Are These The Tracks Of A Crypto Creature?

Are These The Tracks Of A Crypto Creature?

Well, it’s been a busy year for giant hairy cryptids. From Sasquatch Ontario to the recent Blue Ridge Bigfoot pursuit.

With all this apparent cryptid news flooding the interwebs, you may wonder why these stories have been conspicuously absent from GT’s pages? The plain truth is, we don’t believe them. In fact, we have been so disillusioned with all the fakes and hoaxing, that we’ve been bypassing these tall tales altogether.

Of course, once in a while you have to break down and give out some rope. That’s not to say in any way that we believe it to be authentic, it’s more a matter of providing a sampling of content that’s been otherwise missing.

Today we have the story of Josh and his girlfriend. Two young people, who while out for a day of four wheeling and swimming in Concord, NH, happened upon some tracks in the mud. However, these were not your run-o-the-mill animal tracks; no, these were something entirely different. Seems Josh was so impressed that he made not one, not two, but three separate videos of said tracks.

Since his videos are very short, I’m going to include them all:

Quote Josh:

guys this is not faked or anything we were four Wheeling to the quarry ( were me and gf swim) and we stumbled across these foot prints are these a possible monster ? Comment what you think.

Josh chimes in on the second video:

Now if u look at the size of my gfs foot and the monsters foot print there huge

And finally we round out the trifecta with Josh essentially repeating his words from video #1:

I was four Wheeling. To a place with gf and while we were on the trail we came across these foot prints there huge!

So many questions running through my mind. Maybe Josh is just too young to realize the gravity of what he’s seeing? Could this explain why he didn’t go home and get his father, a tape measure or some plaster? Another issue I see is all the silence. No, OMG! No, Wows! Nothing! Maybe Josh is smarter than we think? If you want to perpetuate a hoax, talking too much sometimes gets you in more trouble.

Of course, I’m not calling Josh a liar, but if he is pulling a fast one, he’s doing a fair job of it. The tracks actually look believable. The shape is fairly clear, but not defined enough to make it look like they used some sort of apparatus and the depth gives the impression of heavy weight.

Of course, Josh may just happen to have a pair of plastic novelty dinosaur feet. While I was able to find several examples of slippers, I was unable to come up with anything substantial in the three or four toed configuration. However, I did come across the example below and with more available time, chances are, a reasonable match could be found.


Now, I have to be honest here and come clean with what I’m thinking. Either Josh is pulling a fast one or someone else planted those prints in hopes that someone would come along and do what Josh did. Lets be realistic, if these are in fact authentic tracks, then something is roaming New Hamshire that, lets be honest, is likely of a nature that none of us want any part of.

Is some sort of Dino-raptor stalking the woods outside of Concord? Or, is it an escaped Emu mentioned by reader Erika? If this is the case, then Josh would be in the clear! I have to admit, the photo below certainly looks like a match to Josh’s prints:


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