The Beat Goes On: Strange Sounds Worldwide-Same Day

OK, this is starting to get too creepy!

As many of you know, both Javier and myself have become fixated on the strange sounds emanating from what seems nowhere and everywhere. It all started last year with this article and has continued for months.

These sounds can be described as something out of a science fiction movie. In fact I can’t name a film that has produced sound tracks more eerie than those heard by people all over the planet the past several months. At times they seem rhythmic and melodic while other instances are deafening and just plain scary.

As I mentioned in a past article, it’s as if the planet is moaning or crying out in pain.

The sounds vary somewhat but are also very similar. They can last for minutes or hours depending on the location. It would seem that Canada is quite a hot spot and that is where our main example comes to us from.

As you can see below, the forest workers in the video are amazed and perplexed as they search the skies looking for the source of the strange and astonishing intonation.

Location: Conklin, Albeta
Date: 01/12/12

Watch this next one as the camera person pans around trying to locate the source. Strangely enough, this occurs on the same day as the previous example. Are the two connected in some way?

Location: Czech Republic
Date: 01/12/12

Again, same day but from Chile. Are we detecting a pattern here?

Location: Chile
Date: 01/12/12

While Costa Rica got most of the attention it seems this latest series of incidents was happening all over the world within a two day period on the 11th and 12th of January. Think in terms of time zones and it’s likely one episode witnessed in many locations.

In other words people, this was not an isolated occurrence, which makes it even more creepy. It’s easy to rationalize something that happens in one locale, but not so much when it’s worldwide.

While I was able to find several examples from various countries, the only one I saw of US origin was from Alaska. That’s not to say it wasn’t heard here in America and we may still have an upload from the homeland in the days ahead.

The big issue is that these sounds are still unidentified. Some say it’s the beginning of the coming apocalypse, while others are sure it’s HAARP and still others are less impressed claiming it’s just normal sounds being misidentified. Then there are those who are in complete denial and crying hoax. Could this have something to do with solar flares? It’s a stumper, that’s for sure.

Whatever is happening, it seems to be happening more frequently. Time will tell just how this progresses.

One thing is for certain; people are becoming more and more spooked by this anomaly.

Javier and I will continue to keep you informed as this roller coaster mystery of sound continues.