Sounds From The Sky Could Be Natural Phenomena

Sounds From The Sky Could Be Natural Phenomena


Jean-Pierre St.-Maurice professor in Physics at the University of Saskatchewan is almost certain that the strange apocalyptic noises heard throughout the world are products of an environmental antennae. To clear it up a bit, professor St-Maurice says that these are not sound noises, but electromagnetic noise. Well actually, electromagnetic waves.

You see, there are several dozen fake “noise from the sky” videos circulating the web. Skeptics, who figured out the fakes, are quick to dismiss all claims from around the world of either more elaborate hoaxes or mass hysteria. What most skeptics don’t realize is that this strange noise has been going on for years in certain parts of the world. In Canada it was known as “the hum”. This low-frequency hum, at times accompanied with intense earth vibrations,  has been reported and studied by the government and scientists for a few years now.

Ever since last year, more and more reports of the strange humming has been heard all across the globe. Unlike the Canadian hum, these reports do not include earth vibrations. Just the loud and ominous sounds that seem to come from the sky.

Professor St-Maurice thinks this is due to the Earth’s radiation belts or possibly the Aurora Borealis lights. To me, it sounds like he might be onto something.

You tell me if I’m crazy:

I posted an article titled: Strange sounds from the sky & 2012

In this article, I talk about the great Mayan prediction of the universal alignment that is said to take place late this year. Many scientists agree. If an alignment did take place, once of the things that would be instantly affected would be the radiation belts and/or electromagnetic force fields the earth has. Could these strange sounds be caused by the Earth falling into a great celestial alignment? Good or bad, it’s happening!