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Photo of World’s Largest Mushroom: Debunked

July 20, 2014 – 10:02 PM | 700 views

Hi everybody. I just came across a really interesting skeptical website named Waffles at Noon. There, I found an interesting piece on a step-by-step debunking of a photo that has long circulated on the internet …

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‘Finding Bigfoot’ Hoaxed! Says Cast

Submitted by on July 16, 2011 – 6:16 AM267 Comments | 1 views

As if I needed to point this out.

A complaint by the cast of “Finding Bigfoot” is spreading through the web. They’re claiming to be fed-up with the constant editing and presentation of the show. According to Matt Moneymaker from the BFRO, the producers like to edit the show so that it seems like the team at times is chasing shadows or possibly Bigfoot itself.

The “Finding Bigfoot” cast isn’t too pleased with the results. Check out the article from

The TV show Finding Bigfoot has a lot of critics debunking the evidence that the legendary cryptid really exists. That now includes the people who appear on the show itself.

Cast members from the TV show have commented in various online forums that they are bugged by the heavy-handed editing done by producers of the series, and are not happy that they seem to be putting false words in their mouths. To say nothing of using tricks to make their actual findings more seemingly groundbreaking.

Critics of this kind of documentary-style Reality TV shows have pointed to programs about the Paranormal which seem to build on the gullibility and limited experience of viewers. The phrase “what the hell was that?” is becoming a catch-phrase for the practice.

It derives from the many characters in these shows who utter the phrase as they respond to perfectly normal, and easily explained, phenomenon caught on camera. Usually through night-vision FLIR lenses and “filming” ghosts or the famed Sasquatch itself. This seems to be the case in the latest example of rigged Reality TV.

Cast member and BFRO leader Matt Moneymaker says, in response to a question about one particular scene with typically grainy footage, “… the thing I ran after up the hill was a human — someone who was sneaking around us in the woods trying to watch the production in progress. I said so repeatedly and vehemently at the time, for the cameras, but they edited out all of that in order to make it seem unclear what I was chasing after.”

That seems to be all the proof needed. Looks like Reality TV itself is the next Sasquatch. Someday everybody will try to prove it really does exist..

Why am I not surprised?

It’s sad and embarrassing how some people will vehemently defend these types of shows as being “real”. Do I need to bring up the “Paranormal State Hoax” post?

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I'm a writer, a runner, and a hell of a coffee drinker residing in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on a book about Doris Bither and her terrifying account of a haunting in Culver City, California. The case was dubbed "The Entity" and it stands to be one of the most controversial cases ever to be studied by parapsychologists.

  • Sunsabeaches

    No facts, no evidence, no opinion warranted. Utter nonsense. You can have an opinion on Peter Pan, but he still doesn’t exist. Discussion over.

  • Sunsabeaches

    The fact that I read 22CM in this pile of letters astounded me! Aliens.

  • Sunsabeaches

    laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. Why can’t we have a show with this freak of nature on it?

  • Sir .Quala S.
  • squatchyalookinat

    Are you talking about the show Finding Bigfoot or religion?

  • Johnny Cruz

    4 seasons of the show and the help of advanced technology and these clowns can’t even produce a single bone, tooth, anything to prove the exsistence of a squatch. It would be one thing if they were chasing just 1, but the show claims there are hundreds of sightings in damn near every state in the country. That many bigfoots have to leave some kind of bodily evidence behind. Hell we can take a picture of a license plate from space, we have found fossils of dinosaurs from hundreds of millions of years ago, we even found the damn Titanic wreckage – but we can’t find one freaking squatch? We can’t find them bcoz the hairy things don’t exist. You’re more likely to come across the Tooth Fairy riding a unicorn before you find one.

  • Henry

    They are not trying to prove anything, or find anything. The show is about the characters, the people you see. “Finding” bigfoot is just the setting for them to interact within.

  • IThinkso

    Bigfooties (plural?) fossils are underway in DFF (dinosaurs fossils fabs).

  • AaronD2012

    Check out this book: There is a lot more to things than you/we are allowed to see. There has been cover-ups of everything under the sun from cures of disease to UFO’s to secret societies to…yes….sasquatch. The airwaves are controlled by the powers that be, as are the medical research efforts and all other areas of “science” Those in control decide when we know what. Very dissappointing, I know.

  • Jack Sparrow

    The reason why Bigfoot hasn’t been discovered is simple. They live in underground caves and a network of tunnels. They come out in the day for food and return at night to sleep. I know this sounds ridiculous, but most sightings are in the day.

  • Carmelo J. Santiago

    Big hoax finding bigfoot I knew this show is phony its funny how no one actually taken pics of their sitings and how the never see anything when go out in these so call sightings please get a life people.

  • Mark Meeks

    I ran big foot/ ware wolf over in 2010 in a mustang gt was doing over 70 mph slowed to complete stop when I hit the black creature don’t know what it was no body was found just real pine needle like black hair

  • realstone

    Why is it than when there is a supposed reply to cast’s yells, or tree knocking the 2 camera teams audio never gets a recording?..instead it’s the fake animal planet roar….hoaxers at their worst!