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KevinMC is back. Like the last two posts that I did on GT about KevinMC were about his night-time videos of strange UFO lights gliding across the Oakland California skies.

I received and email a few days ago from Kevin, where he links his latests YouTube video of what appears to be some incredible video capture of fast moving objects in a triangular shape. This video comes to us almost at the year anniversary of his first videos:

If this video is not manipulated in anyway by the help of computer graphics, then I don’t have the slightest explanation as to what it is that KevinMC keeps capturing above the Oakland skies. From the previous posts that I’ve made, many readers believed this to be a flock of birds. Something that I have to admit, sounds to poor of an explanation.

So with this new video posted up on YouTube, what do you guys make of it?

Could it be possible that Oakland California is the new UFO hot spot?

  • whipthorn

    Wow. I’m not sure what to say here. I mean, I’ve seen narcissistic behavior before, but this has got to top everything I’ve experienced.

    You’re ACTUALLY claiming to have decoded the code, corrected the published documents from the person who wrote the paper, linked it to a comment you made on a skeptic website claiming that’s the original work, and want to take all the credit for it?!?

    I knew you were mentally impaired, but I didn’t think you were a fucking psychotic Scientia.

    You did not decode the message. No one has. The papers you linked it to in the other post are a scientists research on what the message COULD be. You need to reread the paper after removing your head from your ass. The FIRST paragraph even states that it’s not 100% accurate.

    More importantly, where do you get off claiming to have solved something the experts can’t even verify 100%?

    Ya know what? Forget it. I’m sick of your nonsense and claiming what you believe is 100% fact. I wash my hands of you. Just go on spouting your nonsense from your delusional soap box about topics not relevant to the posts. I have confidence in the human race to identify you as a lunatic, and classify you as a non contributing member of society.

    I have no doubt your email will be distributed wide and far within the community, as a joke to pin up on a cubicle wall. You have helped humanity in one way, and that’s showing the world that insane UFO fanatics still exsist.

    @ Scott – I’m sorry to sink to the depths of another non-topic related post attack, but I can’t, in good conscience, let this last post go without saying something. People like scientia are ruining the legitimacy of real UFO research.

  • Scientia

    … and it continues

    Group 9 Period 6
    57 – 71

    Group 9 Period 7
    89 – 98

    Group 10 Period 4-6 (Additive)
    22, 40, 72

    Group 11 Period 4-6
    23, 41, 73

    Group 12 Period 4-6
    24, 42, 74

    Group 13 Period 4-6
    25, 43, 75

    Group 14 Period 4-6
    26, 44, 76

    Group 15 Period 4-6
    27, 45, 77

    Group 16 Period 4-6
    28, 46, 78

    Group 17 Period 4-6
    29, 47, 79

    Group 18 Period 4-6
    30, 48, 80


  • Scientia

    There were actually a few minor changes as well in the email such as no ‘(Additive)’. That was going to be a treat when they looked at the source. 🙂

  • Scientia

    I also should say that I will make more of an effort for you by proof-reading more closely from now on. You obviously know it takes time to produce good quality output – so if you take the time to read it, I will take more care in writing it.

    I can’t say though that there will not be any more ‘typos’, especially when you only get one shot at posting …

  • Scientia

    The Extraterrestrials wrote the message NOT human scientists. The human scientists wrote the Arecibo message with its ‘errors’ or lets call them ‘jokes’. I will go into detail if I get the time.

    You are extremely IGNORANT and patently LYING!

    The receipt of the Extraterrestrial message is a confirmed FACT by the US Government and was published in the NSA’s Technical Journal.

    It’s very relevant as its the Extraterrestrials who wrote the message in the first place and are the people flying the spacecraft in the above video.

    The guy who did the initial decoding was a coding specialist not a physicist or engineer and did not get it right 100%. If he did he would have realized what the mesage was saying and the US Government probably wouldn’t have released it.

    The Extraterrestrials are more advanced than Humanity and know more about the the true nature of physical reality than you can poke a stick at and hence they know more than the human scientists. They have had more time to gain greater understanding.

    Your use of profanities is uncalled for and is the typical behavior of someone who resorts to emotion rather than fact. Reality BITES and it looks like it is biting you very HARD because the physical data supports the Extraterrestrial message contents.

    I know it may be a TOUGH pill to swallow for some people but the data doesn’t lie.

    And yes I will take credit for the CORRECT work I have completed but most of the credit should go to the Extraterrestrials who wrote the message in the first place. I think that is only fair.

    It doesn’t matter where you publish and under what name/psydoneum as long as you do, its correct and its verifiable. In the future you will see a lot more of it happening and you heard that here FIRST as well.

    As for being a contributing member of society, LOL, being free means you can do whatever you want, contribute, don’t contribute its up to the individual.

    I am just an ordinary person like everybody else and I don’t classify myself as UFO fanatic, narcissist, insane, mentally impaired, psychotic, delusional, lunatic blah blah blah.

    I am just interested in the TRUTH which is more that I can say about you.

  • Lindsay

    i classify you as a UFO fanatic. you’re the only one still commenting on this lmao.

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  • Scientia

    Again, I am an ordinary person and I am interested in the Truth not other people’s classifications. The data doesn’t lie but you don’t seem to understand that.

  • Scientia

    The verification data for my above post on the true order of elements as per the Extraterrestrial Message is set out in the following link:

    The BEST thing Humanity can do is get Excited! Confidence is HIgh!!!