For the last few years there has been a growing interest in ‘Zozo’, the supposed demonic entity that is often times depicted on paranormal reality television shows as having been conjured up using the Ouija or spirit board. Little has been written about Zozo throughout the decades yet the reports range from the 1800s to recent days. People from across the world are claiming to have come in contact with someone, or something calling itself Zozo. What or who is it?

Paranormal Television

The name Zozo exploded into popularity just a few years ago when paranormal reality shows began using the name as an explanation for supposed hauntings or cases of demonic possession. It’s been spread around that when you use a Ouija board to conjure up spirits, Zozo might just answer the call. When this happens, you’re as good as haunted. However, the stories of Zozo are just that…stories.

It’s absurd to believe that there exists a demonic entity that waits around for drunken teenagers to make contact. Or that a certain type of evil lurks inside your Parker Brothers brand Ouija board. But this is what these paranormal reality shows are feeding the viewers that want nothing more than to gobble it up. Every other week a demon infested home is getting fumigated by part-time ghost busters and every week millions tune in to see nothing happening.

If you talk to these paranormal teams it seems like Zozo is haunting a different home each week across America.

Spirit boards

Science will tell you that ghosts don’t exist. History will tell you that the claims always have.

It’s a fact that police stations across the United States receive strange calls regarding paranormal activities. Filtering out the whack-jobs and the cases with reasonable explanations, there remains a sliver of cases that go unexplained.

And in that sliver, an even smaller slice of cases in which phenomena is observed by credible witnesses.

By far one of the most intriguing cases is that of The case of Doris Bither (The Entity) is one such case. Doris, a single mother of four found herself fighting for her life in Los Angeles in 1972. Professors and researchers from UCLA Medical and Psychology were present inside Doris’s small home when something demonic manifested in front of their eyes. Before any of this happened, Doris had an unhealthy obsession with the Ouija board.

The Enfield poltergeist case is another well documented case in which police officers, neighbors and members of the media observed the paranormal happenings going on inside the Hodgson residence.

There are a few of these types of cases where credible witnesses are present to experience the incredible claims of the paranormal. It’s in these cases that the use of the spirit board yielded unwanted communication with a negative force. A force that does not go by Zozo or any other name.


Psychokinetic forces

Psychokinesis, or PK, is the claim that a person can physically manipulate the environment around them without a physical medium. In other words, they somehow are able to move things without touch. RSPK or Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis is the term many researchers use to define a set of unexplainable observations that repeat throughout time. In the Doris Bither case, the phenomena of unexplained globs of light, as well as a full figured manifestation was something that kept happening in front of the eyes of several witnesses and researchers. Regardless of their inability to capture any of the lights on film, they all claim to this day that what they saw in that house was something more than just Psychokinetic force at play.

Whether Zozo is real or not is not the right question to be asking. Instead, we should always look for the common denominators in such cases and try to find a correlation between agents and their environment. If you Google ‘What is Zozo?’ you are bound to come across many stories that read like bad fan fiction.




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Based in Brooklyn, NY, I write about all things creepy and strange. My book based on the real haunting of Doris Bither (The Entity 1982 movie) will be released soon. Got a question? Drop me a line.

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  • Self Inflicted

    no they cant iv been around poltergeist and dark entity i use to play in the arts of hoodoo and black magic and do a lot of bad things that should not of been disturbed. i have seen poltergeist and dark entity and other “beings” take a psych form in front of me,so trust me when i say is all they can do is try to intimate you this is what they feed off of they want to be alone others dont know there dead they thunk there still alive,it like some random person walked in your home and you dont know them. what are you doing do run them out,its the same thing with them.so now your going say but what possession these occurrences are completely mistaken for what it really is.. this is the person soul and there human body fight-struggling to be one!..now Ouija boards i am going to say this again its not real,spirit’s can not interact with out world in this way only an angle of god can,now i end with this lets look at shaman do they use use Ouija boards nope, and look at what they said to have seen and talked with and have gone too with out leaving from there they where siting,the power to talk and see them is all ready in side you you just need to find a way of useing it, it has been repressed. you dont need cardboard!!!

  • Omega

    You guys are fake claiming you have been visited by zozo i have studied this for ten minutes and know zozo is not nice in the slightest nor would it ever be so dont say “oh zozo likes me!” Thats not a good thing this demon is known for sexual assault this thing throws people YOU PEOPLE ARE MORONS!! This thing cares more about its own name and thrives on your fear

  • RayNay2393 Peter

    if id run from anything i wouldnt run from the ouija board… jesus christ who is almighty god is more powerful and he would wipe all those demons and satan away……

  • Angie

    I so agree with you guys zozo is not someone something you want to mess with

  • cutecat

    zozo is real its no joke she is real she prentends like she is good but she is evil than your as good as hunted its true

  • cutecat


  • Hugo

    I asked like three questions and it kept saying “id” and i don’t know why.

  • Hugo

    Does anyone know what it means?

  • Johnny boy

    You ĺook to young and it asked you for your ID, or it probably wanted to and forgot how to spell ID…iot

  • Johnny boy

    My goodness its a girl….come on!!

  • Johnny boy

    Well there is Bozo the clown…you can mess with him. 🙂

  • Johnny boy

    Totaly agree with you!
    People these days are looking for fame and wants to be talked about on the news for being viral on the web. Those are called Zozo’s morons
    Now all you idiots out there go…go viral F’ers

  • Johnny boy

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  • Johnny boy

    Zozo is a sucker like you all are with your facebook, youtube and the kind trying to be talked about for having a viral post/page/video.
    Zozo the bozo has an army… of morons and people that are scared of him well sorry to say to you poor souls… you are his army of morons.

  • Angie

    Oh really 😉