New Video Of UFO Squadron Over Oakland

KevinMC is back. Like the last two posts that I did on GT about KevinMC were about his night-time videos of strange UFO lights gliding across the Oakland California skies.

I received and email a few days ago from Kevin, where he links his latests YouTube video of what appears to be some incredible video capture of fast moving objects in a triangular shape. This video comes to us almost at the year anniversary of his first videos:

If this video is not manipulated in anyway by the help of computer graphics, then I don’t have the slightest explanation as to what it is that KevinMC keeps capturing above the Oakland skies. From the previous posts that I’ve made, many readers believed this to be a flock of birds. Something that I have to admit, sounds to poor of an explanation.

So with this new video posted up on YouTube, what do you guys make of it?

Could it be possible that Oakland California is the new UFO hot spot?