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  • Roseann didn’t say in her story if they had tried this, but it had been said that iron would repel spirits (part of the reason people would hang horse shoes in their house). I would try finding something made of iron that her daughter could carry with her (maybe a cast iron c-clamp from a hardware store – as large as her daughter feels like carrying) in addition to something larger like an anvil for where her daughter sleeps. Any hardware store should have the c-clamp for a few bucks. The anvil might be harder to find (though if there is a Harbor Freight near by, they sell a 55lb one for about fifty dollars). I don’t know if it will help, but if nothing else has, it might be worth a try.

  • Roseann’s situation is similar to several scenarios we have dealt with…in particular, a recent case in western Ontario. She can contact us at http://www.SpiritRescueInternational.com or mail us direct at [email protected]

  • Thanks Lon!

    By the way, I borrowed that Elvis story from you last week. I love your site!

  • ophu

    Well, I found out that salt is traditionally upheld to repel evil spirits, so if you really think that’s what they are, you could dig a moat around your house, line it with concrete, pour in some rock salt and cover it back up again. Don’t forget to top it off once a year.

    Keep in mind that the only thing that is certain is something unusual is happening. There may be other explanations.

  • ophu

    Oh, and make sure you don’t seal the phenomena IN. 😐

  • Roseann / NY

    In response to ophu, I live four blocks to the Atlantic Ocean to the south of me. There are only four houses on my block and the dead end is a canal to the east and the the west 4 blocks is the great south bay. Ilive on an island and I am surrounded by salt. I am so close to the water that if you dig five feet down you hit the water. I know this cause I wanted an inground pool and it couildn’t be done cause of the water table. These home was bullt on swamp and.

  • Roseann / NY

    To Lon,

    I have sent you an email. Pease let me know if you received it. I had a hard time getting it to go through.

  • Roseann / NY

    Thanks to all that are responding. I greatly appreciate all input. My daughter I know will not be able to go on without some sought of guidance with this whether it is a gift or not. I had a EEG done on her yesterday. I will not know the results for a feww days. I am really starting to believe that this is not a psychiatric condition and that I am tending to go with that she is a sensitive. I have done some research on being senditive and boy is that her characteristicas.

  • Well as someone that is on drugs for depression I can tell you that it never stopped me hearing things, or the feelings of utter anxiety that comes with that strange sense something is wrong. If she is still experiencing these things then I think it’s important that someone outside of the clinical world looks at it and even braving to come forwards to ask is a hard task in itself.

    Sadly I have a similar problem with my partner, much as they support me and I am loved, when it comes to something only I can see or believe in then it can cause friction. The most important thing I would say is that simply being there for your daughter and not letting her suffer alone and confused is by far the very best thing you have done.

  • ophu

    Oh well, so much for that idea. 🙂

  • paranormal puppy

    Roseann Hi how are you doing? I am sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble. I too went through the same things you are experiencing. The first thing I would tell you is dont open your wallet make sure that whoever you decide can help you will do it for free There are many people out who have and are going through the same thing you are. If you visit psican .org and join the message board you will find a lot of them including myself we dont clear homes but we do listen and can suggest people that may help. I would suggest you keep a journal to document what is going on if nothing else it may help to rationalise what is happening. If you wish fill out a whitness report there and someone will get back to you.

  • jennyskingsnakes

    Archard is right. My 14yr old was scared at first. But knowing my mother was gifted has helped a great deal. I grew up knowing My mom and I were different from others. I was accepting of it. My mom had a hard time growing up in the bible belt in a time when it was considered “evil” to be a sensitive. By answering her questions to the best of my ability has given her an acceptance of her gift as well.
    Paranormal Puppy is also right in advising you to keep your checkbook closed. Any one who can actually help you knows that charging someone for help is going to taint the whole process. Good Luck and keep believing in her. My daughter’s depression went away once she accepted it as a gift that sometimes will feel like a curse. She has a good support system for the tough times. She also keeps a small fabric bag (under her pillow and on her person at all times) that has a variety of stones in it like rose quartz and such. This helps her sleep through the night. I will find out what the other stones are and what they are for and will let you know. Maybe it will help.

  • LeaLlama9

    Perhaps you could put bowls of salt at each entrance to your house rather than building a moat. Also, running water can help, so a little indoor fountain, perhaps.
    I think that your father is watching over her and helping her. I hope that things get better for all of you.

  • Roseann / NY

    Thanks again for all the advise. I will try the salt at the doors. I do believe my father is watching over her. She says there is also a spirit named Brian who she is not afraid of. I am doing my best to go both routes medically and paranormal but I am starting to lean toward paranormal. She just says things that he she would not normally know. She said my father told her not to go in the shed at m mothers house that there is something dead in there. Well I made my husband go in the shed a few weeks ago after Hurricane Irene to fix the doors and he found a dead racoon in there. She just couldnt possibly know that unless he told her. Anyway I am looking for someone to maybe evaluate her on the paranormal side to see if they believe she is sensitive or more therefore I can disclaim the medical end of it and take her off meds she doesnt need. I do believe once she can except that she has a gift and learns how to channel it, things would be a whole much brighter for her. If anyone knows who I cn take her to, please let me know.

  • As frightening as this all is, I’m still more fearful and concerned for a potentially troubled young person who is obviously in need of some help; be it paranormal or psychiatric.
    I really think you Roseanne should put her paranormal worries on the back-burner for now and focus on getting her child mentally fit first. Continue with the medication, more therapy, and anything else to help her get better and feel normal.
    Once that’s all settled than go ahead and try to solve the ghost mystery.