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If you happen to live in or near Auburn California, or are going to be in the area, or are willing to travel for this, check out the Premier of the new documentary about Justin Smeja and the “Sierra Kills” supposed bigfoot shooting.

Tickets are available at Dead Bigfoot Ticketleap

DEAD BIGFOOT: A True Story – NorCal PremiereScreening
Sunday, November 24, 2013, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
The Ridge Golf Club, 2020 Golf Course Rd., Auburn, CA 95602

Join the cast of ‘DEAD BIGFOOT: A True Story’ at the official Northern California premiere screening. The screening will be held at The Ridge Golf Club on November 24th.

There will be food and drinks, as well as a post Q&A event for the cast. Tickets will also be available at the door. Currently, the door price is undetermined, but expected to be approximately $15-18.

Check out the preview

For those who don’t already know. Justin Smeja was out hunting bear with a friend when they supposedly encountered a female bigfoot with young. Ignoring the protests of his partnerJustin shot and injured the adult. The adult fled and when they went to search for the body found only the young, which, again ignoring the protests of his partner Smeja then also shot. The pair fled the scene of the shootings, taking no evidence. Smeja returned weeks later trying to find some proof of his story.

For more on the story the Film has its own FaceBook page

Or you can read Scott’s GT coverage:
Sierra (Bigfoot) Kills: Justin Smeja and “The Driver” Speak Out

Unfortunately the video interview of Smeja has been made private in anticipation of the movie release

But Smeja has also submitted to a polygraph and you can read about the results.

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  • Dioji Woolf

    The DNA samples he submitted to Bryan Sykes ended up being nothing but a bear and they found zero evidence of blood on his boots. I wouldn’t buy anything this guy is selling.

  • bigfootchaser

    That’s because those samples were used in the ketchumm study and she told him to withhold the real samples for some reason

  • Justin

    No fagget check your facts. It’s real

  • Dioji Woolf

    There was only one sample; if it was used in the Ketchum study than her
    results should have shown bear as well. It looked exactly like the
    reported steak, so you’re proposing he cut a piece of bear flesh to look
    exactly like his piece of bigfoot skin and gave that to the Oxford team
    to test? Why would Ketchum not want the support of the man who wrote “The Seven Daughters of Eve”?

  • Dioji Woolf

    I do not see what my sexual orientation has to do with this. I have checked my facts and followed this story closely since it broke. By now I’ve heard the story change multiple times, watched one DNA study go up in flames as it fails to prove anything and was published in a dubious manner, and seen another well known and well respected scientist find zero DNA evidence to support the claims given by so called researchers. If you still feel like watching the film and laying you’re trust in this man than I implore you to ask him about these pertinent questions during the Q&A.

  • Archard

    He cannot even spell it correctly (fagget?)
    Anyways you’re right without some decent evidence (which sounds lacking) I’d be inclined to call BS on it anyway 🙂

  • PT Barnum

    PT Barnum said it best two centuries ago “There’s a sucker born every minute”. This Smeja guy is nothing more than an ass clown perpetrating a big hoax and trying to cashing in on it. What a joke… move along people nothing to see here…

  • MichelleG.

    Im curious what changed in his story? Ive watched every interview and its been pretty consistant.

  • Dioji Woolf

    In particular the reaction of the Driver has bounced back and forth from being completely complacent to having pointed the gun at Justin in order to get him to stop. The “steak” has also been labelled as a piece of the adult bigfoot and as part of the baby bigfoot depending on where you read, even though that’s a moot point since we now know definitively that it’s a piece of bear hair. Why have I never heard Justin describe what the other young bigfoot did after it’s sibling was shot? How did the Driver have a DNA test done in 2011 before Ketchum or Sykes got a hold of the Sample and why have those results never been made public? These are the types of questions that leave a big stink over this whole venture.

  • Michael Cousin

    This documentary was shown on Channel 4 here in the UK and definitively says it was a bear that was shot and there were no traces of blood on his boots. Case closed as far as I can see.