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You may remember an article I did a few weeks back on Matteo Ianneo’s Mars photos. Well, it seems he’s still at it, trying to further his research into the red planet.

Not only does Matteo have new photos for us, but he’s also decided to give us a taste of his theories and ideas where it regards Mars and the possibilities therein.

Matteo was nice enough to do a summary of his forthcoming book for us and while we may not agree with what he presents, we have to admit, the man is dedicated to his passion for Mars.

We’ll take look at his latest photos momentarily, but first lets look in on the summary mentioned above and the dreams of Italian Matteo Ianneo:

I think my studies have carefully examined some particular elements of Mars. I realized that many things analyzed represent an ancient history of
this planet. You cannot ignore many details so evident, which are reputed by
the great scholars of the subject, as a natural effect or pareidolia.

I believe Mars was populated by diverse civilization. I tell you this with ease, conviction and certainty. There are those who call me wrong and I believe they just want to hide the truth.

I am convinced that on Mars there is vegetation, trees, forest, life, and plenty of water in the subsurface. I do not exclude that there may be still living animal. And do not rule out that the man has come already there for some time.

The technology of mainstream science is only a small part of the advanced technology already being practiced. I believe that we have been able to travel via space/time technology for many years.

If my findings are only fictional, then it is right that institutions should send space probes to understand and study the red planet, but … if they think my findings are true then I wonder why they send robots to explore? Maybe to prove my theories for themselves. Many things are hidden from us because of fear and the possibility of history being changed. We are used to certain patterns in life. It would be very difficult to adapt to such overwhelming change in such a short time.

During my extensive studies of Mars, I also found expanses of trees, and vegetation. I do not think the atmosphere is unbreathable, although oxygen may not be at levels that we are used to.

I think this planet can be livable and someone from our planet may already be working on bringing it back to that state of being, this for a possible escape from some natural disaster that could strike Earth.

I am convinced that the gods of the past, as recounted legends in our
books were in fact visitors from space who came to Earth and brought various breeds rescued from dying planets. I am convinced that people from other worlds have come on our land and walked among us, perhaps in disguise and have been around for a long time.

In my book that will come out soon there will be disclosure of other elements which support the life on this Mars. We are accustomed to think of everything that reflects our life, but there are vast, unexplainable things in the universe that we are just not aware of.

My first discovery in 2009 called the face of Gandhi which everyone is talking about actually contains a city and is not associated with pareidolia. I believe pareidolia is used far too often to explain anomalies away. Large elements on Mars are instead representations of monuments shaped by alien technology. They wanted to show their power and possibly leave their mark on the planet via some of the descriptive shapes.

There is so much more to this universe that we could spend unlimited time discussing it. For example, I believe there are parallel worlds we are not aware of, they are close but not see them. One day we could establish ourselves in the unseen realm that for the moment is invisible. For all we know, an ET race may be in control of our planet right now.

In conclusion … my work is constant and intense. I scrutinize every little detail to further advance my theories. I was told by some experts that my research is just a stupid waste of time. I appreciate any constructive criticism, however, I will continue with this passion, always with my head up, always looking ahead.

Matteo does have several theories that most of us would look at and wonder. What I respect about him is his matter of fact attitude. Either he’s right or he’s wrong, he accepts both sides of the coin with little argument. Matteo states his case and then dares you to call BS. I believe he realizes just how far out some of his ideas seem to average person and lets us know that he understands our apprehension.

Now, moving on, lets take a look at Matteo’s newest photos along with a bit of commentary from him:

Hello Scott I send you my new discovery, the case of the geometric structure found on Mars. I do not think the case of satellite failure, partly because it is very obvious. If you look on the structures there is the reflection of sunlight.

If you look at the geometric structure is banned at one point as if to be hidden, concealed. Coordinates on Google Earth are as follows. Thanks spread the news around the world then you’ll send the previous ones.


84°54’58.75″N 137°25’4.64″E

The structure does look very artificial in nature. I am however, not bold enough to call it intelligent design. It’s amazing what the human mind can do to make things seem familiar and yet, it’s still very questionable as to the origin of such anomalies.

This next photo has really got me scratching my head. Take a look, along with some others Matteo was nice enough to send me:

Obviously we can call pareidolia in some cases, but you have to admit, others are more difficult to merely explain away with the standard spiel.

I have to give props to Matteo for his willingness to put his reputation on the line for what he believes. Faced with ridicule and non-belief, he stands tall in the saddle and hopes one day to prove that it was all worth it.

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  • ” And do not rule out that the man has come already there for some time.” He got a book deal with writing like this? Dang, I should write a book.

  • willy jay

    i want to believe that we could find structures and proof of life, even if the distant past on some other planet, buuuut – some of the evidence i’ve seen just looks like these people are grasping for anything.. still some pretty neat pictures though.

  • Matteo Ianneo

    there is one and only probes on Mars but also inhabitants.

  • Matteo Ianneo
  • The Oshmar
  • IThinkso

    …forthcoming blockbuster.