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For the last few years there has been a growing interest in ‘Zozo’, the supposed demonic entity that is often times depicted on paranormal reality television shows as having been conjured up using the Ouija or spirit board. Little has been written about Zozo throughout the decades yet the reports range from the 1800s to recent days. People from across the world are claiming to have come in contact with someone, or something calling itself Zozo. What or who is it?

Paranormal Television

The name Zozo exploded into popularity just a few years ago when paranormal reality shows began using the name as an explanation for supposed hauntings or cases of demonic possession. It’s been spread around that when you use a Ouija board to conjure up spirits, Zozo might just answer the call. When this happens, you’re as good as haunted. However, the stories of Zozo are just that…stories.

It’s absurd to believe that there exists a demonic entity that waits around for drunken teenagers to make contact. Or that a certain type of evil lurks inside your Parker Brothers brand Ouija board. But this is what these paranormal reality shows are feeding the viewers that want nothing more than to gobble it up. Every other week a demon infested home is getting fumigated by part-time ghost busters and every week millions tune in to see nothing happening.

If you talk to these paranormal teams it seems like Zozo is haunting a different home each week across America.

Spirit boards

Science will tell you that ghosts don’t exist. History will tell you that the claims always have.

It’s a fact that police stations across the United States receive strange calls regarding paranormal activities. Filtering out the whack-jobs and the cases with reasonable explanations, there remains a sliver of cases that go unexplained.

And in that sliver, an even smaller slice of cases in which phenomena is observed by credible witnesses.

By far one of the most intriguing cases is that of The case of Doris Bither (The Entity) is one such case. Doris, a single mother of four found herself fighting for her life in Los Angeles in 1972. Professors and researchers from UCLA Medical and Psychology were present inside Doris’s small home when something demonic manifested in front of their eyes. Before any of this happened, Doris had an unhealthy obsession with the Ouija board.

The Enfield poltergeist case is another well documented case in which police officers, neighbors and members of the media observed the paranormal happenings going on inside the Hodgson residence.

There are a few of these types of cases where credible witnesses are present to experience the incredible claims of the paranormal. It’s in these cases that the use of the spirit board yielded unwanted communication with a negative force. A force that does not go by Zozo or any other name.

Psychokinetic forces

Psychokinesis, or PK, is the claim that a person can physically manipulate the environment around them without a physical medium. In other words, they somehow are able to move things without touch. RSPK or Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis is the term many researchers use to define a set of unexplainable observations that repeat throughout time. In the Doris Bither case, the phenomena of unexplained globs of light, as well as a full figured manifestation was something that kept happening in front of the eyes of several witnesses and researchers. Regardless of their inability to capture any of the lights on film, they all claim to this day that what they saw in that house was something more than just Psychokinetic force at play.

Whether Zozo is real or not is not the right question to be asking. Instead, we should always look for the common denominators in such cases and try to find a correlation between agents and their environment. If you Google ‘What is Zozo?’ you are bound to come across many stories that read like bad fan fiction.




  • thecloseteer

    I’m actually dying of amusement, no one is going to believe me, but one of my good friends gets possessed quite frequently (sounds fake, ikr?) and me and my friends can recognize when we’re dealing with a spirit, and when we’re dealing with a demon (i.e. demons and very malicious spirits hate the cross and rosaries, and good spirits or non-malicious don’t really care, they just say “it feels really cold”) and we deal with a demon that calls itself “Z” and I’ve played the Ouija board before so I immediately thought it was Zozo, but I was like “nah, lets just deal with the situation at hand and throw salt on it” and later it claimed to be Zozo as well as tried to make my friend hurt herself and has a really weird connection with eyes? (I don’t know where that comes from, but it make the girl draw eyes on herself with a thumb tack which was horrible to discover). And so I, knowing how to deal with possessions (through experience not like being taught, and basically you just have to belittle the entity, and be the biggest bitch you can possibly be) I basically make fun of it and claim that its gay, (which pisses him off SO bad). So if anyone ever wants to fight my lovely gay boi Z, just call him gay, (only if you know how to deal with the consequences, be prepared). I’m really posting this, cause if I ever get a chance to speak with him again through my friend, I want to confirm if he actually is Zozo, and if I got a bunch of people playing Ouija to piss him off.

  • claudiu

    Ask Jesus Christ for help. He can help you

  • Linnéa Tyseng Nicander

    Yeaah, we used to play with the amateur drawn version and a glass a LOT in my teens. This article would calm me tremendously, had I not had an encounter at that time – which would have been in 2005-2007 – with a zozo that we thought was my good friend’s deceased dog ozo. We had to stop playing after that.

    We were experienced with the game and had asked to contact her dogs or my grandfather. When we started getting weird, evil answers we both accused it of not being her dog. It said no. We had a piano along one wall and then windows across the entire wall next to that, and from behind that piano and across the curtain we saw a shadow shaped like a greyhound run across. We staunchly ignored it as imagination – easier for me who had their back to it.

    We asked if it was my grandfather, who could play pranks, it said yes. We started getting chills and a feeling of dread we couldn’t explain. The glass moved so violently, it felt like we’d lose our grip. It was daytime, the curtains were drawn and the room wasn’t even dark. I said my grandfather would never act like this and told it to go away and let him through. When it became apparent it still was not my grandfather or anything benign, I said we wanted it to leave and goodbye. We got another no. We said we’re closing this gate. The glass “slipped” out of our fingers and we blew out the candle – believing that to close the connection.

    We turned the light on. And noticed that over by the piano, the shadow was still moving. We would have ignored it as a trick of light somehow, but we still felt so incredibly uneasy. I sat in the couch next to her, leaving the chair I’d been sitting in. It seemed like the shadows were creeping along the walls and we thought we heard the growling of dogs. My friend suggested maybe her dog was there anyway, and I asked if it felt kind. She peeped out a no, and then maybe. I asked if she felt like someone else was right there with us and she pointed to exactly where I felt it – in my empty chair.

    The shadows around the piano looked like somehow behind the piano two dogs were fighting. Another looked like it was creeping along the other wall towards us, the shadows above the ceiling fan morphing into skeletal dog shapes. We were paralysed and freaked out, and considering if we both were having a psychosis.

    My mom came home at that moment and we leaped up and screamed at her to help. She’s a sceptic, having played with the occult as a kid and getting burned she noped out to the point of compelte denial. We also live in a largely atheist- to agnostic country with a sceptical culture towards paranormal and unscientific phenomena.

    But her initial incredulous laughter and admonishing that “if we get scared we shouldn’t play” stopped when she noticed our genuine hysteria. She said that then we exorcise it. And my mom, who we always saw as a pushover, sat down and with all the authority and seriousness of a judge in a courtroom said that this was her home and that it needed to leave.

    As I got older she told me more about her experiences with the occult and her vehement scepticism softened. Today she tells me she believed us enough that she threw up a shield, she was NOT gonna get that thing in her head, and blocked any- and everything out and believed just enough to be able to close the door for it.

    After that, we actually TRIED to play the game again but we never got the glass to move in that apartment again. If there are doors, then she had locked and bolted it.

    Me and another friend tried again in an old house my dad had just bought. That was stupid as fuck, and probably an entirely different story to that of zozo – which I believe ended there.
    We asked if it was “him”, which was an imaginary character to us, to which we got a yes upon which the candle went out and the room went black.

    After that noone but me with my friends could sleep in that room. One of them left screaming, telling people afterward that she had felt like she was being choked. Another wouldn’t tell why at all, just looked pale.

    If something lived there it was fairly benign to me, however. I hated that dad let other people sleep in my bed and it seemed to be helping with that. That house was where I started believing the paranormal could be anything but imagination and play-pretend, though.

    There were persistent voices all guests heard in the bathroom, where you could make out what was being said – even when noone else was in the house. It had it’s own plumming, so no neighbours.

    The upper floor bathroom had a painting where several people swore a person moved – disappearing entirely from the painting sometimes.

    The room across from mine gave people a feeling of being watched, and people would abandon it for the couch. Except my witchy immigrant grandmother, who said she’d told “it” to go to hell without elaborating.

    The upper floor had an opressive feeling to it, expecially after me and the friend I encountered zozo with tried a seance to speak to any ghosts there in an attempt to get rid of them.
    As usual nothing happened and we went downstairs in the otherwise empty house – our dads were in the garage in the old barn – to sit in my room and chat.

    The door kept blowing shut when we wanted a crack open, so I checked if the window had a draft. When it didn’t I glared and sternly said “stop that”. The door immediately blew shut only to slam open again – then slam completely shut. We left. Promptly.

    Hoping it was a draft from our parents coming back and opening the door outside we called – noone.

    Passing the wardrobe in the corridor the bottom drawer shot out, blocking our path. I calmly pushed it shut and said that this was too late to be showing up and we had other matters to attend to. It opened behind us.
    We went onto the balcony and called to our dads, asking if they had been there. They couldn’t have made it back that fast – they both had to crawl out from under a car to hear us and call back across the big stretch with some irritation.

    We decided to sit in the kitchen, the most pleasant-feeling room in the house. Nothing else happened, until we sat in the livingroom that evening – where the stairs to the upper floor were situated – with our dads, chatting. They wondered as we started giggling, and as we pointed to the moving round balls of light in two picture-frames on the wall in the staircase they both frowned and turned their heads, looking for the headlights of cars.

    They looked perturbed, as we just kept chuckling – probably a little bit hysterical – as there were no cars in sight on the one road in through the forest from the main road.

    While that was good fun, I had my worst haunting ever on that couch.

    Right by my bedroom was one door to the outside, which had a large window in it. I was always scared of the dark and after checking if it was locked three times I went to sleep on the couch to be closer to my dad who had his room right up the stairs. Our German Shepherd was coaxed along to lie beside me. Suddenly I was alerted – not by any sound or movement, TO not any sound or movement. I spotted a NOTHING on the top of the stairs, and followed what FELT like a person walking down the stairs, all the while leaning closer into the dog.

    I glance down at the dog, thinking it’s my imagination or she would bark. She’s staring where I was, turning her head slowly as if following something with her gaze – and I look back up because it’s approaching us. And as it reaches the couch – situated against the wall beneath the windows and right next to a door to a large balcony – the dog leaps across and off the couch on the other side and bounds up the stairs.

    I’m left alone and feeling betrayed to feel something like cold wind pass my side and ostensibly leave through the balcony door. That is my one scariest experience because I would have to have imagined both the paranormal occurence as well as my dog’s poignant reaction to it.

    Of course, unfortunately I have no proof. Only probably unreliable witnesses. This probably also reads as bad fanfic, Which, as the article states is a problem for proving veracity – and it is.

    But then again, do I want proof that an entity we don’t understand exists? No. Like my mother I want to ignore the dark, oceanic depths of the possibly paranormal and what might come up for air from time to time. I think that is one reason the paranormal stays a mystery. It doesn’t seem to play by the rules, and we like things to play by the rules.

  • 0_o_Chao_o_0

    I had an experience with a ZoZo and a oujia board long before it became a thing and I might have heard about it.

    I wrote further, so so much further, on the difficulties of researchign the paranormal and how we may subconciously not want to know. But it all disappeared as I tried to log in to my account and had to go through the c**ts that are Microsoft as they locked my email account when I tried to log in on this computer for the first time to reset my Disqus password…

  • Nicole Gaspard

    I had used the Ouija board numerous times, never once conjured up, Zozo,
    however it dont have to be just an Ouija board, you can use any
    divination tools, such as, ghost tools, and ITC aps, hell lately, as I
    was using some apps, I and others had heard the name, Zozo come through
    my sessions, even on live stream, so I”m not making this up, if you get
    it on live, I also captured his name on a digital voice recorder, so
    they can come through if they want to communicate with any device.

  • DeucesWild

    Very interesting.