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Queensway Village Bakery in London is said to be haunted. Trays have been seen flying off their racks, strange foot prints have been found in the snow around the shop, and there’s also the strange writing that was found

Trays scattered on the bakery floor. Foot prints in the snow. Messages through powdered sugar…..sounds like someone is playing a prank on the shop employees!

Of course these stories are a dime a dozen and I’m sure local business benefit from the extra foot-traffic from curious individuals. In reality most of these stories are debunked as some form of hoax or practical joke being played on the gullible and willing.

However, there is also the strange and often overlooked phenomena called RSPK, or Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis. Remember the Rosenheim Poltergeist case?
It would be interesting if someone decided to investigate this case by interviewing the employees and getting a psychoanalytical profile for each of them.  Some people (usually young females) are said to harbor deep emotional stress that can trigger psychokinetic responses. Or as some people like to call it: Mind over Matter.

This is Local London: A YOUNG girl has returned from the grave to haunt a bakery in Petts Wood, according to the people who work there.

The self-raising spectre has caused all sorts of havoc – throwing trays and bread around, switching lights on, and spelling the first few letters of her name in caster sugar.

This paranormal snactivity has led employees to conclude the Plaxtol Village Bakery in Queensway, soon to be renamed the Queensway Village Bakery, is haunted.

Since no young girls have lived in the premises for many years they believe the flantom menace may have been killed when a V2 rocket hit Petts Wood during the Second World War.

And her penchant for mischief has left manager Louise Martin dumbfounded.

The 38-year-old said: “The first time one of us encountered the ghost was in the summer.

“I came into the shop and there were trays all over the floor.

“I went into the back and colleague of mine was there.

“He was crouched on the ground shaking so I asked him what was wrong.

“He said the trays had been thrown off their racks – all on their own.

petts2“I couldn’t believe it – but it has happened again three or four times since then and I have seen it.”

Despite being a nuisance Ms Martin insists the toastie ghostie is harmless.

She said: “She is friendly, she doesn’t mean any harm.

“She is quite mischievous, quite naughty, but really we think she just wants to make her presence known – maybe she is trying to send us a message.”

The name of the spirit is believed to be Charlotte, after the letters C, H and A were found eerily spelled out in caster sugar one day when nobody had been around.

The bakery’s new owner, Remzi Mustafa, 36, may have taken on more than he bargained for.

He told News Shopper: “Just the other day, after the recent snow, I came in early in the morning, around 6.30am.

“As I approached the back door I noticed there were small footprints in the snow.”

“The footprints led up to the back door, and then they disappeared – there were no foot prints going off in another direction.

“The door was locked so I couldn’t understand what had happened.

“We figured because of the size of the footprints she must be a little girl.”


  • IThinkso

    “Little Girl Ghost”, ” A YOUNG girl has returned from the grave”, “the flantom menace”, “her”, “toastie ghostie”, “She”, “the spirit”, and even “RSPK” – unfounded interpretations of the events, if indeed they are true. “An Entity” can we just leave it to,….. just that please, for the time being.

    More enlightenment at

  • ghosttheory

    but how else would the owner bring in new customers?

  • IThinkso

    Of course, if the ‘buns & butter’ worth the money spent.