What is ZOZO?

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While scanning the interwebs today I happened across a video of a Ouija session that allegedly called up a demonic entity referred to as ZOZO.

ZOZO is thought to be a demon who has been documented since the early 1800s. However, once people began using Ouija boards ZOZO began to show itself more and more frequently.

Apparently there are other Z named entities with ZOZO being the most prevalent. This alleged demon is said to attach itself to certain unlucky individuals who venture into it’s domain. Some claim ZOZO will go to any length to trick its naive callers.

Below you will find some accounts from those who have had run ins with such entities. Typically I would pass something like this off to Javier as It’s not my thing per say. I am the first to admit that I do not find Ouija boards as good wholesome entertainment. However, I am taking a neutral position here as I have no idea as to the validity of the following stories.

Zozo shows up in spooky old Virginia display case?

The following was sent to me via the TrueGhostTales website:

I read with great interest your story and here’s why. I live in rural Virginia, where just about every other house has a family cemetery plot on it property it seems. I had just moved here from So Cal. I wanted to create a coffee table with glass top and display some local artifacts underneath that represented the Virginia area and its rich history. I went to a yard sale and bought the table I wanted to refurbish and construct to display some of the items. When I took the top off the table I found a home made ouija board in the hollow space under the top. There was no planchette. At first I thought nothing of it, but when I told this story to a few elder locals they both bristled and told me that when a board is separated from its planchette, its an effort to sever the “access key” of certain spirits that came thru that particular board using that particular planchette. I have a healthy curiosity and interest in the “super natural” but Im not driven by it, nor do I “crave” the adrenalin rush that comes with dabbling in the art.

I constructed the table and one of the object I place in the table was the ouija. The first day I had it on display, along with several other items. I found that all the items were pushed to the very furthest sides of the table and only the board was the focal point of the display. Thinking perhaps someone in the house moved the table and tilted it thus shifting its contents, I simply removed the glass and re-arranged the display items, this time securing them with glue. I let that dry before replace the glass.

Two nights later I heard my dogs growing in the bedroom where I sleep and they were staring at the door. I got up to see what they were upset at, and when It turned on the lights in the adjoining family room, I saw the table. The glass was scratched/etched with something sharp from underneath…and there was no mistaking the letter Z in that etching. I then knew something was up with that board or with one of the objects in the display. I have since dismantled the table and put ALL of the display items, including the board, in a box. There are a few religious items that are in that box now as well. I have had no other experiences, but until I read your story about the entity ZOZO, I had no way of connecting the Z etched in the glass with the ouija.

Another Tulsa Zozo encounter

Recent Zozo encounter used with permission

Hello Darren, my name is Maryah ( last name withheld ). I Live In Tulsa Oklahoma. I Went to target in about feberuary to buy a glow in the dark Ouija board. Well last weekend Me and my friends decide to play with it. We met this nice spirit named Lily, and she needed help. We were trying to help her but nothing worked. Later that night around (12:00am) she left. We then again asked if anyone was there. It said ZOZO and we didnt think anything about it. We asked questions and she seemed friendly. So We all got up and went to the living room with the board still out. we sat around talking and drinking mountain dew.

After about 10 minutes we put our glasses in the sink and went back to her room only to discover that the board was gone! We looked everywhere for it. So after a while we gave up and went back into to the living room to find it there. So we went back into the room and played with it some more. At about 3:33 am my pony tail holder broke and my hair went over my face and i guess i blacked out. My friends said i was possesed and that when Lily came back she said ZOZO her sister is in the room, they asked where and the pointer flew to me.

They said i tried to hurt them, that i was speaking a different language like Latin. The most freaky thing was that we had a candle lit and when ZOZO left i was waking back up and the candle was out and when we turned on the lights the center of the candle was gone no wick nothing. It was like a cup without the bottom. This happened many times though out the night and we used brand new candles every time. I believe i was possesed by the demon.

In further correspondence with Maryah she says the spirit Lily described Zozo as her evil twin sister. Lily told the girls that Lucifer was their Father, and Lily was punished for not wanting to become evil like her sister Zozo.

Lily explained Zozo as an immortal spirit that chooses certain people to become attached to their “self” where it remains. Maryah says Zozo will only come thru on Ouija sessions when she is on the board.

In recent weeks I have been sent accounts of encounters with a “Mama Zaza.” Also a spirit entity that identifies itself as only “Mama.” Stories of the Mama Ouija spirit are found on the internet.

Some deities were thought to have the ability to be either gender, and the Zozo Phenomena includes encounters in which it represents it’self as female. Some believe it is a real demon, and it’s minions operate using it’s identity as Zozo. Others have indicated they do not believe it is demonic, but a spirit anomaly none the less.

Whatever it is, it is out there. And the amount of people who report it is very disturbing. When when we be able to put the pieces together and identify what is really going on?

Zozo Experiences

ShainaB says:
March 30, 2009 at 5:27 pm

I too have had experiences with Zozo, but I am just now finding out that others have come in contact with the same “spirit” through the quija board. My experiences were all about 5 years ago and I now refuse to touch a quija board. I would always play with my grandmother and husband on my grandmother’s board. The board would only work if I was touching it with them, never without me. Everytime I touched the board zozo would come through..just like Darren’s story nice at first, perhaps a little mischievious..then “zozo started telling me specific things like…”I was with you in your red truck when you went to Ashley’s house” and so on and so forth, saying that Zozo was following me and always with me. This was all about 5 years ago and had left my mind until I got a call from my husband at work today saying that he had talked to a coworker about quija boards and that he had shared my zozo story with his coworker. His coworker told him that he had heard of a demon named zozo and to do his research. So that’s what I’m doing now and came across this page…does anyone know where I can find some good information? Other than personal stories??

July 2, 2009 at 1:26 pm

I haven’t used the ouija board in about 8 months, I used to do it all the time. I stopped because I was sick of getting Zozo, I got him every single time. I live in New York and I’m close friends with someone who lives in New Mexico, and we would get off the phone and do the ouija board at the same time. She used to get Zozo all the time too, and stopped around the same time I did. And since then she’s been hearing and seeing things constantly, and she’s NOT schizophrenic. I think that has something to do with Zozo, maybe but I’m not sure. Actually I remember one night after using the ouija board, I was going to sleep and i heard something on the floor. It sounded like someone was crawling, but quickly, around the bed. I didn’t have my cats in the room, and it wasn’t a rat or mouse because we didn’t have those in our house. I have quite a few experiences regarding Zozo, really.

October 1, 2009 at 12:22 pm

hello, i purchaseda ouiji board at a garage sale from an elderly couple. I have always had an interested in the spirit world and had a great interest in trying to make contact. I did not dare to play the ouiji by myself so I just left it packed away until I had a friend convinced me to use it last night. FOr a hour we spoke to this woman spirit and as we went on with the session the word zozo kept being spelled out. as a newbie at this I had no clue what it meant until i looked it up and found it on your website. The energy on the oracle was wild and i am certain if we had removed our hands it would have flew off the board. several times it tried to spell out the alphabet. It was scary as heck and was terrified to see that it was evil… do i still need to cleanse the house even if we went to “goodbye”? I have children and am scared for them.

Source of print accounts: zozotheoijaspirit

Many of you laugh at such things, others are terrified, still others are fascinated. I am none of those as I prefer to not get involved at all.

After you read the article you will find lots more info at the source and other sites as well as related videos on youtube.

This is an entity I’d never heard of until today. I certainly hope it doesn’t scare you too much unless you like to be frightened, that is.

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I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

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  • viki mushu

    oh hello zozo!

  • JackO'Diamonds

    I had contact with a “Zoy” on a ouija board over 20yrs ago. I have read one account on the internet with this same name appearing. Is this an alias or other form of Zozo? My account was much more terrifying than any I’ve heard. As a logical person who can apply scietific method to explain what we experienced, I have gone over this occurrance many time and have no answer. There were 2 women with me at the time. Not only did we recieve 2 phone calls from a VERY strangely- voiced caller who repeated the texts from the board word-for-word all while there were bizarre background noises (caller id read: unknown number), but we kept playing and the board would just keep repeting the word “stop”. Again the phone rand and this time the voice said “STOP!” in the most terrifying manner.
    About a week later I was waiting for a few buddies to pick me up for night out when I encountered a dark , extremely tall figure hiding behind a tree next to our driveway lamp post. It was winter and snow was covering all, and I couldn’t make out any features. I thought this was just a very tall kid coming to call on my sister, but was too embarassed to knock on our door. I stepped out the front door with our normally docile fmily dog. he charged the figure with aggression never seen before but when he got close he ran stright back to the front door whimpering.I called out “show yourself,I’m armed” , which was a lie. Immeditely following the snow was shaken off the large pine tree covering this figure. I heard footsteps running away fast down our private and very dark driveway and at the same time bells were ringing with each footstep.A few days later, and with a different group of friends we again played ouija. Again there was a Zoy almost immediately interacting with us.When I joined-in and put my hands on the planchette, I asked one question…” what was that at the end of my driveway?” The boad spelled over and over the word DREADREADREADREAD. I asked what that means, “What is Dread?. The board then said “It was sent to scare you”…….. 20+ years later I woud still like to know what it was and WHO sent it!.I went to my catholic church and spoke with Father Murray who couldn’t say what took place, but told me this was dangerous and to stop playing.He told me to alwys walk with the light and love of God in my mind , and to imagine it protecting me always as a shield. I visited with a Shaman from one of our local tribes who gave me sage to burn. I have never forgotten this, and I’ve never touched a ouija board again. There were some other events , which happened to my friends playing separately from me, around this same time frame.

  • Mitchell Anderson

    Me and my stepsister and stepbrother and my stepsisters friends did the Ouija earlier today and last night and we contacted some sports and ones name was zo and the one girl began to not feel good and we contacted this spirit a couple of times and it was normally when she did it with us. She knew what it was so she wanted to stop. I believe in this kind of stuff and I’m kinda freaked out now.

  • lindsay

    you contacted some sports?

  • Mitchell Anderson

    I meant spirits.

  • Vixsniper

    Get rid of the Ouija board & Stop messing with this stuff NOW!!!!

  • Hannah

    Ever since the first time i did the quija board Zozo has been the only one to talk to me. Zozo won’t talk to the other players that do it with me , I’m to scared to ask if he / she likes me so , yeah

  • Self Inflicted

    How much meth are all of you smoking I mean really what the f*** everything on the Ouija board that you are all experiencing is your own inter being the reason why people get negativity on Ouija boards in groove is because one of the members in that circle is negative at their heart it’s already been scientifically proven that Ouija boards are indeed fake if you do it with your eyes open and recorded you’ll go to the letters in the words but everybody do it blindfolded and have one random person record it I guarantee you dollar to donuts that you won’t be getting any of the same results I guarantee it I’m not saying that demons and spirits are fake I’m just saying that the Ouija board is not real I’ve used it I’ve done tarot cards I’ve seen things that are unexplainable I talked with demonic spirits they’ve materialized in front of me but as far as Ouija boards go no its a bunch of BS I’m Wiccan so take it from me Ouija boards are bull shit. Like the old saying goes you can only see what your mind can handle and furthermore spirits cannot hurt you they can only screw with your subconscious mind what most people are experiencing is a forced audible and visual hallucinations if you don’t believe me look up science science has proved that spirits can exist but it’s also proved that in a material world which they are no longer a part of they cannot hurt you its the same thing help people go to see Mary’s in statues Jesus crying or marry a building on the side of the building but the funny thing about that is not everybody sees that only about half of the people see the statue of Mary or Jesus crying or an image of Mary cast it up on the side of some building or something similar these are called mass hysteria hallucinations were a group of people believe something so strongly that together that they all have similar believe the end up seeing the same or similar thing well these people were at the same event do not see it other people have gone out of church and said that they seen the Sun flying around in circles in the sky but at the same time two people who were with them worshipping at this church Catholic of course they didn’t see the Sun moving as the others did its a mass hysteria hallucination it’s the same thing like people who smoke DMT people say they see you being called the machine elf Zozo is no different than that not everyone who smoke DMT sees the machine elf if you’d really like to know how spirituality really works and how spirits really interact with our world regardless of baby in the dark entity or something of light it’s completely different than what’s being said here or what thought to happen

  • Andy

    Interesting. You suggest people who believe in Ouija Boards must be smoking meth, and then a few sentence later state “I talked with demonic spirits [and] they’ve materialized in front of me”.
    Do you not see the ironic humor there? :0)

  • Xarads

    watch this try it at home they are fake! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRo8TytvIDw
    so waht do you this about this?

  • Self Inflicted

    ya, but its something you think you understand when you really do not!

  • Samantha McFadyen

    You are nuts to think that an Ouija board does not work. I have seen it work and I have used it myself. It is not something I like to use because it can be dangerous. you do not have as much control over what kind of spirit comes to talk to you. séance are better. you talk about how these people are on drugs but yet you comment how you have conjured up demons. it is people like you that give us true Wiccan’s a bad name!!!

  • Self Inflicted

    no there not!!! im Wicca trust me there not real!

  • Self Inflicted

    no it is not, they do not work, !!stop out bs in to peoples mind go read Sylvia brown

  • sleepers

    I like how there’s only one period in this whole weird rant and its not even at the end.

  • rustyshackleford1978 .

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA….you beat me too it. Yet, we are supposed to find this person credible enough to believe they even have a clue as to what he/she is ranting on about.

  • Zero

    i think, it might depend on there person, on there affinity id say. some of us can attract things while others dont. one thing ive learned is to never say the impossible never happens when it comes to paranormal. as you say, thinsg cant hurt you but maybe thats the thing? maybe they can hurt you, if you allow it or think it can.

  • Self Inflicted

    no they cant iv been around poltergeist and dark entity i use to play in the arts of hoodoo and black magic and do a lot of bad things that should not of been disturbed. i have seen poltergeist and dark entity and other “beings” take a psych form in front of me,so trust me when i say is all they can do is try to intimate you this is what they feed off of they want to be alone others dont know there dead they thunk there still alive,it like some random person walked in your home and you dont know them. what are you doing do run them out,its the same thing with them.so now your going say but what possession these occurrences are completely mistaken for what it really is.. this is the person soul and there human body fight-struggling to be one!..now Ouija boards i am going to say this again its not real,spirit’s can not interact with out world in this way only an angle of god can,now i end with this lets look at shaman do they use use Ouija boards nope, and look at what they said to have seen and talked with and have gone too with out leaving from there they where siting,the power to talk and see them is all ready in side you you just need to find a way of useing it, it has been repressed. you dont need cardboard!!!

  • Omega

    You guys are fake claiming you have been visited by zozo i have studied this for ten minutes and know zozo is not nice in the slightest nor would it ever be so dont say “oh zozo likes me!” Thats not a good thing this demon is known for sexual assault this thing throws people YOU PEOPLE ARE MORONS!! This thing cares more about its own name and thrives on your fear

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