Strange Sounds From The Sky & 2012

Strange Sounds From The Sky & 2012

You know, usually my mind wanders off far too many times than what I’d like to admit. Usually these thoughts consist of things like: what tasks I need to complete  at work, or what’s going on here on GhostTheory. Sometimes I think about fun articles to write, other times I obsess over the technical skills that every writer should know. In that hectic, nebulous realm, there rarely exists time for me to think about the more infinite things in life. Cosmic theories, you know?

When I do think about the universe and the life on this rock, I will admit; I do feel like I’m a latecomer. Like the last person to get a joke at a party. There are things that are starting to make more sense to me as I mature. Things that many people have known all along. But before I get too spiritual here, I’m about to derail this babble and talk about what I have began obsessing about. It’s nothing frightening, well depending how you look at it, it’s this obsession with the 2012 galactic alignment and the strange apocalyptic sounds heard across the Earth.


If you mention the date 12/21/12 to someone, chances are that they will relate it to some Mayan apocalyptic prophecy. Rightfully so, since the Mayans believed that on that date, we will enter into a new universal cycle. A cosmic shift that would bring about a different fortune to us. The Mayas had an advanced understanding of astronomy, which consequently led them to discover that on the winter solstice of 2012, our sun would align with the core of the Milky Way, an alignment that was last seen 226,000 years ago. This alignment is what will bring major changes to our planet. You see, when the sun aligns with the Milky Way, it will block our direct path to the Milky Way; and this is what scares most believers of the looming apocalypse. Once the Milky Way is blocked, we will stop receiving whatever energy that is projected onto the Earth. When this occurs, some people believe that we will begin seeing drastic changes in our planet. For example, we’d see drastic and dangerous changes on tides, the Earth’s protective magnetic shields would reverse polarity and make us susceptible to high levels of cosmic radiation. Not to mention satellites not working and disrupting out means of communications and possibly transportation. A real bad situation!


Now if this theory is true, then we would start seeing these pre-apocaliptic symptoms as we near December 2012, correct?

These changes would have to be massive in scale. Like earthquakes, tsunamis and even aerial anomalies. What do I mean by aerial anomalies? I mean things like earthquake lights, borealis lights and yes, even those strange sounds that have been reported. Not to freak you guys out, but there are a few scientists that do believe we are heading for a new era of stronger and more frequent earthquakes.

So as this “cosmic alignment” begins, we start to see our planet react. More earthquakes produce more tectonic friction, which produces weird electromagnetic disruptions. Disruptions to our atmosphere which some have attributed to being the cause of these strange sounds from the skies.

We’ve been posting some of the most convincing recording of these ominous sounds that seem to be heard in many different parts of the world. These few latest video recordings should help bring a bit of paranoia to you.

January 22, 2012

January 12th – Canada

January 2012 – Costa Rica

Listen, I’m not saying that the world is going to end on December 21st, but as we creep closer to that date, more strange phenomena is happening around the world. Are these sounds product of the great cosmic alignment? or are these nothing more than hoaxes?

Time will tell, I guess. The only problem is that time is running out. December is only a few months away and these sounds are being reported more and more. Time to start gearing up!