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indiana-dogman has an interview with an eyewitness who claims to have spotted a tall, dog-like creature walking across his home in rural Indiana. Dave is interviewed at length and discusses the high strangeness he observed one sunny morning.

A registered nurse for seven year and a chiropractor for twenty three, Dave was able to give a detailed and concise account of the strange six foot plus beast that he observed cutting into a corn field. Its gait was massive, just like its snout and ears according to Dave. The creature’s face resembled that of a dog rather than a human or ape and it’s pointy ears and “bent legs” describe a canine creature rather than a hominid.

Stories of werewolf-like creatures roaming about the United States date back to the fist native people of the land. Whether its a werewolf or bigfoot, something is out there and it’s scaring ordinary folks across small towns.

  • Arclight

    Getting information from the guy is like pulling teeth. The interrogator is also leading the witness by providing details with his line of questioning. Interviewed by an amateur or by someone with zero formal training…makes you wonder…

  • Bigfoot Gifts & Toys

    I think this is not true. So far no sufficient evidence on the Bigfoot.

  • Necromig


  • betty

    dogman sighting I believe this to be not a dogman but a type of monkey that can walk up right and on all fours. the type of monkey does have a snout and does have redish brown and white and black fur, they have canine teeth I believe a visit to a local zoo may help in identiflying .