How Biscardi once again fooled the world

Well, it’s over….for now.
How did two regular Joes from Georgia manage to fool the world with claims that they found Bigfoot? With Tom Biscardi’s help of course.
After weeks of following the “Georgia Bigfoot” case, it all ended with a much anticipated let-down. Mr. Biscardi went on live television, along with Matthew Whitton and Rick Dye (the two gentlemen that found the body) and with great assertion proclaimed that he has a “body of a bipedal creature that is not man or ape”. Did you catch that?
Tom Biscardi made his claim on live television that he has a body that is not man or ape. He did not specifically state that he has the body of a Bigfoot. why? Why would he not directly admit to what he has in his possession? Referring to it as just “a body” alleviates him from the compromising himself, by never saying that he has a Bigfoot body, he can claim in the future that he never really said what kind of body he had. Notice how Matthew Whitton and Rick Dye with nothing to lose were the ones that kept saying that it was, in fact, the body of a Bigfoot.

Watching the live coverage was a bit humorous. Mr. Biscardi was on a defensive mode from the get-go. Giving short and rude answers to some reporters when they asked about why he has not given the body to credited universities or about his sketchy past. A reporter brought up the question about how in 2005, Mr. Biscardi made the same claim to the world that he had proof of Bigfoot. The whole situation ended up by Biscardi being lied to by a woman about having two creatures in captivity. Biscardi had jumped the gun and started promoting this, charging people for exclusive access to information on these creatures. Mr. Biscardi’s response to the reporter was that he was duped, and that all the money was refunded to those who had paid.

Biscardi’s only photographic evidence to the world. Blobsquatch

Rick Dye and Matthew Whitton offered no reassurance to us. They took the stage in a very well rehearsed mode and took on the reporters questions. Like Bill Clinton’s nervously and slick responses after the Lewinski case, these two guys manage to dodge questions about their own shady past. Reporters were quick to ask about the youtube videos they had posted pre-Biscardi involvement in this case. Videos that showed them with a “Scientist” that examined the body in question. It turned out that the “Scientist” was one the men’s brother. They claimed that it was just a joke that was posted on youtube in order to get all the “psychos” off their back.
I remember reading a few weeks ago about these two men that had shot a Bigfoot. Their website, made the claim that they had in fact, shot a Bigfoot. They went as far as posting their own interviews and gave stats on the kind of caliber gun used. After the two invited Biscardi in on the case, this quickly changed to them “finding” a dead Bigfoot. Why?

Biscardi’s announcement of the DNA results was the worst disappointment in the history of Cryptozoology. The results that were read on live tv stated that there were three DNA tests done. One of them came back inconclusive. The second came back as human DNA and the third as DNA from a Possum. This was expected. Loren Coleman said that the DNA results were either gonna be inconclusive or that of a known animal.

In a very unprofessional manner, Biscardi said, when asked about Jeff Meldrum and why he was not one to examine the body, said that (and I quote): “…Jeff Meldrum is not a man that can do what we need done..”
What do you need done Tom? someone to help dispel rumors of a hoax? (in case you don’t know who Meldrum is, he is considered one of the top Bigfoot researchers out there).

I believe that the most disappointing and selfish act that was done was the announcement of Biscardi in regards to the actual body and autopsy. When asked, he said that he had a team of Russian Scientists that are working on it. He gave out the names Igor and Dimitri. (could he have not been so clich√© on the names?) He said that they would examine and perform an autopsy in a private place. Which would be filmed in it’s entirely. Of course everyone involved behind the scenes in this are said to be private investors. Pumping millions of dollars in the whole autopsy scheme. Sound familiar? maybe this might help:

FOX’s 1995 Alien Autopsy (hoax)

So the only way for us to see the body will be by a personal invite from Biscardi or by purchasing the Autopsy tape. Is it unethical? no. Is it immoral? not really. Then what should we think?
Well for one, they did one hell of a job with PR on this thing. They got CNN to stream this live and it made headlines around the globe. I think it’s fair to assume that this was a very well put together hoax. We should give credit where credit is due.
Biscardi once again proves that he has what it takes to put on a good show.
Biscardi once again manages to elude some responsibility of a hoax by cleverly answering questions.
Biscardi once again tarnishes the Crypto/paranormal world
Biscardi once again, fools the world.