Strange Sounds In Ukraine And Around The World

Posted by Xavier Ortega | August 16, 2011 68

Kiev, Ukraine

OK, time to put on our tin foil hats.

Throughout the past few years, there has been an increase in aerial anomalies reported throughout the world. The Sydney spiral UFO that was reported last summer as well as the awesome Norway spiral that captured the world’s attention.

Meteorologists, astronomers and Armed Forces have been unable to explain the lights Photo: REX

These major world headlines captured the imagination of many. Online rumors began to spring up immediately with people claiming that this was some obscure government war project to cries of alien invasions. We heard them all.

But there is a more serious and strange phenomenon being reported across several continents. Loud and mechanical sounds were recently reported in Kiev, Ukraine. A YouTube user from Kiev uploaded a couple of videos in which he claims capture the strange sound heard above the city.

Record is made by my friend. Her channel:
Supervision time – about 17 o’clock (5 p.m.) Kiev time, (Kiev, Ukraine). Sound intensity was very strong, even windows shivered in buildings . If you can 100 % say, that this is civil work, please prove, we would like to hear exactly this answer, coz if it is not, then this is very scary, and bible prophecy is coming the truth (Archangel’s horn).
“It was recorded on 5 floor of building. Civil work are really spent in several the next houses, and it is audible on video. But these civil work – as if mosquito peep in this awful rumble. Neither force, nor power of a building sound doesn’t come within miles that was audible. Turn on your sound dynamics to a maximum, and you will hear almost the same effect which was when I heard it in live.”
This video was recorded using videocamera, but first minutes of the video the lens cover is closed to recording sound. Also, look at the clouds on the end of this video.

Even more bizarre is the video uploaded just a few days ago from the same user. It’s the same “mechanical” sound that was heard just a few months prior. According to the person who uploaded this video, the sound was strong enough to rattle windows and appliances.

Of course we should always take everything with a grain of salt, right? Who is to say that the person who uploaded the video did not generate the sounds through computer software and added them to the video? Sounds probable, right?

Well, tie that into today’s news article about a low frequency hum and vibrations being felt in Ontario, Canada, and this video from Florida in which a family records a terrifying low frequency rumble:

Just what exactly is going on? Is this all just a coincidence? A hoax from the Ukraine (given that both videos from the Ukraine are from the same user) or is this come type of military project like HAARP?

Could all this be related? Could the world leaders be preparing for some “super weapon” set to debut when the economic financial collapse really manifests into world-wide riots?
Or is it that my tin foil hat is just too tight?

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  • RONALD pierce

    well if sounds presist i think there will be those religious to extreme whom will self destruct due to the fact they can not handle the situation… think this is the beginning of the end of the world … sadly to say this but i think it will be true yes? humans and animals alike have endured nature , evan mans war… so i think if this is a threat to human kind and animals alike , we will deal with it and endure it….yes?

  • Julie

    The Ukraine videos say 2011 and I thought all this happened in 2012?

  • ghosttheory


    It’s actually been going on for a few years. It’s just that people are becoming more aware of this strange phenomenon.

    I would say that the reports have increased in 2012.

  • Shawn_d25

    This is a mystery and from listening to this sound it is very scary because nobody can explain where this sound is coming from. The question is, “is this sound telling us the end is near or is this a hoax, or some sort of experiment?” 

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