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Hunting Ghosts In The Nude: Extremist or Just Crazy?

January 19, 2015 – 6:53 AM | 1,891 views

I think most of you will agree, Naked and Afraid is one weird show. Sending people off into the wilderness, without even a strip of cloth to wear? That seems like a perfect realization of the …

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London UFOs: 3 Videos Emerge

Submitted by on June 26, 2011 – 10:23 AM36 Comments | 8,427 views

Something odd just happened. I’m not actually sure what it is.

While browsing UFO related news, I stumbled upon a recently uploaded UFO video that was shot in London. That’s not the odd part (believe it or not). But while doing a bit more research on this alleged UFO video, I learned that there are also two other videos of the same UFOs over London on that same day, shot by different people.
Yet, that’s also not the odd part of the story.

All videos are shot with HD cameras and at least two of the videos seem to have been edited in the same method.
Where the video is spliced with a “slow motion” recap towards the end right after a “Half speed” or “Slow motion” banner is displayed. Even the words are using the same “Text effect” in which they move towards the camera.

I’m not sure if this means anything. Maybe it’s the coffee I’m drinking. Who knows?

Just keep and eye out for any more of these videos or any new alien movie for the summer blockbusters.

Thanks to Paul Ravenhill for the heads up!

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I'm a writer, a runner, and a hell of a coffee drinker residing in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on a book about Doris Bither and her terrifying account of a haunting in Culver City, California. The case was dubbed "The Entity" and it stands to be one of the most controversial cases ever to be studied by parapsychologists.

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  • greg

    these videos may, or may not be the valid proof to this species, that this planet has been under reserach by both malevolent, and benevolent creatures from outside of the solar system this species thinks is all that is in existence…be ready, this is not a movie, or story line, this planet is under watch, and it is coming time for the prupose of the research.

  • Bruce Maccabee

    Could this be advertising for a particular type of HD camera?

  • terry the censor

    HoaxKiller1 has debunked these on his new blog.

  • terry the censor

    I forgot to mention: HoaxKiller1 has persuasive evidence these London vids are by the same person who made (fake) Jerusalem video #2.

  • Adam

    The audio is what tells me this is fake. When you slow digital audio down the pitch doesn’t change like in the analog days unless you have software to tell it to. I’m I wrong?