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So who is the Quantra Group? We know that a few days after the new year a leaked email message was sent to an ex-member of the Bigfoot hunting group, Ed Smith. From what we know, this was an accidental leak. The message contained the phrase “Daisy is in the box”. Which according to Smith is code for a live capture of Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot Report has the latest:

So according to this, a three hour documentary is in production for the capturing of “Daisy”. Haven’t we heard this before? Do you think that the Quantra Group actually captured what’s said to be a mythical creature? Do you think that they have Bigfoot in a box?

If the Quantra Group did manage to going beyond the impossible and prove the existence of Bigfoot, then the only thing we can do is wait for the press conference. If they are lying about this, their reputation as a research organization will forever be tarnished. Either way, I’m tuning in to watch the train wreck unfold.

  • I’m Expecting ” we caught one, but the evil government took it and all our proof”

  • andy.voyer

    A documentry? Heck a live 3 hour feed of the live animal would garner huge numbers.

  • I don’t know what anyone else may have found but I find no information of a group called Quantra anywhere but references to this story; major red flag. Also there is not a three hour documentary being put together by a bunch of guys with cell phones and pocket cameras. An undertaking of that size would require some professional involvement. That no film or editing companies are named is another serious red flag.
    Even the story claiming Rick Dyer shot one names a film company.

    They have not returned my email request for info, but they are named and there is such a company.

  • lungfish

    aint’ that the truth? Just set up a streaming vid and refer CISCOP to it… lol… would be great but I think this is a load of bs…..

  • IThinkso

    Genetically, men have beard, women don’t. The headline photo op is technically misleading.

  • There’s been surprisingly little media coverage of this story.