‘Finding Bigfoot’ Hoaxed! Says Cast

Posted by Xavier Ortega | July 16, 2011 287

As if I needed to point this out.

A complaint by the cast of “Finding Bigfoot” is spreading through the web. They’re claiming to be fed-up with the constant editing and presentation of the show. According to Matt Moneymaker from the BFRO, the producers like to edit the show so that it seems like the team at times is chasing shadows or possibly Bigfoot itself.

The “Finding Bigfoot” cast isn’t too pleased with the results. Check out the article from Gather.com:

The TV show Finding Bigfoot has a lot of critics debunking the evidence that the legendary cryptid really exists. That now includes the people who appear on the show itself.

Cast members from the TV show have commented in various online forums that they are bugged by the heavy-handed editing done by producers of the series, and are not happy that they seem to be putting false words in their mouths. To say nothing of using tricks to make their actual findings more seemingly groundbreaking.

Critics of this kind of documentary-style Reality TV shows have pointed to programs about the Paranormal which seem to build on the gullibility and limited experience of viewers. The phrase “what the hell was that?” is becoming a catch-phrase for the practice.

It derives from the many characters in these shows who utter the phrase as they respond to perfectly normal, and easily explained, phenomenon caught on camera. Usually through night-vision FLIR lenses and “filming” ghosts or the famed Sasquatch itself. This seems to be the case in the latest example of rigged Reality TV.

Cast member and BFRO leader Matt Moneymaker says, in response to a question about one particular scene with typically grainy footage, “… the thing I ran after up the hill was a human — someone who was sneaking around us in the woods trying to watch the production in progress. I said so repeatedly and vehemently at the time, for the cameras, but they edited out all of that in order to make it seem unclear what I was chasing after.”

That seems to be all the proof needed. Looks like Reality TV itself is the next Sasquatch. Someday everybody will try to prove it really does exist..

Why am I not surprised?

It’s sad and embarrassing how some people will vehemently defend these types of shows as being “real”. Do I need to bring up the “Paranormal State Hoax” post?

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287 Responses

  • Wondering

    Just like I figured….. No answer!

  • Bigfoot is real, but it sleeps like monkey’s during the night. It is a day traveler, day forager and day hunter. Though I would imagine, like people, Bigfoots might get up in the middle of the night from time to time.
    They were encountered by the Indians for hundreds of years before Europeans came to the America’s.

    Apes in Africa where not believed in by the majority of people until the late 1800’s, even after hunters and tradesmen in the Mediterrainian spoke of them for hundreds of years.

    Indians out west said that Bigfoots were cannibals and killed Indians, drug them into the forest and ate them.

    Medieval warriors called them “Wood Woes”, and there are medieval manuscripts with pictures of knights fighting Wood Woes, and those pictures look like Bigfoot, covered in hair and 8-9 foot tall.

    Over 500,000 people disappear in American border every year without a trace, never heard from or scene again, many of them in National Parks. WATCH “Missing 411” videos. BIGFOOT isn’t a nice guy.

  • IThinkso

    “The two burned through money, and were as much fame-hungry trailblazers as scientists. Although the mistake was spotted by scientists by 1903, the Brontosaurus lived on, in movies, books and children’s imaginations.”

  • Justice Juice

    Where are the piles of shit, where are the left-over boneyards, and where are the bigfoot burial grounds? They eat meat, but are the tidiest carnivors on the planet? No.

  • Justin Peace

    They just might use the Rivers or Lakes? They say they follow Rivers.

  • David P.

    I’m not saying Bigfoot doesn’t exist, don’t know, but the show is BS, because on the most recent “Ozarks” edition you can literally hear someone in the background, immediately before Ranee reacts, softly say “here it comes”when she & Cliff have “something pushed down or thrown” close to them. I still have it on my dvr, and just listened to it again just to make sure I wasn’t talking out of my ssA in this comment.

    I admit to a fascination with the paranormal, but don’t accept everything I see as undeniable proof of whatever’s existence. I accept the possibility, but I’m THAT gullible.

  • James

    The show is edited to make it entertaining. Having been in two reality show series, one that focused on what many consider to be a “paranormal” topic, Giants, I can tell you how it works. The “evidence” presented is generally not contrived, however the producers will present it in such a way to make it the most believable or suggestive. For instance, we found a very large tooth in the actual cave where a supposed ‘8 giant was dug up in 1934, yet the producers did not release the fact that it was an animal (Bison) tooth until toe shows later and did so so quickly it could have easily been missed.
    My point is that I don’t think most shows are “faked” but certainly embellished to keep viewers interested. Anyone that had ever done a “paranormal investigation” knows that 99% of the time is boring NOTHING. Doesn’t mean there isn’t such phenomena, but it doesn’t make or good TV.

  • D. Price

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying every paranormal show is faked. I’ve had a couple of paranormal experiences myself, I know what I saw at the time wasn’t normal, both times I was with people who saw the same thing I did, and none of us were under any kind of intoxicating influence at the time. So I know there are unexplainable things that happen.

    In the case of the show I’m talking about, you can ACTUALLY hear one of the crew in the background, although you have it turned up to hear it, and it’s quick.., BUT you can actually hear one of them say “here it comes”, and immediately after something get thrown in the background, making it look like the possibility that a Bigfoot threw something in their direction. I know because I had it on dvr, and listened to it several times to verify what I heard.

  • John Swanson

    The show is entertaining, as for them searching at night the main belief is that bigfoots move at night to stay hidden from us, if they roamed mainly during the day we would have found them by now. I know if I was looking for them I would do it at night with night vision equipment. I don’t believe they are some form of ape, they are way too smart and elusive for that, and we would have found them by now.
    But for me until some solid proof is found I remain on the fence but either way the show is fun to watch.

  • Greg Quinn

    I think This show make the team members look almost stupid. They say things like well we know its not a deer so it must be a bigfoot. Or well we know this is their diet. How can anyone know what they eat? they can presume it but no way can know it because they are not even proven to exist. The 3 guys are so convinced they exist they seem to not explore any other option that some “evidence” maybe. I know this maybe due to editing but it really makes them look all most stupid. I am not saying they are, it is just how the show makes them look.

  • Johnny Cruz

    Well first off, I couldn’t care less about the lynch mob fascination with wanting to kill a bigfoot. Those cooks are inbred lunatics that find some rush in acting like morons… Secondly, I’m not really here to argue semantics. Semantics are for those who usually have little else in the way of substance to validate a thought. Did we find Titanic, did we discover Titanic, did we locate Titanic – who cares? We ‘found’ it as much as we did these new species of animals you claim we’ve “found” on a regular basis… According to your semantics argument, they were never lost! They always existed, we just didn’t have the technology to locate them yet.. So please, enough with that nonsense.
    So the hoax that is bigfoot. You infer that humans are not the smartest on earth, that perhaps bigfoots are – as evidence as their cunning ability to avoid detetction. Well – I’m not buying it. It would take an elaborate, complex series of systems and processes to avoid absolute physical detection all these years… Think about it – they’re not so smart as to avoid being “seen” by thousands of people – yet they have the sophistication to avoid leaving behind physical trace? Even the most detailed method of detection is pretty much useless once the animal dies. You can’t just pick up and dispose of your bodily skeleton once your dead – so where are the bones? Let me guess, other bigfoots, knowing the premium on maintaining secrecy, collectively ban together and destroy all bodily trace once another bigfoot dies..? Oh man, come on – there are reaches and then there are reaches.
    As far as the numerous species of creatures being brought to light daily by land and sea. There’s one glaring difference – we aren’t actively looking for them. As far as anyone knows, they don’t exist. Bigfoot, on the other hand, has been purportedly seen by thousands – and thousands are currently looking for them. Not only that, they aren’t 6 miles down in the depths of the sea. These things are supposedly walking around in the open, on people’s farms, on dirt roads, in streams and creeks.
    Two questions: Where are all the thousands and thousands of bones of the deceased bigfoots, and where is their dung?

  • Justin Peace

    Its just fun watching the Show. BoBo is a Funny Guy.

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