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I was poking around a little bit this morning while waiting for the websites in the UK to come back online here in the US and happened across the story of “Jay Man”

It seems that this guy known only by that moniker registered the domain, “strangesoundsinthesky.com”. Not impressed? Well, lets take it a step further: He registered this particular domain on September 4, 2010.

This date is interesting because at the time of registration, there were only a couple of “strange sound” videos out there.

There have been a myriad of claims regarding the phenomena, from HAARP to the Trumpets of the Apocalypse. There are also a number of people who don’t believe a word of it.

Here’s some observations from Learn How To Be Prepared:

Strange sounds around the world , most logical explanation

As you may your may not have heard, there has been a recent influx of “Strange sounds around the world”, “Earth groaning”, and other phrases describing basically similar events which “witnesses” video tape and share. All are comprised of loud machine-ish, or even trumpet-like, sounds that seem to permeate an area from above and / or from underground. An example, and pretty complete list of the more popular videos sprouting up, is found here (and also one of my “suspected” actual viral marketing sties” –

http://strangesoundsinthesky.com/ – the domain of which was registered (privately, I might add) 10/4/11, about the same time as this “phenomenon” started spreading.

The more I watched, the more similar I noticed the sounds seemed. Some where varried, but had the same base machine/trumpeting hollow-earthy reverberating sound. Which, was very suspect after about a day of “finding” the different videos. But, if they were blatantly faked…the first question that came to mind was…why? Then…who?

After milling it over, my neural-synapses made a quantum leap and, just like a particular smell reminds you of an exact feeling, one thing popped into mind – the Cloverfield movie heavy viral marketing strategy that preceded the movie itself. So, putting the two together in a nifty Google search, I found that at least one individual who performed a little CSI on the videos vs. sound contained in them, and came up with an interesting fact: all were faked, most very badly. Many more individuals have put together the “strange sound” phenomenon and J.J. Abrams’s love of viral marketing, and right now, that appears to coalesce into the reigning theory – Most, if not all, of these videos are probably viral marketing for the yet-unnamed Cloverfield sequel. In any event, the most popular videos have been proven to contain fake audio overlays…many are just natural sounds (animals, even a cymbal) slowed down with delay or reverberation effects added.

It should also be noted, and highly suspect, that there have been no actual reports to local, state, or federal authorities, nor any direct reports or coverage of these supposedly very public and should-be-heard-by-everyone events. The only witnesses, it appears, is the videographer(s), and, contrary to what may be stated in some of the videos, no one else has reported, or even seems to react, to the sounds in these videos.

Contrast this to the Phoenix Lights event that happened on one day, March 13, 1997, and by comparison on scale alone, has been documented several ways, appearing on countless TV shows and specials. (A show recently debunked the lights as military flares dropped behind, and disappearing behind, the mountain in the background). Yet, with all these “sound events” happening over widespread, very populated areas, and world-wide, I might add, there exists absolutely no additional coverage at all by anyone other than one videographer in each region. With all the instant recording devices and how they have changed the reporting landscape, it’s very improbable there are not copious, multiple views of the same event being shared all over the net. Remember the Reno air show tragedy? An accident that happened in a split second, and there were no less then 7 different angles I’ve seen, and who knows how many just didn’t make the airwaves.

Here’s what one of their posters from reddit did:

Analysis by Moving-Target of Reddit

Now, here’s Jay Man’s site in all it’s glory, creating panic and quite a viral happening.

Further, here is the domain info on the website Strange Sounds In The Sky:

Domains By Proxy, LLC

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Registered through: Automattic
Created on: 04-Oct-11
Expires on: 04-Oct-12
Last Updated on: 04-Oct-11

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration [email protected]
Domains By Proxy, LLC
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax — (480) 624-2598

Technical Contact:
Private, Registration [email protected]
Domains By Proxy, LLC
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax — (480) 624-2598

Domain servers in listed order:

Registry Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Registry Status: clientRenewProhibited
Registry Status: clientTransferProhibited

Thanks to the following websites:

Secure Pay
Strange Sounds In The Sky
Learn How To Be Prepared
Jay Man on Reverbnation

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I’d also like to give an extra shout out to all the readers who’ve found this info and directed us to it.

Finally, here’s some cool beats from the original musician going by the same name (Jay Man):


  • The only problem I have with the Jay Man theory is that we just had the story out of Canada where nearly the entire town reported hearing the sounds including elected officials. I did the Whois on his site late Tuesday night and found the same info. I suppose the sounds could be a combination of naturally occurring and hoax. If it is did he get lucky by buying that domain or what?

  • Hey Chuck,

    I was holding back on the whole Jay Man thing, trying to get more info but only got so far.

    Yea, there are people who claim they’ve heard the sounds but are they legitimate? Also, I’m sure there are people out there who are easily swayed and misidentify sounds.

    A whole town is hard to deny, of course I don’t know anyone from there so…..

    We’ll keep putting up the theories and we definitely do appreciate you guys digging stuff up too.

  • thatguyfromsyracuse

    I saw the Cloverfield sequel promotion somewhere else, but they don’t really have any plans for a sequel at the moment. It can’t be that. Some other movie maybe.

  • Actually, that excerpt is not from “Learn how to be prepared”…
    I wrote it, posted originally on my site, TexasGhosts.org.
    Original article the came from –


    You can see a bit more evolution on how the whole post played out. We’ve found most of the “sounds” are samples directly from “War of the Worlds” (a la Tom Cruise), and “Red State”….ironically released right about the time all this junk started.

    Take Care,

  • Peter

    I tend to go with the viral marketing theory, why aren’t mainstream media reporting these sounds? People are suckers for these kinds of things.

    “Trumpets of the Apocalypse”

    I wish I played an instrument so I could start a band and name it that.

  • That’s some good investigative work Sir. It is interesting that the domain was registered long before the mass hysteria. Something is certainly afoot with these sounds. A lot of the videos circling the net seem to be hoaxes, if not, then the sounds are exactly the same as one another, so there could be a network of people blasting these out over loudspeakers. If there is a town situated at the foot of a mountain, or large hill, then that land mass would be a great vantage point to pump out the pre-recorded noise. One would expect the sound to travel further at night, yet most witness claims state that it occurs during the day.

    I feel we will find out sooner or later that it is a viral stunt. It could ofcourse be the trumpets of the apocalypse, in which case, we are all doomed 😉

  • Peter, “Trumpets of the Apocalypse” would be an awesome band name. Instead of ‘new age,’ it would be a new genre: ‘end of ages.’ I’d totally listen to that to unwind after a long day.

  • Kent, thanks for the correction!

    Interestingly enough, when our first article went up about this in early August of last year, I posted the following comment along with an example from youtube:

    I did a quick jaunt over to youtube and listened to some audio from “War of the Worlds” and frankly both the Russian and Canadian sounds are almost a dead on match. The only difference is that the sounds seem looped above with the Canadian one adding dialog over the top.

    However, I can truthfully say, I later began to get caught up in the whole thing as is proven by the several articles I’ve posted on GT.

    As I said before, we’ve had witnesses comment saying that they were at a location and heard the sound in person. Now, they may be BSing or mistaken about a sound they heard.

    One thing I can tell you and I’ve said it before, The sounds from WOW are perfect for making you feel hopeless and feeling as if the end is near. They certainly got it right with not only the sound track but the depressing and dismal cinematography.

    Thanks again for your input and thank you Adam, for your kind words!

  • You posted the “scariest sound ever” back then? I remember that, distinctly, when I ran across it. Small ‘net. 🙂

    Yep, I agree…I’m getting the same feeback from my posts…many are *claiming* to have heard this sound, and from all around the world..even going as far as pointing out the exact sound from one of the proven fakes, and saying they heard this “in person”…which is a very suspicious claim in itself.

    My canned response is pretty much “well, then you need to start recording, and report to the local authorities”. I normally never hear anything in rebuttal afterwards. If I do, it’s then brought up that “no one will pay attention”. I just bring up “The Hum”, AKA “Taos Hum”, and that it’s made countless shows, even Unsolved Mysteries…and it’s not as much heard as felt, just a few people claim to be sensitive to it in extremely limited locations. Very far from a booming trumpet filing a metropolitan area. Yet, the only real news coverage I’ve seen was on a channel showing the known 100% hoaxed videos. Talk about eatin’ crow…

    No wonder media won’t touch it. I think it’s too corny for them to believe. 🙂