I would like nothing more than the proof of various cryptids, alien civilizations, even alien visitors to be found. But that proof will come only through rigorous science and objective analysis, and by holding evidence to the highest standards of scrutiny. Born in south eastern Pennsylvania, i have found myself at one time or another living in Chicago, Cleveland, Raleigh-Durham, on the island of Kaua'i and finally landed on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. I have turned my hand to various professions from early work in 3d graphics to historic building restoration, carpentry and log home building to working in a bronze art foundry on the WWII Veterans Memorial. Currently I am a writer, script writer and working for a non profit organization called Empowerment Through Connection which is involved in equine assisted therapy for veterans, at risk teens and women.

I found this article from earlier this year regarding one of the crop of ghost hunting shows that plague the airwaves. This story is about Ghost Adventures, and events and people presented there.

Takne from an article on Before Its News.

Ghost Adventures Cast Member Claims No Fake Ghosts
Monday, January 20, 2014

From Bishop James Long

I’ve been asked this 4 times this morning and so I will, once again, make a public statement about Paranormal Shows faking evidence.

Its no secret that I was on Ghost Adventures. I don’t advertise it, its just there. I don’t work for Ghost Adventures, Sy Fy, The Travel Channel or Bobby Mackeys and therefore, I am not going to be a walking billboard and advertise for them. Period. If something happened, I will report it. If nothing happened, I will report that as well.

1. I have never been given a script for the Ghost Adventures shows that I have been on

2. I have NEVER been asked to fake evidence – if i were, i would tell the show, the hosts and the producers to jump off a cliff

3. I have not been paid for being on a show and so therefore, I am not an employee

4. I can, without hesitation, state that the activities that occurred at Bobby Mackeys did happen and that actually, the guys toned down some of the things that they shared because it was a bit too personal. I experienced things firsthand and can validate the things that occurred while I was with them.

Now a Catholic Bishop, you should expect, isn’t going to lie. What conflict of interest could he have here that might be motive for such a performance?

Could it be that he is founder of ParanormalClergy.com and debunking one group of paranormal investigators serves to cast his own activities into question.

You can check out the website and find out if your house is “infested with Demonic activity.”

Of course, there is a yawningly wide gap between the belief that any such thing as a demon exists, and the proof of such, and Bishop Long makes this clear statement in the Before It’s News article.

Opinions are NOT facts.

But is that really enough to cast into doubt the motives of a high ranking member of the clergy? From the About page on Paranormal Clergy

The Paranormal Clergy Institute was created so that all paranormal groups could utilize our skills, knowledge, and professionalism.

Of course if you are going to go around debunking the groups who utilize your services you are not going to get very good free advertising.

But what can they really do for you?

The Paranormal Clergy Institute offers blessings for many occasions.  We do offer home blessings for those who recently moved into a home and we also perform cleansings.

Many people who contact us are dealing with Paranormal Activity and needless to say, they are quite scared.  Normally, the types of hauntings that occur in these homes are human spirits that are manifesting themselves or residual energy.

However, there are times when the home owners experience a much more frightening ordeal and they are in need of immediate assistance.  In these types of cases, it is very dangerous to cleanse your own home without proper guidance from individuals who are are properly trained in dealing with demonic or malevolent entities.  Therefore, please do not try to communicate or provoke these spirits.  It is best that you contact the clergy and we can assist you with finding a reputable team in your area if we are unable to travel to your destination.

Of course there are no guarantees in life, even from members of the clergy.

I also understand that by having this property blessed or investigated by The United States Old Catholic Church or its affiliates, the possibility of the alleged paranormal activity can be altered in some way; either increasing or decreasing.

I hereby wave any form of legal liability to all clergy members of the United States Old Catholic Church, Paranormal Associates, and any other person (s) in connection to the Blessing and or Investigation that will be performed on the aforementioned home or those persons signing below.

To be fair, James Long is not a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, rather of the Old Catholic Church. I had to look up what this means.

I found that they are a valid branch of Catholicism.

It says so right on their website.

What is “Old Catholicism”?

We know from history that the Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ was united for a thousand years.

Today, however, the Catholic Church is comprised of five sister congregations:

Roman Catholic

Old Catholic

Anglican Catholic / Episcopalian

Eastern Catholic (or Eastern Orthodox)

Oriental (Coptic, Syrian, Nestorian)

These sister churches, together relating to each other in love, hold that through baptism, celebrated in our churches according to the faith handed down to us from the Apostles, we are each made members of the one Mystical Body of Christ.

For the most part, the sister churches interpret God’s plan of salvation essentially the same. But like all sisters in a family, there are differences: mostly administrative and disciplinary, and some theological.

Certain differences are expected and accepted. Nevertheless, each of the five churches is united with all or most of its sisters through the closest bonds, that is, by Apostolic Succession and a valid, mutually recognized Eucharist.

The Old Catholic Church recognizes the clergy and Eucharist of all four of its sisters. Its own are recognized by all. The Old Catholic Church, collectively and through its bishops, looks to the Holy Spirit for guidance and not to any one man.

If you want to learn more about The Old Catholic Church you can check out their History on their website. You can also learn more about Bishop Long from his personal webpage. As far as Long’s validity in either his assurance that Ghost Adventures does not fake its findings, or of his abilities as a exorcist, I am less than convinced.

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  • IThinkso

    The occupants of the house, whom I am closely but reluctantly dealing with for the past two weeks, reports multiple goings on in the house, which was unoccupied for the past 6 months and is huge compare to the family size of the occupants. The occupants do not believe in the jinns, let alone the evil ones among them and alleged that somebody is coming in and going out of the house, and messing with things in the house. Just today, they claimed that the small bucket placed under the kitchen sprinkler which mysteriously started leaking yesterday after the pounding noise from the top floor, got moved overnight, soaking the wooden floor.

    Out of all the happenings, I did witness one personally, which none of the occupant did because they were not in a position and are not experienced enough to understand it….it was to do with electrical wiring.

  • truthseeker

    There is the Old Catholic Church, which is indeed a branch of the Catholic Church. And then there’s the “United States” Old Catholic Church, which only exists in “Bishop” Long’s head. He created the name and then tries to confuse people by randomly dropping the “United States” from portions of his web site that talk about the real Old Catholic Church. Google or use the Wayback Machine and you’ll see that at one point, Long even claimed to own the copyright on United States Old Catholic Church. Let’s face facts: churches are way too greedy to allow someone to come in and copyright their name! Try this: Google “Old Catholic Church” and you will get all sorts of information about various churches throughout the world. Google “United States Old Catholic Church” and what do you get: Bishop Long’s site and that’s it.

    Oh yeah, and Long’s church is actually the Calvary LUTHERAN Church that he “rents” out to perform mass. Again, Long’s “St. Christopher’s” exists in name only, despite what he or his web site claims.

    As for his claims of being an exorcist, he cannot produce any substantial documentation as to his background. The closest he’s ever come to “proof” is stating that he “once trained” under a Roman Catholic exorcist.

    But don’t take my word for it. Do your own research and you’ll find there’s nothing “real” about the Bishop. In fact, some of it gets downright spooky as it appears as though he and his friends are just “playing church”. Don’t wait too long to dig, though, as I have posted this information on various other sites, only to have it be taken down when one of Long’s followers complain.

    So I ask you: if nothing about Mr. Long is real, how are we to believe what he says about Ghost Adventures is true? Don’t get me wrong: I want to believe in ghosts and all sorts of spooky things. I just don’t believe in Ghost Adventures and I sure as heck don’t believe in Bishop Long.

  • tha_snazzle

    Many years back I went to a paranormal convention where James Long was a guest. I did not know in advance that he would be there, but someone had posted some signs at the event about his appearance. He was billed then as Archbishop James Long. As a Catholic I had some notion of the stature of an Archbishop and knew there was no way this guy was in the Roman Catholic church.

    His presentation / slideshow was chock full of crummy images and sounds anyone could find on the Internet. (Poor old Anneliese Michel; how it makes me sick to see these fantasists trading in on her real suffering.) The bulk of his presentation seemed like it had been torn from the pages of the Monster Manual.

    I haven’t Googled his eminence in some time but my recollection is that the Catholic church he was / is in did proceed him, existed before he decided his calling in life was LARP’ing The Exorcist and Poltergeist. Also does he still have a website that has rotating skulls with fiery eyes on it? Very respectable.

    I’m not sure when or why he made the change from Archbishop to Bishop. He may very well be a nice, well-meaning guy, but when he vouches for the authenticity and credibility of others, he’s really not doing them any favors.

  • The Villar

    “…the crop of ghost hunting shows that plague the airwaves”
    Pretty much sums Henry up right there.

    This site used to be fun to visit, but it’s just cynicism now.
    RIP Ghost Theory, you were once a nice diversion.

  • Rameus

    “Proof” is a word thrown about by those who pretend to understand the scientific method. The first step in the scientific method is not “bring proof.” It is observation. And the scientific method is most effectively blocked by those who scream “I want PROOF !!!.”

    It is like screaming “I want SEX !!!” at the door of their prom date’s house. All that does is guarantee that you ain’t never gonna have any.

    Screaming for immediate proof, without investigation by science, and without the scientific method – is tantamount to pseudo-science.

    Recheck your ethics. I am not ready to toss this subject out based on pretend critical thinking.

    I want the scientific method….. not people screaming for proof, sans the help of science. That is simply fraud.

  • Bakob the Blob

    No, science does not begin with proof. First there must be a hypothesis to test. These shows never do that. They say they have theories which are really mere conjecture and they never conduct proper experiments. Then they want to get on TV and criticize skeptics for calling them out. Evidence is needed at some point and none of these shows provide it because their methods are flawed.

  • RednGreen

    I know this comment was posted 7 months ago but I am just now seeing it. I have been a GT faithful reader since the beginning. I hate to agree with you because I still really enjoy this site, but it does have a different feel to it. Javi used a great term the other day: Skeptical but not dismissive. He has this attitude and is awesome about presenting the story and letting the readers decide for themselves. Henry’s approach is more dismissive and he is much more vocal about his doubts.

  • Comment

    This man is not a Roman Catholic bishop and is not recognised as such by Rome

  • Comment

    The holy Roman Catholic and apostolic church was granted the power to exorcise demons by Christ and retains it by direct apostolic succession. This man claiming to be a Bishop is NOT a Roman Catholic church Bishop and is not a Roman Catholic priest appointed and trained as an exorcist or recognised by Rome as such. Those that truly feel they need help with demonic oppression or possession should I believe contact a Roman Catholic priest – and prepare to be disappointed. Real Roman Catholic exorcists will always respect and seek psychiatric and psychological science and you may expect acute and reasonable utterly honed investigative scepticism which is their obligation. Don’t waste the time of people capable of fighting demons with your household supernatural fantasies. The best way to avoid such evil is to avoid the supernatural and sorcery in the first place.

  • Comment

    Was Fr. Candido ironic even with the devil?

    I want to tell you about one very important episode to help you understand a truth. You need to know that when there’s a case of diabolical possession, there is a dialogue between the exorcist and the devil. Satan is a great liar, but sometimes the Lord obliges him to tell the truth. Once Fr. Candido was liberating a person after many exorcisms and with his typical irony he told the devil: “Go away for the Lord has created a nice warm home for you, he has prepared a little house for you where you won’t suffer from the cold”. However, the devil interrupted him and replied: “You don’t know anything”.

    What did he mean?

    When the devil interrupts with a saying like this, it means that God has obliged him to tell the truth. And this time it was extremely important. The faithful often ask me: “But how is it possible that God created Hell, why did he think of a place of suffering?”. And so that time the devil responded to the provocations of Fr. Candido by revealing an important truth about Hell: “It was not Him, God, who created Hell! It was us. He hadn’t even thought of it!” Therefore in the plan of God’s creation the existence of Hell had not been contemplated. The demons created it! During exorcisms, I have also often asked the devil: “Did you create Hell?”. And his response has always been the same: “We all cooperated”.

  • margaret

    I cannot believe they portrayed the Bishop as a Catholic Bishop!!!! He is of a Christian belief but NO WAY a Roman Catholic Bishop. He never completed any schooling or ordained in the Catholic Church. And how dare they presume that a medium is able to perform an exorcism. He may have Christian beliefs but is NOT qualified to perform any exorcism or baptism (all Catholics understand this!). Why were no prayers said in LATIN?????????


    Bishop Long is a man with good intentions but to be a true Christian we need to, like the Popes do and take so much flack for it, hold fast to what we are taught even when its not popular. So when i, as a Catholic, see not only the Priesthood but the Eucharist been mocked it makes me mad. He agrees the Church in the Bible IS “THE CATHOLIC CHURCH”, but that it went astray after 7th council. This means Christ was wrong when he said the gates of hell would not prevail against it. Catholics dont look to the Pope for Grace, but to the Holy Spirit. The Pope holds a perpetual office and it’s not the popes holiness, but the Holiness of the office that has made sure no false teachings on FAITH/MORALS have ever come out of this office, even with the bad popes we’ve had-WHICH SPEAKS VOLUMES FOR THE presence of Christ in the Church & THAT “THE CHURCH IS THE PILLAR & FOUNDATION OF TRUTH”,(1 Tim 3:15) and Mt 18:17-18 Clearly states the Church is the final Authority-SO WHAT IS ONE OR TWO TO DO IN THIS NEW DENOMINATION, IF THEY HAVE A DISAGREEMENT. They cant take the advice of scripture, nor Church tradition, for they reject our spiritual leaders who are the ones watching over our souls and therefore are the ones that Christ has appointed to make these decisions as they will have to give an account on the “DAY OF THE LORD”.”You are Peter , and on this rock i will build my Church:the Aramaic word for “rock” ( Kepa ) is translated into Greek as Cephas, the name used for peter in the Pauline letters and is translated as “Peter” in Jn 1:42.Church:a word that only occurs here and in Mt 18:17 ( Used all over OT to mean the Holy Children of God, keepers of the covenant ). The Church will have Peter as her foundation stone but Jesus is the true spiritual foundation & cornerstone without which the foundation is no good. Peter will have primacy among all the Apostles and be the visible head of the Church, as will his successors, the popes.The gates of hell will not prevail because of Her foundation on the rock. Receiving the power of the keys, symbol of authority, Peter becomes Christs representative on earth. He is given the power to “BIND & LOOSE”, i.e. To condemn or absolve, “to prohibit or allow”. Peter is doorkeeper (Mk 23:9-10 ). When a person rejects a certain doctrine of the Church then he is not in full communion with the Church and so is not a member of “Christs Body, the Church”…From the bottom of my heart i love all ppl, including gay or trans-gender, but it sickens me to see some1 call himself a man of God, reject the teachings of God as the DIVINE AUTHOR OF SCRIPTURE, and give the Eucharist to those deemed to be immoral by St Paul in ( 1 Cor 6:9-10 ) We are given another example of those who “will not inherit the Kingdom of God. LOVE IS NOT AN EMOTION, IT IS TO WILL THE BEST FOR THE OTHER, WHILE EXPECTING NOTHING IN RETURN. The R/C Church has been persecuted for delivering the message Christ entrusted to HER, without wavering. And so keeping the truth from the flock and allowing them to do what they want and make exceptions like moses did is not loving them, its pleasing them and the Church is in the business of saving souls by delivering the truth. Compassion is great, but Christ, like the Church, always followed with-GO AND SIN NO MORE….God Bless all

  • Angela WhiteHawk Potter

    He is Catholic,just not Roman Catholic. Roman Catholics are different from other Catholics in some ways but the same in other ways. The other Catholics also include Polish Catholics. These are Catholics just not Roman. There are many types of Catholics not just Roman. Please read your history of the Old Catholic Church to understand.

  • Mojave Son

    Angela is right. And there’s the Maronite Catholics as well who originated in the Middle East. The word catholic means universal which includes more than just Roman Catholics.

  • SealedbyPromise

    Jesus told his desciples that one of the signs following those who
    believe is that “in my name they will cast out demons”. He never said, only if their ordained!