I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

  • Elaine

    About 80% of my own family member s are highly sensitive to paranormal or psychic. We grew up this way and just accepted it as a matter of course. Anti-depressants will not “cure” the situation but may exacerbate the fear your daughter is feeling. She needs to feel that she is able to come to you (or your husband) and honestly and openly discuss what she is seeing and feeling. Society wants to brand those who are gifted or different as “crazy”, “psychotic” or other unsavory labels, when in actuality, they are simply more open to seeing what so many others have learned to shut out. Entities approach your family because they are able to communicate or reach you in some way. Bear in mind that not all entities are friendly, just as not all people are. Spirits carry on their personalities after death; unhappy or angry entities are still searching for answers or resolutions they were unable to reach in life. Do NOT involve any organized religion for help. I would seek the counsel of a local pagan group, who are in touch with both worlds. Find a local metaphysical shop and ask for recommendations. I doubt this is something that you will be able to stop experiencing, but a wise woman or witch worth her salt will be able to assist you and your daughter come to terms with your daughter’s gift. My family has always given counsel freely. If anyone asks you to pay for the service, they are undoubtedly charlatans. Blessings to you both and never fail to be there for your child.

  • Brad

    Hello All,
    I have to agree with Roseann, If her daughter has become sensitive then taking her off meds is the best thing. She needs to be clear headed in order to process the information coming across. I understand she may not want this ability and finding the proper help will be easier with out medications.
    Having a team come to cleanse the home is a good idea, but I would seek professional help to learn the depths of her sensitivity. The team at Psychic Kids always seem to put the safety of the kids first and I would move in that direction for further help. Best of luck and be blessed

  • Jerimiah Nichols

    I would suggest getting her some help, however, the appropriate kind of help. Find a local medium or clairvoyant who can sort of, whats the word, coach her? Or mentor her? Because this ability will not go away and it would be best if she could learn how to deal with it, what she can do with it to help others, and how to channel it or even fine tune it if possible. She could use it as a tool to help others. I guess you could say it is her calling in life. She also needs to realise that while she would be helping others, she also runs the slight risk of encountering things that could be very scary. Either way you look at it, the ability will not dissipate. Best to try to learn how to use it and to cope with it and try and use it as a tool to help others. Most do.

  • Tom

    I am very sympathetic to Roseann’s situation. Unlike Elaine I would not avoid reaching out to someone in organized religion. I would recommend keeping a balanced mix of medicine and religious assistance, beginning with your current faith community. The Catholic Church takes demonic possession and obsession seriously, and though I am not suggesting that this is necessarily occurring in the case of Roseann’s daughter, it is something that a good priest can help counsel you with. Since this sort of thing can also be something psychologically influenced, a good doctor (preferably one who is sensitive to your religious sentiments) is still highly recommended.

    I myself have had very strange episodes of sleep paralysis. A few years ago, I had about a six to eight month stretch of depression, anxiety, and interior conflict. During this time of my life I had more frequent episodes of sleep paralysis with some very terrifying experiences (covers being pulled off and under the bed, being thrown around the room, feeling of being attacked by a strange electrical force, etc.). I have not made any judgements as to what was happening – whether it was all psychological or something supernatural was happening, or a combination of both. Nothing physical ever seemed to have happened – when I could finally move, the room would be in order, no sign of anything I’d seen/felt would be present.

    I’m happy to say I’ve made changes in my life that were triggering my depression and anxiety. As I healed, the episodes became less frequent. Now they hardly occur, and I feel more “in control” of blocking them … if that makes any sense.

    I’m sure there is hope for Roseann’s daughter. I think the depression is definitely something that needs to be treated. She must feel loved and have faith in a higher power to help her combat the feelings of terror, despair, and evil that plague her. Whatever course Roseann takes, she should use common sense, and take the opinions from a well rounded selection of people she can trust. I would be cautious about consulting parties that deal with the occult for entertainment, monetary gain, curiosity, or what have you …

  • Tom

    Sorry, just as an addendum as to what I’ve found helpful.

    I would recommend using the devotion of holy water, if it is not in conflict with your religious beliefs. It helped me tremendously in trying to cope with the fears of my attacks. There are also some rather amazing stories about holy water in true cases of supernatural phenomena.

    Second, I would recommend devotion to the guardian angels. It is a common Christian belief that every person has been given an angel to stand by and guard them through this life. If strange supernatural or paranormal activity is indeed affecting Roseann’s daughter, there is nothing to lose in invoking one’s angel for protection.

    I don’t recommend that these be your sole methods of coping with Roseann’s situation, but I found them helpful.

  • I would not suggest ‘taking her off her meds’ without seeking medical advice. Certainly, we don’t know what the medication is exactly and there may indeed be a link between the meds and the paranormal experiences, but I for one would caution against this, without medical supervision.



  • Lana

    I live in farmingville and have for 15 years now. I have always been a little pyschic, but in 2005 my family n i experienced some scary shit in our house. My dad died in dec 2005 and right after 2 of my daughters used a ouiga board at a party. They were only 10 n didn’t know better. Soon after that we had a terrible nasty male entity in the house. It was awful it has forever changed this family. The kids were terrified and so was I. My husband and I almost divorced, because he became so grouchy and moody. One night, I was downstairs alone getting things ready for school and i heard a mans voice whisper my name in my ear i screamed n ran upstairs to my husband. When i tried to sleep i saw dark figures flying over my bed. My daughters bed shook one night. My youngest would not sleep in her bed. Its better now but every now n then weird shit happens. I always wondered about native americans being here and if that’s why this happens. We moved into a brand new house so i guess its not the house.. I live high up in the hills where a radio tower is. Like I said, this family has not been the same. My sisters don’t believe me, but i know its real. My dogs have been bothered. I was scratched one night on my leg while on the toilet. Also, my youngest daughter has a different personality than yrs beforehand. We all do. Did you try taking your daughter to a psychic to see what they think. Do you think its Farmingville or is it us, cause we are all sensitive? Im so sorry for you.

  • Chelsea

    Roseanne, please please don’t think that you or your daughter are crazy. Nobody in my family believed (nor have they changed) that I saw things…. yet they have no explanation for the weird things that happen in my mom’s house or my aunt’s. While I do agree with Rosemary (I’m sorry if I posted the wrong name) about not taking her off her meds without consulting the doctor, I also don’t think that it’s causing her to see this stuff, especially if she saw it before the meds were put into play. Some people are extremely sensitive to these things. Do some research into your home, find out if perhaps something happened there, or if the property was maybe a cemetary or area that had some kind upsetting history. It might possibly shed some light on the problems at hand. I’m sorry your husband thinks you all are crazy… Some people aren’t as understanding.

  • Jakenwoofe

    I grew up in
    Farmingville, late 1960s and the 1970s. I used to be able to see the skiers go
    down the hill at Bald Hill from my kitchen window. I always had terrible
    nightmares, feeling someone was on top of me, while I was asleep. Waking up and
    seeing strange shadows, hearing things, very scary for a kid. Family life
    growing up was hell too. Very dysfunctional. Also, my brother and I saw some
    colorful glowing large lights in the sky over the ski bowl one night. They
    seemed to float, stand still, then move and they quickly flew away and
    vanished. Never saw anything like that before and never have since. Anyway,
    life is so much more peaceful now.

  • Jon Mitchell

    I can honestly say from my many years of cleansing lands and homes burning sage isn’t nor ever has been used to rid anything. I am myself of native descent and these practices were used as offerings to appease . the truth is we cannot rid ourselves of anything supernatural. Only God can. But even in scripture it seems they are never permanently resolved ,but rather temporarily revoked. I cannot answer many questions people seek about different levels and sensitive abilities to see or communicate with those who have passed ,because all cases and people are different. But I can speak from my experience and knowledge of scripture and I will say that our loved ones can come to us. But this is rare .it is usually in times of our own passing . ask any hospice nurse and most will have many accounts of this .the cases I often encounter involve desperate people who have brought in investigators ,and frauds looking for money.in some cases I’ve even had to come in after priests were unsuccessful. I only bring my faith . I never accept money or recognition of any kind. The majority of my encounters that involve anyone speaking to or seeing spirits usually isn’t good . it almost always appears to be good . I can’t speak on your case however because I don’t know . I do wish you and your loved ones all the best always . GOD bless 🙂

  • roseann

    Lana..my moms house us by the tower also. I have no answers for the things that went on. But now I live in shirley and it happens heee too. Best of luck

  • Lisa Copeland

    Hey Roseann, your daughter has “abilities.” Call them psychic, or sensitive or whatever you want. Unfortunately she cannot run from them and they will not go away. She can learn to control them. I have lived with these abilities all of my life and was terrorized as a child because my parents were both very religious and did not believe in such nonsense, even though my mother would make off handed comments about the “ghost” when she did not think anyone was listening. I had to deal with this alone and never told anyone about my experiences until I was older. Both of my daughters have the same abilities, but my youngest is a very powerful psychic. She is only seven years old. I validate her experiences so that she does not feel so isolated because that is the way I grew up. There are things in this world that most people just do not understand. If they do not experience them, they do not exist. I like to think that we live in a more enlightened world today. Your house is not haunted. When a child is a sensitive, spirits see her as a light and are drawn to her. There will be good and bad that will gravitate to her. Always rely on your faith and call upon God, or Saint Michael the Arch Angel to protect her. My best advice to you is to find a reputable psychic to meet with her and teach her how to protect herself. She will be fine, but always support her. Never let her think she is crazy. My youngest daughter is half Apache Indian and her lineage boasts and long line of medicine men and women. I like to think that she has many protectors, but in this world, there seems to never be too much protection. Never allow her to be exposed to ghost hunters or ouji boards and any kind of devination. It draws negative energies.

  • Manju

    Hi how is your daughter now…?

    If she is fine happy for her, if you need help contact me [email protected].