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Argentinian model and actress, Emilia Attias has been pretty vocal about growing up in a supposed haunted house.
Emilia Attias has been very vocal about growing up in a house that her family claimed to be haunted. She has described in interviews the types of phenomenon experienced in the house while growing up.

Disembodied footsteps, voices and strange knocks were experienced in that house. A house that her brother now owns and resides in. Of course, one always disregards these types of stories as them being a child’s imagination. This would seem to be the case for Emilia Attias except for one thing; there appears to be evidence to support her claims.

Recently, a contractor was hired by the family to remodel the old home. DarĂ­o Heredia, who owns DH Working, a construction company in Argentina was taking photographs of the home for a before and after comparison look. When Dario photographed the house, there was no one there except himself and the home owner.

Upon viewing the photos at his home, Dario’s wife was the first to notice a strange figure in the photo. It looked like a person hidden in the closet. Upon closer examination of the photo, Dario and his wife are convinced that they photographed a ghost.

What we see in the photo is what appears to be a person inside a closet. They appear to have one arm up, as if signaling something to the photographer. According to Dario the contractor, there was no one there at the time the photograph was taken. To make matters even more eerie, the Argentinian news paper, Cronica, investigated the claims and in turn found out from the neighbors that before Attias’ family moved into the home years ago, a family with several children resided in the house.

The neighbor recounted that on one day, one of the young boys had drowned while swimming. The tragedy forced the previous tenants of the house to move out. Ever since then, the neighbors had heard the rumors of the strange goings-on inside that house.

The supposed “ghost” can be seen on the right hand side of the photograph. Although hard to see at first, when the photograph’s contrast is change, we can make out the “ghost” even better:

The running joke online is that the contractor accidentally photographed Emilia Attias’ lover who was hiding in the closet. That rumor quickly died when the media reported that Emilia had not lived in the house for years now.

So what is it that we are looking at?

These types of photographs remind me of the infamous “Three men and a baby ghost photo” that was made public in the early 90s. That photographed was published on various newspapers around the nation and caused quite a stir. It was rumored that the mother of a child who had died by suicide had let the movie studio film at her house. Upon viewing the movie, she had recognized her dead son in the background of the movie. Of course, this was all dispelled as a rumor and hoax. The “ghost” turned out to be a cut out of Ted Danson

Is this the same thing we see in the Emilia Attias photograph?

Ghost or not, this photograph is rather unusual.

  • Lindsay

    how can this even be considered a ghost? that’s clearly a person standing in the closet.

    case closed. next….? =)

  • RednGreen

    I think it looks like a kid standing in swim shorts too.. Or, obviously the ghost of a chinese lantern. Actually, a cutout of Ted Danson holding a chinese lantern is probably the more reasonable answer.

  • bigpunkdrummer

    maybe the this cutout of Ted Danson was made from discarded Lanterns and Lantern’s that burned and fell to the ground.

  • Valkyrie

    HA HA HA HA!!!

    Welcome back Red!

    I just got the Jennifer Love Hewitt one, Nobbles, pretty clever.

  • Lindsay

    i just don’t even understand how this even needs to be discussed lmao. i posted this to my friends facebook and she said it gave her chills and creeped her out…

  • Kimm

    Why is this even on here?

  • bigpunkdrummer

    ^^^ WOW, did someone just ask why an article about a possible photograph of a ghost is on this site???? The site with ‘ghost’ in the title??? Let me try and help. This is a site for paranormal/extra-terrestrial/etc.. subjects. The admins scour the lands for articles pertaining to those subjects so we (The GT readers) can debate/discuss/make fun of/etc the article. There are plenty of posts where the author isn’t convinced but he still posts it….on this site…….YES THIS SITE….I know, it just don’t make sense.

    Sorry had a splurge of Smart ass in me.

  • Edna

    That’s the spirit of the boy that drowned!

  • T.D.


  • Danielle

    Even without the contrast being changed, I see a young boy wearing swim shorts, pointing with his mouth open as if he’s saying something… and he doesn’t look happy. This photo gave my goosebumps chills! I believe it’s real. It looks too much like a real person to have been faked – most faked photos take more time to look “paranormal.”

  • Lindsay’re joking, right?

  • bella

    @bigpunkdrummer….i agree with ur comment….100%…lol…happy new year!