Strange UFO Train Over Arizona

Posted by Scott McMan | February 1, 2013 17

As many of you know, I regularly check the MUFON reports for something out of the ordinary, yet logical enough to warrant investigation.

Today I got lucky and found a report that fits the above description. There are definitely aspects of this case that stand out from all the dot or light in sky scenarios we tend to see all too often.

This one comes to us from Phoenix, AZ., which has been a hotbed of UFO activity since the 1997 ‘Phoenix Lights Incident’. The MUFON description is as follows:

Case Number: 45503
Date Submitted: 01/31/13
Date of Event: 01/21/13
Short Description: Stationary elongated craft at normal white orb type altitude

According to the above short description, the witness concludes that it is one elongated craft. Take a look at the original photo to see if you agree.


Here’s the witness testimony which seems somewhat nonsensical to me:

long description

Have mentioned in a previous report how Ive been seeing white orb UFOs in this area for about two years at least. Ive seen white orbs at lower altitudes on a couple of occasions. In one case it was like looking at the ball from the top of a large flagpole, sitting stationary above me.

Most often I would see these things parked in the sky at a very high altitude, where they would resemble Venus in the morning or early evening sky, yet I was seeing them at midday or during the afternoon. Well I have now seen something new at the same sort of high altitude as the white orbs, on two occasions. The first was sometime during the holiday stretch, after Christmas or New Years, don’t remember when exactly. It was a day when we had lacy or gauzy like cloud cover, and I noticed what looked like a stubby grain of rice among the clouds. After it initially caught my attention, I allowed that it might just be a cloud fragment, so I waited to see if it would dissipate or merge with the surrounding cloud cover. That didn’t happen. This grain of rice looking thing maintained its unique shape apart and distinctive from the rest of the clouds drifting by an morphing around it. This thing was solid.

My second sighting of this category happened on Jan 21st, MLK day 2013. There was no cloud cover at all on this day. The sky was clear blue, and sitting there parked in the sky was another stubby little grain of rice once again. I spotted it during the last few minutes of my lunch break, around 12:30 to 12:40PM, while outside having a smoke. Imagine having a single grain of rice in your open palm, and giving it an underhand toss onto the asphalt parking lot about 5 to 6 feet ahead of you. Now imagine trying to zero in on the rice grain and getting a visual lock on it. Thats what finding this thing in the sky was like, both with locating it and with monitoring its position.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that doesn’t look like an “elongated craft”. In fact, other than the “orb” references, the witness’ “long description” doesn’t seem to compliment the photo at all.

Call me crazy, but what I see is a string of multiple objects/”orbs” that appear in a zig-zag formation. In fact, I did a little editing to see just how symmetrical the pattern was and to my surprise, the “orbs” are approximately the same distance from each other, both vertically and horizontally.

See my results in photo below:


Here you can see where I zero in on two of the “orbs” at the end of the ‘train’. Notice, there is no visible connection between them.


While tethering is a possibility, it’s not apparent to the naked eye.

In my final photo edit, I blew up “orb” #3 in the ‘train’ and noticed a somewhat metallic gold appearance (color not as prominent outside the editing program). This coloration first got my attention in both orb #3 and #6 while manipulating the original photo. Of course there could be any number of reasons for the described appearance, but it is slightly more detailed than the round white blob I expected.


My first guess with most of these “orb” UFO photos is almost consistently balloons. As you can see by the content provided, such an assumption isn’t a leading option in this case. There are several questions regarding the witness photograph and that’s what separates it from the average chaff we tend to see on a daily basis.

Finally, I happen to read the description for case number 45507 and thought it matched up better with the subject photo. Is it possible the picture somehow got attached to the wrong case? We may never know, but it’s best to go with what originally posted at MUFON and hope for the best.

It’s not often that I am enchanted by a UFO photo. Case #45503 is an exception and I hope the readers are interested as well.

Thanks to the MUFON Case Management System for content provided.

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I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

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  • The little orb phenomenon does sort of support my postulation that extra terrestrials could very likely employ nano-technology to explore distant planets as a low cost, low impact means of exploration that does not sacrifice potential for thorough investigation. But I am not so bold as to say that is what is happening.
    The fact that there would seem to be hot spots  of no special interest I am aware of, while other areas that should seem to be of particular interest go un-investigated (to our noted witnessing) lends a certain haphazard feeling to investigation which seems unlikely from an intelligence capable of interstellar travel.

  • More than likely, it’s some sort of university funded surveillance device for early forest fire detection. 

  • I kind of doubt they are forest fire surveillance,  mainly because I am not seeing a whole lot of trees, but also because a single human in a Fire Watch tower could do the job that these spheres could be doing.

  • Well, if it’s an automated system, then a way to test it would be to start a fire.  Wouldn’t make sense to risk that in a forest.

  • Valkyrie13

     Do you know if real estate developers use some sort of orbs for mapping out land?  That’s my best guess.

  • Most of the ones I know, and I know a few, use Google Earth. Many counties have platt maps available online also, and all properties are surveyed and on record somewhere so there would be no real reason. If you are subdividing you still need a “boots on the ground” surveyor.

  • Valkyrie13

     Hmmm.  Interesting.  Well I really have no idea what I saw then. 

  • Valkyrie13

    So what are these orb things?  I saw a couple maybe a year and a half ago, and while I assume it was some human group doing some sort of surveillance, I really have no idea.

  • There is a rational explanation:  They are hollow balls of plastic (or other lightweight material) on telephone or electrical wires; their purpose is to alert helicopter (or low-flying airplane) pilots of the wires’ presence.  They are common out here in AZ.

  • Valkyrie13

    That might be true in some cases, but what I saw was moving, they weren’t tethered to a wire, and it was behind my house so I knew the landscape. 

  • Scott_McMan

     Thanks BW.

    Seems there were some similar techniques used there. I also utilized a grid to measure distance and positioning. I also did some enhancement testing with contrast, gamma, etc…although none of those appear in my article.

    I  go thru at least 20 UFO reports every day and rarely see anything worth writing about.

  • There is a rational explanation:  They are hollow balls of plastic (or other lightweight material) on telephone or electrical wires; their purpose is to alert helicopter (or low-flying airplane) pilots of the wires’ presence.  They are common out here in AZ.

  • That is an excellent observation. 

  • Scott_McMan

     I think you hit it!

    If I have time I’ll do an update. I really think you’re right about this. Glad you chimed in.

  • twas brillig

    The witness testimony made perfect sense to me, for I’ve seen them myself enough times to know they are not balls of plastic on electrical wires or balloons.  They are often at very high altitude and will often remain stationary but then move away slowly either horizontally and or vertically and sometimes even change color and size.  They will wait for you to blink and when you do they are gone.

  • Valkyrie13

    The ones I saw were not very high, at least they were below a wisp of a cloud. And I sat and watched them for maybe 15 minutes.  It actually got kind of boring cuz they weren’t doing much but moving slowly around.  WHAT ARE THEY??!! 

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