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I’ve received several emails about the following videos that are circling Facebook and the rest of the web. Apparently, the videos are so convincing that many of the people who forwarded me these videos are either convinced that these are real, or could not find any signs of a hoax in the videos themselves.

So I want to post them up and hear what you guys think of them. First though, I want to interject with my own two cents.

I won’t even begin to attempt at trying to find any anomalies in the video or any signs that point to it being a hoax. With software becoming more and more advanced, it’s beginning to become a little bit more difficult to rely on one’s eyeballs alone. So I’ll take the liberty to skip analyzing the video.

Now, let’s move on to the claim itself. The claim is that these videos show an alleged UFO crash with alien bodies strewn about and a captured alien. The first video shows a recording of a gray, under what I guess is US detainment. The second clip is of a UFO filmed from the ground and from an airplane; this clip ends with the crashed UFO and the bodies of the grays being filmed and examined. The quality of the videos is what you expect to see from technology that is a few decades old.

I have to admit, both videos look really cool. They have this X Files theme to it. Although they are impressive in quality, it’s history that dictates the outcome. I don’t believe that such sensitive material could be leaked out in such manner. I don’t believe that if we are in fact holding some alien being here on earth, that we would find out through YouTube. Time and time again, we’ve seen these videos come and go. Some are debunked within time, while others are just forgotten and labeled a hoax.

What’s the fate of these videos? Maybe they’re the results of some talented and bored graphics genius. Or maybe they are just a form of viral marketing for some upcoming alien movie. Let’s see…what do we have coming out this summer? I know Oren Peli is working on Area-51. Or could it be a viral for some other film?

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    ROFLMAO! Goodness, I haven’t had a laugh like that in years! It’s good to know that you’re scared of me enough to run and hide Scientia. But you go stroke your delicate ego and I’ll be here waiting for your reply.

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    scientia just admitted to being 11…no offense intended there, scientia…just having a giggle at what you implied. ^_^

    btw, i personally have nothing against you. i just want to make that clear. (i do, however, sit here and chuckle at most everything that’s said in these forums) 😉

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    Why thanks Jenfaer that very nice of you to say. Could also be > 111 which isn’t that much of a stretch these days.

    Never fear Scientia is here – Up Up and to the Moon … Having a chuckle is exactly what’s needed especially with some of the droll comments around here.

    Thought just came to mind and that is that people should KNOW that the Extraterrestrials are EXPERT gardeners.

    With their pod making Extraterrestrial Living Matter Formations (ELMS) they know how to PUMP up the GOODNESS in fruits, vegetables, berries etc so that they are literally BURSTING with VITALITY (minerals, flavor, texture, color, etc). 🙂

    Consequently, it would not be surprising at ALL for the Extraterrestrials to have VERY LONG LIVES.

    The Best thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIgh!!!

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    Scientia, by droll do you mean derp + troll or do you actually mean droll? (bpdq, he might’ve one upped ya). And I totally figured you had to be a high schooler, like seriously obstinate. I might mean that in a good way, at least, we should all stand our ground some of the time 🙂

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    Valkyrie, I think it’s a bit of both LOL. What does bpdq mean? You have to have a goal or objective in mind and focus like a LASER until you reach it. The FLAK is irrelevant in the scheme of things.

  • I consider myself to have pretty solid intuition with keen observation skills. My gut reaction to this it’s fake because: 1) how convenient that this alien is wearing “earthly” type clothing to cover up the bulk of it’s body. I bet these creatures wouldn’t be wearing clothes anything like ours. 2) The alien’s arm motion seems too human like. If these beings exist, I suspect their bio physical make up would be far more bizarre than this. 3) I just don’t buy the alien lying on the ground “outside” the crashed craft. Seems too obvious and corny. How did it get outside? Launched through a window? lol, I doubt it 4) how remarkable that when you see footage of the spacecraft hovering above the landscape, it suddenly cuts to a view from above the ship? where the heck did this camera come from?!!

  • Scienita

    The majority of posts in the previous 126 comments consider the above video to be that of a GENUINE live Extraterrestrial.

    The BEST thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIgh!!!

  • whipthorn

    I think the majority of the posts are everyone arguing with you, lol.

    But regardless, there’s not a lot of commenting that debunks the issues brought up about this film. The fact that it is possible to create in CGI, and the mutually exclusive camera effects in the layers just add to the reasoning of the film being a hoax.

    There’s also been a lot of people reviewing this film on other sites, and have given even more evidence of use of computer programs in the film.

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  • Name !

    Hi all ! One year since the last comment !..
    Answer is : CGI
    Answer to ‘Alien Interview’ : Animatronics

  • Bob Jones
  • It is a known phenomena called Earthquake Lights. They appear in areas of tectonic stress and/or soon after earthquakes, thought to be a discharge of static that manifests in the ionosphere as a ball of light, or aura. They are unpredictable, and do not always happen, so are very difficult to study, but still not a UFO.

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  • Kobe James

    Could you tell me more about what you saw, please?