I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

OK, this is starting to get too creepy!

As many of you know, both Javier and myself have become fixated on the strange sounds emanating from what seems nowhere and everywhere. It all started last year with this article and has continued for months.

These sounds can be described as something out of a science fiction movie. In fact I can’t name a film that has produced sound tracks more eerie than those heard by people all over the planet the past several months. At times they seem rhythmic and melodic while other instances are deafening and just plain scary.

As I mentioned in a past article, it’s as if the planet is moaning or crying out in pain.

The sounds vary somewhat but are also very similar. They can last for minutes or hours depending on the location. It would seem that Canada is quite a hot spot and that is where our main example comes to us from.

As you can see below, the forest workers in the video are amazed and perplexed as they search the skies looking for the source of the strange and astonishing intonation.

Location: Conklin, Albeta
Date: 01/12/12

Watch this next one as the camera person pans around trying to locate the source. Strangely enough, this occurs on the same day as the previous example. Are the two connected in some way?

Location: Czech Republic
Date: 01/12/12

Again, same day but from Chile. Are we detecting a pattern here?

Location: Chile
Date: 01/12/12

While Costa Rica got most of the attention it seems this latest series of incidents was happening all over the world within a two day period on the 11th and 12th of January. Think in terms of time zones and it’s likely one episode witnessed in many locations.

In other words people, this was not an isolated occurrence, which makes it even more creepy. It’s easy to rationalize something that happens in one locale, but not so much when it’s worldwide.

While I was able to find several examples from various countries, the only one I saw of US origin was from Alaska. That’s not to say it wasn’t heard here in America and we may still have an upload from the homeland in the days ahead.

The big issue is that these sounds are still unidentified. Some say it’s the beginning of the coming apocalypse, while others are sure it’s HAARP and still others are less impressed claiming it’s just normal sounds being misidentified. Then there are those who are in complete denial and crying hoax. Could this have something to do with solar flares? It’s a stumper, that’s for sure.

Whatever is happening, it seems to be happening more frequently. Time will tell just how this progresses.

One thing is for certain; people are becoming more and more spooked by this anomaly.

Javier and I will continue to keep you informed as this roller coaster mystery of sound continues.

  • Found this interesting little blog:


    Not sure how much of the above is true,but seems to sum up what I think is really going on….

  • Paula

    Watch this: “Strange Sounds 2012 debunked into oblivion” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDFNM86I2-U

    Most of these videos are so fake. You can hear the same bird sound from the Kiev video.

  • iggy

    I live next to Montreal, Canada. I’ve heard these noises with my wife several times. I first thought these were some sounds coming from some weird works they were doing in the neighbourhood. But recently a friend shared some videos of the same sound happening around the world. Now we know it’s not global, our theory of local weird works does fit anymore. But then what is it ?
    All we know is that it’s no hoax. We’ve heard it several times, we haven’t recorded it because we didn’t know it was a global phenomena.
    Next time, if we hear it, we’ll record it.

  • Wednesday, February 8th, 2,012.

    Edited version. PLEASE read again!(I have removed frivolous stuff.)(And added some items.)(I would address the INTELLIGENT and KNOWLEDGEABLE ones, who are many among you. Little hope of getting to and through those in denial.)(It SHOULD be palpably OBVIOUS that SOMETHING IMMENSE is just BEGINNING to HAPPEN!! Not JUST on account of the strange noises, but on the gradual and soon to ACCELERATE disasters that are happening. This PECULIAR SOUND heard by so many world wide is, I opine, related to the increasing disasters.)(It is not unreasonable to think that what is happening is the dreadful event prophecied for 2,000 years! JESUS mentioned it. Naturally the negatives will try to distort it,to get fools to reject it, but like it or not I THINK it is THE CHOP!! There are The Believers, there are The Deniers. I believe about 60% of people are honest. About 40% phonies and hoaxers. It is palpably too overwhelming for it to (in GENERAL) false. Jokers exist of course, but I do not believe that they are about 100% of the population or of the unlimited means needed to produce SO overwhelming a phenomenon as meets our eyes!!

    I am an amateur scientist. I think I know what is causing these strange sounds. What I have to say is MOST GRAVELY serious and so VERY important! So eyes down – LOOKING!!

    The noise is The First(or one of the first) Trump(ets).(But let us look at things analytically – and not back thousands of years through the prism of old scriptures!)(First or last trump, what does it matter. Look not at DOOM, but at ASCENSION! Via the raising of YOUR vibrations! Spiritual vibrations. Utilizing the excitement of DOOM!! Take your minds off death, and on to SPIRITUAL or SOUL LIFE!!(YOURS!!) Look NOT at what is SUPPOSED to be happening(perhaps through religious,etc.prophecies),but scientifically UNEMOTIONALLY at what is HAPPENING!! Start from a CLEAN sheet!!

    It is(I am pretty sure)caused by The Earth’s WOBBLE – which peaks every 6,500 years. On Dec.21st/22nd; 2,012.(Within a year.) Producing Centrifugal Force. Which is HEAVING the entire Earth’s interior UPWARDS. Causing the surface to extend. And also causing earthquakes,volcanic eruptions, Extreme heat, and cold, sink-holes,cracks in the ground – and now these weird noises. Around The Ring of Fire, or near to it. Centred opposite The Hawaian Islands.(Sprayed out in a circle.)(I have plotted the positions on Mercador map – straight band around centre of world. AND on a globe of The Earth. Time line seems to be SEQUENTIAL, moving clockwise around The Rim of Fire.

    The sound we hear, world wide,is REAL. It is caused by the Earth’s crust STRETCHING. Making all the rocks STRETCH. Producing a dreadful cacophany of sound WORLD WIDE.(Some will be copied, some hoaxed maybe. But on whole, genuine. Those who cannot bear what is happening will naturally deny it.

    It is(I think.) the heralding noise of The Apocalypse. Peaking within a year or two. But let us view coldly and scientifically and not emotionally via religious,etc.prophecies!!

    EXPECT UP TO nine tenths of ALL life and structures upon The Earth to be DESTROYED, terribly and horrifically.

    Poseidon,in Atlantic Ocean, wrongly called Atlantis(Antarctica was Atlantis!), was the last time that The Wobble peaked. It is THE END OF THIS AGE.(Not of The World.)

    Expect noise to get worse and distasters increase exponentially, producing a polar shift. Followed by a PHYSICAL Earth Inversion!!

    FOUR cataclysms will occur(Because all cycles are climaxing on December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. 1. First caused by Earth’s Wobble peaking.(6,500 year cycles.) 2. Second CATACLYSM caused by NIBIRU(Planet X) – now approaching us FAST.(3,600 year cycles.)

    3. Third cataclysm could be caused by The Galactic Alignment.(Every 26,000,000 years.)

    4. And the fourth “cataclysm” – by the RE-ACTION by humans and animals to the higher vibrations of The Age of Aquarius.(Every 26,000 years.)

    ALL four cataclysms centred on December 22nd, 2,012. First cataclysm to start some time this(2,012.A.D.) year. And proceed for some years.

    Followed by Ice Era.

    Then comes ICE AGE. Lasting about a THOUSAND years. Back to The Stone Age,etc!!


    Get GOOD portable giant PRIMUS stoves!! ETC.

    Escape down North Geographical Pole!(The Earth is hollow. Big entrance at or near The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole.)(Get down there PRONTO! With best specimens! Take arms. The Authorities know that something big and bad coming. May not know that Earth(and all the heavenly bodies and fields) is hollow – and with a gigantic long tubular entrance at each pole. I expect it to be a waste of time trying to get The Authorities to organize an escape down below. SO I SUGGEST those I am informing join with me in organizing the escape of as many(best possible) people. By air or sea. Cruise ships ideal. Preceded by ICE BREAKERS. Future of ALL life on this planet IS at stake. Join me then, if you will! We shall need LOTS of money. Preferably gold and silver!(As fiat bank note paper money will be worthless when world collapses!) Down below we shall have 800 mile plus CRUST of The Earth over our heads. SAFER down there. Or risk not being selected by aliens!

    We shall be entering the TAIL of Planet X, Nibiru. Which is FULL of debris and dust,etc. A lot of red. So there will be a HAIL of boulders,etc. crashing down all over. For a long time. Red dust(iron oxides) getting in to water – will send it BITTER. Making water look like blood.

    December 22nd; 2,012 is the key date. But these cataclysms could start at any time from NOW ON!!

    The sun will go black.(Blotted out by dust?) And the moon red.(Reflecting red light.) And the sun not rise for 2 or 3 days. Because Earth will stop rotating, and then spin in the opposite direction. So sun will then rise in the west!(And set in the east.) It WILL be HELL on Earth.

    Or take your chances with mass landing of aliens soon(to evacuate best half)!!


  • Adrian

    The sound is almost metallic, like huge machines grinding and groaning.

  • KEVINMC360

      I was looking at a world wide map of strange sounds. One of my observations is the sounds are primarily located in the areas that are integrated by the west. Three of the important locations for the sound to be of natural origin would be the Giza pyramid complex, The Yucatán Peninsula in mexico and the four corners in USA. I did some acoustic analysis of sounds from different locations. The sounds resonate at “C” with harmonics at F#, G, and A… I suspect they are man made, maybe an artifact of HAARP. Only my guess. If they were natural I would expect F# in line with the Giza pyramid design and more reports from Africa. I am in Sicily and have not herd anything like the video’s on youtube. 
       I understand we can only guess. However if you have the accurate time of day when a video was taken one may be able to align the time with the HAARP induction magnetometer graph. see link ;The beginning of the yellow spikes marks when in time UTC (Greenwich Mean Time) that the HAARP transmitter was turned on. I believe or guess you have a good chance of correlating the HAARP switch on times with at least some of the videos.cheers KevinMc360

  • yayscience

    We’re in the middle of a massive solar storm that started last year. People are getting weird interference on their phones (type in ‘scary sounds on phone’ on you tube) because of this as well. The solar energy hit the upper atmosphere and creates sound, the more powerful the solar energy the more powerful the sound. Certain landscapes and groups of structures can act as an antenna and the area will act like a speaker, explaining why the sounds might be heard in one neighborhood and not another. I would assume the sounds can be heard in new places as the earths position changes over time. I have to admit, it is a creepy sound (like a mix between jumping time in LOST and government experiments in Yellowbrickroad). But it’s just the sun’s energy playing the earth’s atmosphere like a giant tuning fork: 

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