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Nick Pope was recently interviewed about the latest alien video that is going viral. The video was posted up last week and has since attracted a lot of attention due to its well made special effects.

Although no one has come forward to claim ownership of the videos, Nick Pope talks about the paradox that this video presents. Fueling the fires for skeptics and believers alike.

  • ramiro

    does the narrator has to speak like an English Jaime Maussan?

  • Irishfan

    I’m a skeptic. Aliens don’t real! Still waiting for my shirt Javier.

  • Feudal

    The audio for film is recorded separately and the audio and video are synced together later. If this is real, why would the recorded audio be that of a film projector clicking? Sorry guys…fake.

  • R

    Old analogue films that have been transferred to video, are usually not that bad, because the equipment to digitize it is very high quality. So seeing the images move all over the place is a sign it is fakery. The scratches and all the wear of the film would indicate it has been played/shown multiple times. A bit much for a highly secret hidden fim..?

  • Particle Noun

    Yeah, we need our “alien’s don’t real” shirt, and now.

    In fact, I’d petition for the name of the site to be changed to that.

  • LOL. “Aliens don’t real”. That was classic.

    It’s a funny quote. I’ll try and look into it. Time is scarce for me.


  • Particle Noun

    maybe you can just find the graphic for us?

  • Particle Noun

    F*CK YEAH!!!!!!!!

    I’ll make my own t-shirt. You rock Javier, thanks.

  • Particle Noun,

    LOL. Scott and I will try and get a prototype going soon…


  • Jenfaer

    i’ll get right on it…at least i have the powers of iron-on transfer paper…and sharpie…i send you pics soon…may be one effed up mess of a t-shirt…but it’ll have the general message.

  • After I e-mailed Nick Pope where I notified him that The Sun had reported erroneously a UFO over Fremont CA as being over Dublin and he replied that it was ok to be dishonest since The Sun was “championing” UFO’s, I don’t believe a word he says.

  • terry the censor

    Video account has been terminated.