Bigfoot Eye Photos Deconstructed – Expert Weighs In

Bigfoot Eye Photos Deconstructed – Expert Weighs In

Recently a video came out from Sasquatch Ontario. In this video we are shown several photos of eyes that are being pushed as that of Bigfoot.

While I’m always open to the possibilities of Sasquatch, I have a problem with these pictures and in the vein of of whatever vein I’m thinking, I felt it was time for a good ol’ deconstruction.

First, lets take a look at the video in question:

According to the video:

On three separate occasions during two visits the owner left his camera on a rock in the forest on his property. All three incidents produced some interesting results.

When I set up the tent, the owner is almost always with me taking photos of the surrounding area. They watch and learn.

These photos are the result of leaving the camera behind for only a short time. We retrieve the camera an hour or so later.

We’ve realized that once they try something once, they build on it. We hope this is the start of many more photos to come.

Instead of trying to deceive them for a photo, we leave it for them to decide. Trust is the key.

These are all close up eye photos. We also have a photo of an ear that won’t be released at this time.

While they don’t come right out and say they are talking about Bigfoot, what else could they be talking about? It’s inferred not only in the video, but all the data I’ve gathered has made it pretty clear to me, they are indeed saying what I think they’re saying. If you still don’t get it, maybe the “Bigfoot Vocals” presented at the end might make it all click in your mind.

Hmm, OK! So we are being told that a camera was left in the forest for Bigfoot to take candid shots of…their own eyes? And not just eye shots, but very close eye shots, you know, the type that gives you only part of the story, just enough to allow for outrageous claims?

Before we get into the photo analysis, I want to make clear that producing pictures that exactly match those in the video, is all but impossible. Logic would indicate the several factors involved in taking such photos, factors that would have to be duplicated. While I can’t promise photos to match, I will “deconstruct” this enough to put doubt in the mind of even a hardened believer.

Sasquatch Ontario attempts to address that issue in a comment posted to Youtube:

some have said they’re fish or owl eyes but I’ve seen no match yet.

Moving on to the analysis, the image below shows photo #1, lets take a look:


After studying this photo, the conclusion that I would be hard pressed to match it was obvious. Notwithstanding, I began searching anyway. First owls of all types and then, quite inadvertently, a picture popped up that I hadn’t considered. Below we can see similarity in the “spot” on an “Owl Eye Butterfly” wing. Could it be?


After going through several Butterfly images, I noticed that almost every one had pronounced veins running through the “spot”. While not as striking as other images, their presence is still very evident on the above photo. The point is, I wanted to match the video examples as closely as I could.

Although it’s a possibility, I had to rule the “Owl Eye Butterfly” out.

Here’s where the direction of this particular article changes. After admitting my mistake over a previous deconstruction (see “associated content”), I was determined to get this right. With that mindset pushing me forward, I decided to bring in an wildlife expert, and not just any wildlife expert, but one that has been observing wildlife in natural habitat for most of his adult life.

Author Floyd Scholz is a master carver and woodsman who has spent his life scouring the forest of not only his adopted state of Vermont, but locales that range up into the wilds of the Canada.

Quote Floyd (in his email to me):

Have spent thousands of hours in Northern Ontario in and around the Algonquin Park area hiking and camping

I couldn’t do Floyd’s biography justice here, so I strongly suggest you visit his site and after reading his bio, by all means explore his amazing carving talent.

Floyd was extremely helpful and not only identified most of the photos, but left no question that he knew what he was talking about. So, with that said, lets get back to business.

According to Floyd:

Regarding the eyes as they appear… the first one or two are fish eyes… almost definitely from a Yellow Perch due to the color and “pear” shape of the pupil.

Above, I stated that I’d be hard pressed to match the first image. However, after speaking to Floyd, it became a much easier task. In fact, I even surprised myself. Below, on the left, we see the image from photo #1 on the video. On the right, is my match, which is incidentally a Yellow Perch. Now, I will admit that I had to electronically blur my image as it would seem Sasquatch Ontario’s photos tend to be less than stellar in the way of clarity. Of course I could question that, but as we know, in this digital high definition age, cryptid images only come in out of focus examples. This is very important for pin point identifications….*cough*….


I looked at several hundred images of ground dwelling animals, birds and fish. The eye that came closest by a wide margin was the Yellow Perch eye. The shape of the pupil is very distinctive and almost every perch eye I viewed was sized and shaped similarly. As Floyd said, photo #2 on the video is also likely that of a Yellow Perch, although it is a much different angle. It is not definitive enough to give a solid answer.

Moving to the last two photos, with several possible avenues at hand, the video evidence kept directing me back to owls. However, I didn’t just focus on owls alone. I started searching for all types of birds with yellow or orange iris coloration. I not only saw many birds, but I also learned a great deal about they eyes of birds. In the end, I deferred to Floyd and as you can see, he confirmed my hunch.

Floyd’s assertion regarding photo #3 is as follows:

That looks like the eye of either a Great Grey Owl or a Northern Hawk Owl…
Greyish feathering and evidence of eye rings say Owl to me…

Below we see a comparison between photo #3 and my mock up. I chose the Northern Hawk Owl since that was the only eye shot I could find that was within reason. Their shot is obviously done at night or in some other darkened situation. As you can see, even in my photo, by pulling in and cropping, it could be misidentified.


And Finally in photo #4, we can see feathers and the orange coloration in the eye. We can also see something very telling there on the left. Hmmm, I wonder what that could be. It seems Sasquatch Ontario has cropped the image for some strange reason.

Says Floyd:

the last one is an extreme close-ups of a Saw-Whet Owl due to the coloration, pupil shape and surrounding feathering.


Could it be that the image was cropped because it showed too much “beak”. Let’s take a closer look.


Of course, I’m no bird expert, but I think I know a beak when I see one. Am, I right? What do you think? Oh yea, I also have a bird expert confirming my many suspicions.

Below we can see a couple of images of Saw Whet Owls. Even if it isn’t a Saw Whet, I’d bet my lunch money that it’s some species of owl. The images in the video are again, done in a manner consistent with hiding something. Subjects are extremely close, slightly out of focus, and/or cropped. Just to let you know, the photos below are strangely, crystal clear.


So, we come to the close of this deconstruction and what a ride it was. At the end of the day, I think Sasquatch Ontario has some splainin to do. With the help of Floyd, I think we’ve come as close as anyone can to solving this mystery. Oh and Floyd did comment on the “Bigfoot vocals”, but I opted to omit them as I didn’t want to completely humiliate our video hosts.

Note: Outside of the video and some comments on Youtube, I’ve purposely avoided any other information on this incident, as I wanted this to be a fresh perspective.

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Sasquatch Ontario

And a big thanks goes out to Floyd Scholz for his amazing help! Please head over to Vermont Raptor Academy and while your there you can purchase one of Floyd’s wonderful books or anything else that catches your eye.

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