Dogman Or Bigfoot Encounter In Indiana

Dogman Or Bigfoot Encounter In Indiana


indiana-dogman has an interview with an eyewitness who claims to have spotted a tall, dog-like creature walking across his home in rural Indiana. Dave is interviewed at length and discusses the high strangeness he observed one sunny morning.

A registered nurse for seven year and a chiropractor for twenty three, Dave was able to give a detailed and concise account of the strange six foot plus beast that he observed cutting into a corn field. Its gait was massive, just like its snout and ears according to Dave. The creature’s face resembled that of a dog rather than a human or ape and it’s pointy ears and “bent legs” describe a canine creature rather than a hominid.

Stories of werewolf-like creatures roaming about the United States date back to the fist native people of the land. Whether its a werewolf or bigfoot, something is out there and it’s scaring ordinary folks across small towns.