reference in the ‘prophecy’ as to when the predicted quake would occur. Which quake did Semjase mean?

    Ah, silly me – it’s right here in the text: The one in the ‘land of the cherry blossoms’.

    And before you repeat the ludicrous suggestion that because the city of Sendai has ‘cherry blossoms in the spring’ that Semjase actually meant Sendai, let me remind you that the entire main island of Japan has cherry blossoms in the spring.

    Your skills with the long-bow are second to none Mr. Horn.


  • It’s obvious that most here are simply not interested in the Meier material and that’s fine, really.

  • Aluenvey Weaver

    These videos have some major, problems. First the scientists with the “scale” of narcissism seem to be completely ignoring human nature.

    First there was already a major aspect of extreme slant in the essay test. First the criticism was framed as deconstructive critique, But if you were to frame it as “You could consider getting rid of the colon, and placing a dash here instead” you would get widely different results.

    This is why you really got to watch for bias in any kind of “study.”