Bishop James Long: “Ghost Adventures Is Not Fake.”

Bishop James Long: “Ghost Adventures Is Not Fake.”

I found this article from earlier this year regarding one of the crop of ghost hunting shows that plague the airwaves. This story is about Ghost Adventures, and events and people presented there.

Takne from an article on Before Its News.

Ghost Adventures Cast Member Claims No Fake Ghosts
Monday, January 20, 2014

From Bishop James Long

I’ve been asked this 4 times this morning and so I will, once again, make a public statement about Paranormal Shows faking evidence.

Its no secret that I was on Ghost Adventures. I don’t advertise it, its just there. I don’t work for Ghost Adventures, Sy Fy, The Travel Channel or Bobby Mackeys and therefore, I am not going to be a walking billboard and advertise for them. Period. If something happened, I will report it. If nothing happened, I will report that as well.

1. I have never been given a script for the Ghost Adventures shows that I have been on

2. I have NEVER been asked to fake evidence – if i were, i would tell the show, the hosts and the producers to jump off a cliff

3. I have not been paid for being on a show and so therefore, I am not an employee

4. I can, without hesitation, state that the activities that occurred at Bobby Mackeys did happen and that actually, the guys toned down some of the things that they shared because it was a bit too personal. I experienced things firsthand and can validate the things that occurred while I was with them.

Now a Catholic Bishop, you should expect, isn’t going to lie. What conflict of interest could he have here that might be motive for such a performance?

Could it be that he is founder of and debunking one group of paranormal investigators serves to cast his own activities into question.

You can check out the website and find out if your house is “infested with Demonic activity.”

Of course, there is a yawningly wide gap between the belief that any such thing as a demon exists, and the proof of such, and Bishop Long makes this clear statement in the Before It’s News article.

Opinions are NOT facts.

But is that really enough to cast into doubt the motives of a high ranking member of the clergy? From the About page on Paranormal Clergy

The Paranormal Clergy Institute was created so that all paranormal groups could utilize our skills, knowledge, and professionalism.

Of course if you are going to go around debunking the groups who utilize your services you are not going to get very good free advertising.

But what can they really do for you?

The Paranormal Clergy Institute offers blessings for many occasions.  We do offer home blessings for those who recently moved into a home and we also perform cleansings.

Many people who contact us are dealing with Paranormal Activity and needless to say, they are quite scared.  Normally, the types of hauntings that occur in these homes are human spirits that are manifesting themselves or residual energy.

However, there are times when the home owners experience a much more frightening ordeal and they are in need of immediate assistance.  In these types of cases, it is very dangerous to cleanse your own home without proper guidance from individuals who are are properly trained in dealing with demonic or malevolent entities.  Therefore, please do not try to communicate or provoke these spirits.  It is best that you contact the clergy and we can assist you with finding a reputable team in your area if we are unable to travel to your destination.

Of course there are no guarantees in life, even from members of the clergy.

I also understand that by having this property blessed or investigated by The United States Old Catholic Church or its affiliates, the possibility of the alleged paranormal activity can be altered in some way; either increasing or decreasing.

I hereby wave any form of legal liability to all clergy members of the United States Old Catholic Church, Paranormal Associates, and any other person (s) in connection to the Blessing and or Investigation that will be performed on the aforementioned home or those persons signing below.

To be fair, James Long is not a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, rather of the Old Catholic Church. I had to look up what this means.

I found that they are a valid branch of Catholicism.

It says so right on their website.

What is “Old Catholicism”?

We know from history that the Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ was united for a thousand years.

Today, however, the Catholic Church is comprised of five sister congregations:

Roman Catholic

Old Catholic

Anglican Catholic / Episcopalian

Eastern Catholic (or Eastern Orthodox)

Oriental (Coptic, Syrian, Nestorian)

These sister churches, together relating to each other in love, hold that through baptism, celebrated in our churches according to the faith handed down to us from the Apostles, we are each made members of the one Mystical Body of Christ.

For the most part, the sister churches interpret God’s plan of salvation essentially the same. But like all sisters in a family, there are differences: mostly administrative and disciplinary, and some theological.

Certain differences are expected and accepted. Nevertheless, each of the five churches is united with all or most of its sisters through the closest bonds, that is, by Apostolic Succession and a valid, mutually recognized Eucharist.

The Old Catholic Church recognizes the clergy and Eucharist of all four of its sisters. Its own are recognized by all. The Old Catholic Church, collectively and through its bishops, looks to the Holy Spirit for guidance and not to any one man.

If you want to learn more about The Old Catholic Church you can check out their History on their website. You can also learn more about Bishop Long from his personal webpage. As far as Long’s validity in either his assurance that Ghost Adventures does not fake its findings, or of his abilities as a exorcist, I am less than convinced.

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Henry Paterson