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A new video uploaded to YouTube shows a strange creature near a creek in Calgary, a province of Alberta. The video purportedly shows a bipedal creature hunkering down near the water before walking back and disappearing into the tree line. At that moment, you hear the voice of a small child say “What is that? That is not a human…

Watch the video and take a close look for yourselves.

And here’s the SasquatchCentral slow-motion edit with commentary.

What I see looks legitimate.
A family of three going out for an early morning walk in the snowy woods when they suddenly come across a strange sighting. Their subtle reaction is what you’d expect to see when someone’s staring at an unnatural scene. They almost don’t have a reaction, instead they quietly observe the unfamiliar images trying to decipher what it is they’re looking at. This is what I hear when I listen to the voices on the video.

But the interest here is not on the witnesses, that’s secondary or only relevant when analyzing evidence for a hoax. The interest focuses purely on the large humanoid-looking creature that is conveniently out of frame. What the hell is it?

  • Elhombre

    Now that is pretty cool. I wonder if they bothered to go look for any tracks it made, whatever it is.

  • Pictures of a trackway do not go very far as evidence of anything. Tracks are pretty much considered fake from the get go any more, even if you have plaster casts.

    At this point it is going to take a specimen. Nothing less.

  • Elhombre

    Yeah I agree with that. I’m just thinking if it was me i’d be over there getting extra footage of tracks as well just for the hell of it.

  • Elhombre

    And who’s to say there may have been evidence to collect. Could’ve been “hunkering down near the water’ to take a dump. See it’s right arm brushing branches out the way when it took off? That could’ve left hair behind.
    Ah well,..maybe one day we get the hard evidence.

  • Barry Rich

    DiD it sound like an APe?

  • Barry Rich

    They smell like a pig pen smell s

  • Kurt Dahlke

    That’s a great hoax video. Too bad they had to rook kids into helping with it.

  • Arclight

    Looks like the real deal. Fluid, confident movement, no neck, large, lots of bulk. Looks like he was laying on his front side and left when he knew he’d been made…If this was a hoax, they’re wasting their time posting YouTube videos and should be producing daytime, B-reate movies for the SciFi channel…

  • IThinkso


  • radioredrafts

    Either it was a Sasquatch, or someone running around the wilderness in a sasquatch suit in the middle of winter in Canada looking for a family to prank, and taking a chance of getting shot at by hunters and now that I’m reading everything after the first comma I have to say that didn’t even sound good in my head just now…

    Sometimes you really have to stretch to be a skeptic. ^~


  • radioredrafts

    12X —<—@ 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  • radioredrafts

    probably its fur

  • Sean A. Elliott

    Personally, I think it is impossible to determine the veracity of this footage. It is brief, inconclusive, and there is no type specimen to compare it to. I do not know the people who filmed it, nor do I know with any degree of certainty what it was they filmed. I don’t know what it is. Anybody claiming outright that it shows a Sasquatch is no more privy to the truth than I am. That’s the problem with this sort of evidence as far as I’m concerned.