Australian “Spiral UFO” Sighting

A reader's picture of the bright light in the sky this morning. Source: Herald Sun

A reader's picture of the bright light in the sky this morning. Source: Herald Sun

Some Australians woke up this morning to discover a strange spiral light illuminating the Aussie skies.
Like the Norway spiral we saw a few weeks ago making headlines, this Australian sighting of spiral lights is starting to make waves, and springing up some conspiracy theories.

A reader from the DailyTelegraph posted the following comment:

Karra of Sydney
This topic is discussed on the Sydney Observatory website. The curator said the best explanation so far was that it was a rocket the USA company SpaceX launched. The Falcon 9 rocket was launched at about 04:45am (EAST), visibal by us at approx 5.50am. Hmm Americans at their best!!

So it appears that a Falcon 9 rocket could be responsible for this. Can the explanation of a rocket gone awry suffice the general public’s quest for answers? I’ve read many people talking about aliens being the cause of this, or that some time/space portal is opening up. And they are generally scared. I’ll tell you this much, I rather have the aliens opening up time portals and stuff than knowing that our government is firing off inadequate missiles.

Full source: DailyTelegraph AUS

EERIE lights in the sky in Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra early today prompted multiple UFO sightings up and down the east coast.

People reported throughout the states say they witnessed a mysterious light travelling in an erratic fashion across the sky in the early morning hours.

One caller told the ABC that she saw a light ‘racing across the sky’ about 5.50am Saturday.

She described the light as ‘like a lollipop swirl’ that came from the west and was headed east out to sea.

“It was unreal,” she said.

“There was a cloud in the sky – just this light with a swirl in the middle.”

Another said:”It was a perfect spiral of light.

“I realised soon it was not the moon but that it was shooting like a comet from the southern sky and off into the northwest.’’

Another Brisbane resident said: “There was absolutely no sound in a perfectly clear, darkened sky before dawn.’’

Police and search and rescue crews confirmed they had received calls from Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast about the UFO.

The weather bureau said there were no weather conditions which would explain the light. A Defence spokeswoman also said she had no explanation.