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There’s a video floating around the web of some Russian guys who claim to have stumbled upon the remains of an alien body which appears to be mangled, laid out in the snow. The lifeless body seems to have been badly burned and its appendages torn off, as if the body had been through some violent crash.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Sashafrombaikal, and it states:

Россия, республика Бурятия, Кабанский район, посёлок городского типа Каменск! Ребята в лесу, за посёлком, обнаружели НЛО!!!

Which according to Google Translate it reads:

Russia, the republic of Buryatia, Kabanskiy district, an urban type Kamensk! The guys in the woods behind the village, obnaruzheli UFO!

Not much more is known about the video, except that it was uploaded just a few days ago. It’s a clear video and we can appreciate some closeup shots of the supposed alien body and it looks quite convincingly real. But of course we’re not in the business of saying that just because it looks real, it is real. Wait, is this even a business?

The alien corpse on the video does seem to have a similar facial expression as the Roswell alien dummies that you can buy online. Of course, this one on the video seems to have had its eyes hollowed out and its texture does look different, but overall it does bear a striking resemblance to the typical Halloween alien gag.

Of course, any UFO or alien evidence uploaded to YouTube (or any other online source) should be taken with a

Alien creature? real or hoax?
grain of salt. I’ve seen plenty of realistic video evidence of alien bodies that in the end, only proved to be hoaxes. Remember the infamous Maussan hoax of the “Screaming Demon” alien body?

Without examining the body I can’t say for certainty that this video is the real thing or a hoax. That we all know. I can however say that from my experience, and as history has proven it, every single video of an alien body that exists today has either been proven hoaxes or assumed hoaxes given the lack of information and the unwillingness to provide science with a proper tissue sample.

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it’s probably not an alien.


    can we see the “chicken and breadcrumbs” body pulled apart to prove its fake please?
    where has it gone?

  • The thing is, how can anyone who wasn’t there at the time actually know if this or any other alien footage is a hoax or real? Unless you have actually seen an alien for real up close first hand how could anyone possibly know if it’s genuine or fake?
    I’ve never seen an alien as far as I am aware but I have seen some very strange things in the sky, especially during times of a lunar eclipse and I was not alone in seeing what I saw.

    As far as I am aware nothing on earth could have caused the strange lights I saw in the sky one night. They were like huge motorbike lights (the old fashioned style) that switched on then off again in an instant. Then there was the huge bird type creature with bat shaped wings that seemed to come from the moon. It was not a swan or a goose or any other bird I know of not a heron or a crane. The face of it was a strange triangular shape and the sound of it’s wings flapping were like nothing I’ve ever heard before in my life. My best friend was with me and we both looked at each other with fear on our faces. It was real. It was very real. But how can I expect you all to believe? You were not there and even if I had a video you still would not believe.
    One day I was walking through the park with another friend when a huge ring of light appeared very briefly like something was looking for a place to land but then suddenly changed it’s mind. There was also the strange sausage shaped alien creature that hovered above another friends head. I felt the sensation but I could not see it, but my friend said he saw this dark matter in this sausage shape when he looked up. It was very odd. Again you had to be there to believe it. Some people have opened their minds enough to see into the realms of other worlds I guess I’m just happy I didn’t see all of these things on my own. I’d be called a fake a hoaxer a mad woman.
    Also I have heard much talk about Illuminati creating a fake alien invasion. the thing is there is no way any man on earth could have created what I have seen in my life.
    Peace be with you people, and remember to look into the night skies for a couple of hours sometimes. You might see something that you can’t explain rationally. P.s the lights were not of any aircraft.