Is This Sasquatch? New Video From Alberta

Is This Sasquatch? New Video From Alberta

A new video uploaded to YouTube shows a strange creature near a creek in Calgary, a province of Alberta. The video purportedly shows a bipedal creature hunkering down near the water before walking back and disappearing into the tree line. At that moment, you hear the voice of a small child say “What is that? That is not a human…

Watch the video and take a close look for yourselves.

And here’s the SasquatchCentral slow-motion edit with commentary.

What I see looks legitimate.
A family of three going out for an early morning walk in the snowy. They almost don’t have a reaction, instead they quietly observe the unfamiliar images trying to decipher what it is they’re looking at. This is what I hear when I listen to the voices on the video.

But the interest here is not on the witnesses, that’s secondary or only relevant when analyzing evidence for a hoax. The interest focuses purely on the large humanoid-looking creature that is conveniently out of frame. What the hell is it?