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Bigfoot “researcher” Tim Fasano has posted the following video on YouTube:

Published on Dec 28, 2012

My contacts from Central Command headquarters, including a retired lieutenant General, inform me Daisy has been released and all records destroyed. Considerations of Geneva Convention

All records destroyed? Geneva Convention? UFOs and fake moon landings? What the fuck is going on with the Bigfoot community?

According to Tim Fasano, Daisy the Bigfoot has been released with all evidence and reports destroyed. That’s right. He just got word from “Central Command headquarters” that they had to release the supposed Bigfoot they had captured because of the Geneva Convention laws against prisoners.

So how does one become a so-called “Bigfoot Researcher”? Is there some sort of pot you piss in to see who can fill it up the most? Or maybe a giant rock you have to hurl…

It’s amazing how quickly things build up and fizzle out in the Bigfoot community. it’s no wonder why it’s such a joke. All these amateurs running their mouths, trying to make a dollar out of a dime. Let’s see what happens next…

  • This is not even a hoax, it is the ramblings of a schizophrenic.

  • Roy

    It’s called being bat poop crazy! I swear the whole world of bigfoot researchers have all gone nutters!

  • I wish I could argue with you.

  • Since when does Fasano take over courier duties for high ranking military officials. They have military personnel do that. Dont believe his BS he has nothing to do with this he just “wants in”.

  • fasano is full of crap and wants his 15 seconds in the spotlight as well.

  • Yes I agree and I am in the middle of it lol

  • IThinkso

    but, at least bat p*** is useful….

  • Rmon

    Haha.. That phone call in the beginning is so fake.
    Lol, not gonna waste words on this s**t..

  • lol

  • IThinkso

    In other words, permanently possessed.

  • Henry Penta

    Ranae spoiles the whole show by her always making a joke out of the people that say they saw a Bigfoot. No class at all.