Sirius UFO Documentary: Sirius-ly Bad

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Sirius Project: The Atacama Humanoid

Sirius Project: The Atacama Humanoid

The reviews are in and all I can say is that I saw this coming a mile away.

We’ve been talking about the Sirius documentary for awhile now, and if you’re the rational type, you’ve agreed with us so far as to say that Dr. Steven Greer and his team of research definitely spent more time on filming and generating a buzz than actual scientific research.

Well it comes as no surprise that most of the reviews that I read online about Sirius have been negative. In fact, check out’s article about Dr. Greer’s film and its shortcomings:

The primary force behind “Sirius” is Steven Greer, a former emergency room doctor who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project.

One odd thing about the Ata controversy is how it came to the recent attention of the American public.

Early in the documentary, Greer refers to Ata as an extraterrestrial being, explaining how it was found in the Atacama Desert and “we don’t know how it came about.” That seems strange because HuffPost recently reported on the well known history of little Ata since its discovery 10 years ago and subsequent moving from hand to hand, ending up in Spain.

Early PR for “Sirius” referred to the “paradigm shifting physical evidence of a medically and scientifically analyzed DNA sequenced humanoid creature of unknown classification.” This fueled rumors, speculation and more than likely, the hope many people had that, finally, a real alien creature had been discovered and proven to have non-human DNA.

But now that the film is available to everybody, and DNA analysis shows that Ata was human, was that early PR hype about the humanoid a bit premature? –source: HuffingtonPost

A bit premature? That seems to always be the case when it comes down to evidence. Remember the ‘Bigfoot in a Freezer’ incident?

DNA has been recovered from Ata, the so-called Chilean alien baby, and guess what? It’s human!

The following is a quote from Garry Nolan, director of stem cell biology at Stanford University (From

“I can say with absolute certainty that it is not a monkey. It is human — closer to human than chimpanzees. It lived to the age of six to eight. Obviously, it was breathing, it was eating, it was metabolizing. It calls into question how big the thing might have been when it was born,”said Garry Nolan, director of stem cell biology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine in California. The DNA tells the story and we have the computational techniques that allows us to determine, in very short order, whether, in fact, this is human,” Nolan, who performed the DNA tests, explains in the film.

A six to eight year old human at such size?

Dr. Greer could have made a much more respectable and intelligent documentary had he approached the Atacama mystery from an angle that questions the short and tragic life of Ata. Instead, we have this hyped presentation of ancient aliens and human and extraterrestrials cross-breeding. Go Hollywood!


If you’re looking for a more detailed review, check out user iObeyTheHivemind: Warning: Long, but well written review follows


Watching now. Only three minutes in so far and what I have gathered is Greer thinks he is REALLY REALLY bad ass. I let you know more here in a bit.

Edit 1: Ten minutes and so far just rehashed Zeigeist corrupt government stuff and now starting to touch on ancient alien theory. More updates to follow. Looks like I’m in for a long night.

Edit 2: Twenty minutes in, showed a handful of videos that most have been 100% debunked and is now in the desert with some hippies talking about his “CE-5” encounters which involves summoning aliens through meditation and remote viewing.

Edit 3: Thirty minutes in and we spend a little more time with the hippies in the desert, he begins to talk about the EBE (the tiny “alien” that has caused all the hype) which is pretty much the Stanford expert claiming that they will solve the question once and for all, then they abruptly change the subject to space travel and energy sources.

As a side note, I am well aware I am coming across very skeptical, however I believe it is healthy skepticism and I have yet to see anything that has convinced me of anything even remotely. However, just full disclosure here, I do believe life outside the earth exists, but I do require proof before I am will to say that I know it for a fact.

Edit 4: Fourty minutes in still talking about unconventional energy sources. They met with “Morningstar Applied Physics” who claim to have a machine which can create a “magnetic vortex”. Their experiment failed for their cameras every time. After which they have talked about a few other scientists who allegedly created different means of producing energy that either had their experiments sabotaged by the government, or were killed off.

Edit 5: Fifty minutes in, interview with “Officer X” who’s face is blurred, and claims government coverup of the technology at the highest levels of government. Edgar Mitchell claims this is true. Greer states that he met with a CIA director who told him he is not in the know about any disclosure, suggesting there is others higher up who we do not know about. Now we talk about the Phoenix Lights.

They are back on the EBE now. The first conclusion so far is that the EBE was something that was definitely alive at one time. I will tentatively agree with that at this point. The CT scans are pretty convincing. However, the handling of the specimen is atrocious. The owner of the EBE touches it with bare hands, and during the CT it was surrounded by about 5 different people with no masks at all. Personally, that rules out definitive testing IMHO, however we will see what they say.

Edit 6: 60 minutes in and a little bit of personal stuff about his wife passing from cancer, then a researcher talking about test subjects being able to influence random number generators with their mind. A little more about Zeitgeist stuff and a claim (which I find very interesting) about the department of energy sequestering over 5000 patents that deal with alternative energy. Sorry for the lackluster edit here, but not a lot to report on. They are REALLY dragging out the EBE results, which I figured would happen.

Edit 7: 70 minutes in and a touch more about suppression of technology. Then a very interesting story about rockets being shot down by UFOs. They are using John Callahan and Prof. Robert Jacobs as sources for this event. There is supposedly 30mins of radar data on the event, however we do not get to see that. Callahan states (and briefly shows what are supposed to be) reports and radar print outs backing the event up. There is a bit about the disclosure project Greer did a while back in Washington.

Edit 8: 80 minutes in and now they are talking about 9/11 and false flag operations which sets the tone for Carol Rosin, the founder of the Institute of Security Cooperation of Outer Space, who claims in the 70’s she was at a meeting at Fairchild Industries were they were conspiring to use terrorism to grow the military industrial complex. She claims they said the next enemy would be asteroids and aliens.

I will now be stopping the updates and ask you to purchase the movie to find out more about the EBE…. lol just kidding. They are bringing it back now. They are bringing up the elongated skull and odd eye sockets, claiming it is not congruent with any known birth defects or anomalies. They claim due to the bone density, they estimate the age of the “EBE” as 6-8 years old. Greer is now claiming a media coverup about the “EBE”.

Edit 9: 90 minutes in and they have once again quit talking about the “EBE” and are talking again about mass media coverup in general. Ok now back to the EBE and have removed some tissue. They used 3 different facilities to test the DNA. They claim they did get a good sample of DNA. Now Michio Kaku video talking about civilization types. A little more about how great Greer is. Now it looks like they are going to bring in some more people claiming “CE-5”. That is encountering aliens through telepathy and meditation and remote viewing.

Edit 10: 100 minutes in and we are back on free energy. The showed a little montage displaying, frankly, high school level experiments. Back over to the guys at Morningstar who show their experiment again and claim their object, whilst spinning, lost 7% of its mass. I personally don’t really understand the experiment but it is potentially interesting, but if someone would like to give me some feedback on that I would love it. I think the idea is that by spinning this magnetic device, it should (i assume in the future?) could loose all of its mass and be used as a new way of travel. Jan Harzan, the director of MUFON, claims that Ben Rich, the former director of Skunkworks, made a claim that “We now have the technology to take ET home”. He says that Ben told him that they already have solved interstellar travel, that air is part of the equation (he thinks he was referring to “Maxwells Equations”), and then asked him “How does ESP work”. Jan’s response was that all points in space and time are connected, and Ben responded “That’s how it works”. Now a guy playing with a Jedi toy that came out a while back that lets you move a ball with bio feedback… aaaaand they are back to the EBE DNA analysis. He says they know for a fact the the mother was a human. He says the EBE is definitely male, and is closer to human than chimps, so it is certainly not a non-human primate…

Edit 11: 110 minutes in so far the claim is that the amount of mutations in the “EBE” is more than what would be expected from normal mutations. He claims no evidence of Progeria. There are ten ribs instead of twelve but the other bones are “normal”. His conclusion is that he doesn’t know and that the question is still unanswered. Sorry guys. He then suggests crowd sourcing the information down the road. The narrator then finishes that segment with a series of general questions saying “could it be a missing link, a diseased human, or maybe an alien?” Naturally, I’m a little pissed. Now they are just rolling a little recap of the whole movie. I’m going to add a tldr at the top of the first comment. Cheers everyone.
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  • dee

    I totally agree with Wesley. Either you are a paid disinformationist… or you’re a complete idiot. Given the lack of a cogent agrument or valid points within your “review”, probably the later.

  • ghosttheory

    Let’s get one thing clear here:

    This is not a review!

    This is an article that talks about how bad the reviews are for the Sirius UFO documentary.

  • Christopher Michael Vargo

    like everyone has said ….your an idiot. so looks like your and idiot….do a little research before you flippin abuse the poor people who are telling you the truth. I can only hope you see something unsual as well, it would serve you right.

    well till then…you are some smart and hot sht.

  • The Oshmar

    Man, you got a lot of bark, also if you are just going around calling other people idiots you might want to type properly.

    Is there anyone else who imagines this guy typing these comments really fast while frothing at the mouth?

    This isn’t the place for derogatory name calling, that’s more of a youtube thing, if you have additional evidence then by all means let us in on it but if you don’t then don’t just start spouting insults thinking it makes your argument better, if anything it seems to be making people think less of what you are actually saying.

  • Christopher Michael Vargo

    shut up. and pay attention …yeah I don’t agive no f about spelling. I’ve lost all patients with dolts. and I like a good outburst now and again. nothing like calling and idiot and idiot…perhaps I’m venting from other matters. but none the less…there are idiots out there right? I just call em like I see em. so whatever, like I care about you stupid article anywaay…don’t choke. peace
    ever try to reason with a vegetable. After your 200th try perhaps you lose all perspective on the situation. well very funny article, be proud

  • The Oshmar

    I am paying attention, the detailed review above was written by “ user iObeyTheHivemind” while the other quoted material came from the huffingtonpost, not by anyone on this website.

    The article on this site was simply a look at how the reviews from other sources are taking the documentary, if you are looking to attack someone you might want to try and find the people who are doing the actual reviews. Perhaps you could even write a review and supply it to the mods of this site and they could take a look at it for you and get your interpretation of the documentary.

    Thank you for the concern about my airways.

  • Scott_McMan

    All very constructive suggestions O. We are always open to reader submitted material.

    Just submit to any one of us

  • Scott_McMan


    You have ever right to disagree with anyone here and there’s no problem with ranting. However, personal insults against other posters is not something we do here. We allow comments to push the limit, but at some point we have to put a stop to habitually negative conduct.

    This is not personal, nor am I asking you to leave. Fight for what you believe all you want, just do it without the name calling.

  • Christopher Michael Vargo

    all good here…my apologies to you sensitive folk.

  • IThinkso

    That’s the sign of a strong man.

  • Keith

    I called it greer is a scam artist and for twenty years has made huge claims while showing jack shit for proof. I knew this movie would prove absolutely nothing and I actually was hoping I would be wrong. Nope. No proof just more tall tales.

  • Valkyrie13

    So I saw the video (but did not pay that ridiculous price to see it), and a few things: 1) Someone was poisoned at the Cracker Barrel, that has to be a very sad way to die. 2) I can’t imagine what it would be like to be pregnant with and then give birth to that thing/person. 3) Did I hear right that they said it died in the last century? So someone has to still be around who knows about it in its home village, why can’t someone go and ask around. And 4) How did that guy in Spain get the thing/human from Chile to Spain, did he have to declare it when going through customs? I would’ve loved to have been a customs official in that scenario.

  • ghosttheory

    LOL. Cracker Barrel? Now I gotta see this….

  • This article has attracted a lot of new readers — several of whom seem to have rabies.

  • vondutch

    wel this blog is negative too,u excatly doing what the gouverments doing.makin fun of it ,i mean hippies? it looks like ignorance took over again fuck that and fuck your blog gouvermentboy

  • ghosttheory


  • ghosttheory'sdirtydildo

    I think Reddit’s review is totally biased and seems to be written by an apparent non believer. One thing that grates on me most is the ‘shows us some video’s that have already been 100% debunked….’. Er – sorrry? Which video’s are these? All of the footage which was shown in the documentary (which was concise and a fairly good collection of all the genuine footage that is out there on the internet). This wishy washy quip from the author with no evidence to back it up is proof that you are dealing with an author who is trying to convince himself this is all fake. Not only that, he/she is also a woeful writer in general.

  • ghosttheory'sdildo

    regardless of his sidenote*

  • ghosttheory

    Did you even watch the documentary? You didn’t see their horrible UFO evidence montage?

    That was one of the so-called evidence they used. The 1958 Brazil UFO hoax.

    There were others but I don’t recall at the moment.

    Just google some reviews for Sirius and you’ll see.

    But then again, judging by your username, I don’t think critical thinking is your forte.

  • notthatrusko

    I am a harsh cynic too, for the record. It seems that not only can’t you write, but you also can’t take any criticism whatsoever. This may explain why nobody knows your work in any serious way and you are confined to writing on relatively unknown conspiracy websites. Interesting place to end up if you don’t even believe in it all! Start listening and you might get somewhere.

  • TravisR

    Well, everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions. My opinion is that I enjoyed the movie, and even though Dr.Greer may be a little over the top at times, I think that his intentions are genuine. I don’t think he does what he does ONLY for money. I understand that I’m in the minority on that line of thinking, but I agree with him that we need to force the truth. The government is supposedly keeping society “safe” by not divulging certain information, but it’s only hurting us as a society. Bring out the truth. There is other life than humans in this universe, and humans have made contact with them, let’s move on from this.

  • Adam

    Poor review. I suggest you try reading things. Might help you.

  • iStory

    Shameful article. Naive. In time I hope you learn objectivity, and observe the injustice of spreading such gross irresponsibility.” 100% debunked,” says it all. 100% is a strong claim.

  • Dex Luther

    Name one thing the article got wrong.

  • notthatrusko

    Whoever wrote this comes off as arrogant, conceited and bizarrely closed-minded for a writer for such a site. Also very poorly written and even the spelling is atrocious. Seriously poor – especially when you’re slating someone else’s work so viciously. Lazy, arrogant and generally just irritating.

  • General Ringo

    Most of the people calling non-believers sheep are sheep themselves and refuse to believe it because they can’t think beyond what someone who offers an alternative tells them.
    You can scream all you want that aliens are real; someone else will scream even louder than you’re being deceived by the devil and offer even better “proof.”
    I for one believe in the Simulation Hypothesis and that you waste your time calling each other sheep, fucking million year underdeveloped monkey

  • Killer Calamity

    Yeah the writer seems to have something against greer. AND, he is also twisting the dna sequencing results. Sorry writer, but you did write it. Maybe next time try to not be so biased. Or if you do, hide it better. Hell, Im a fuckin moron and i could see you twisted some things to “make us see it your way”. I have not made my mind up about greer or aliens so dont you DARE call me sheep. Im cattle… Hey writer, one question… Are you a republican?.. Because then this would make total sense..

  • “Yeah the writer seems to have something against greer. AND, he is also twisting the dna sequencing results.”

    Actually the person who performed the sequencing has publicly stated that Greer misrepresented the results for his own agenda.

  • Killer Calamity

    I havent seen the film yet. But i have done some digging and have learned more about this “CE-5″ crap,, Sorry greer, you just lost ALL CREDIBILITY.. This is where i get off,,stop the bus please.. I was willing to believe the military people’s testimony’s but astro projection and remote viewing.. Greer is either a lunatic or he is lying to us… I formally retract my previous post and admit i was wrong about him… Forgive me guys. I only had watched the testimonies from the disclosure files.. I was unaware of the madness he has been talking about as of late….I was wrong,, greer is cashing in of of this crap

  • There might be many people who will not agree on those things that they have discovered because this might just be a myth or just a story that was being made. Still, it’s a good thing that you have shared this kind of information for someone to read on.

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