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M.K. Davis’ recent discovery on the Patterson-Gimlin footage is a powerful blow against the skeptics who for decades have denounced the footage as a hoax. On the 61st frame of the extraordinary footage, Mr. Davis was able to stabilize and enhance the frame significantly enough to show Patty’s digits.  Why is this significant?

Think about it. For years believers have argued that back in the late 1960s (1967 to be exact) there were no advanced gorilla suits in existence. Meaning that all you could find or make were these rubberized, high bulky and stiff-jointed suits. Those who believe, confidently argue that what we see in the Patterson-Planet-of-the-APesGimlin film is not a man in a rubber gorilla suit but an actual Sasquatch.

This specific piece of important evidence that is M.K. Davis’ Frame 61 should now be considered damning evidence against the gorilla suit theory. After all, it was only a year after the Patterson-Gimlin footage was shot that the iconic 1968 film Planet of the Apes came onto the screen. Surely we can all appreciate the vast contrast in the P & G film and that of Hollywood’s leading special effects. If Patty is some man in a suit, then that is one highly sophisticated and priceless body suit.


Bigfoot Evidence has the scoop and a word from Davis:

M.K. Davis as done it again! All these years of enhancing and deburring each frame from the Patterson-Gimlin footage has yielded something so definitive that it’s mind blowing. Skeptics claim Patty was a man in a suit, but we all know that there was no such suit back 1967. 


  • “Knuckles”

    Good point, with all the alleged sightings there would have to be thousands of these huge land creatures yet we cant even find one single real Bigfoot to confirm the species? They don’t hide their bones nor do they do anything because they don’t exist.

  • “Knuckles”

    Why haven’t you shared where we can see this REAL footage? I’ll tell you why, because there is no such footage! I’ve seen pretty much all the video that’s out there and nothing matches what you speak of, plus I checked out every video and still shot online for Bigfoot sightings in New Mexico and there’s nothing to see that’s any better than the nonsense filmed at any other location. BTW, couldn’t find anything about “The Real Creature Hunter” you made mention of, what a surprise! Lol

  • “Knuckles”

    She doesn’t have any such footage or else she would’ve posted it, sound familiar? Lol

  • “Knuckles”

    So let me get this straight, every one of the thousands of “I saw Bigfoot” people who claim to see them, know where they live, have trail cam evidence…etc, have all decided to keep it to themselves? The best anyone can do is tell stories but nobody can provide the empirical evidence needed to confirm it’s existence? Being open minded has nothing to do with it, with today’s pinpoint accurate technology there’s no way huge land animals that apparently live and forage close to humans would not have it’s species confirmed by now, someone would’ve shot, run over, trapped, found the body of one that’s deceased…etc by now. Lots of goofy tales floating around but no REAL BIGFOOT, that’s how it’ll always be.

  • “Knuckles”

    Simple, any video regardless of when it was filmed can be altered with today’s technology. There’s lots of evidence to suggest the PG footage has been altered and reposted many times, you’ll never know for sure what version you’re looking at. One only needs to see the hundreds of people who have already been caught hoaxing to realize the great lengths people will go to just to get others to believe.

  • DaveS

    I’m supporting you on this one Knuckles. I don’t believe this New Mexican footage is any more real than Brian Johnson’s Canadian girlfriend. (breakfast club) I haven’t decided what I want to do with my photos yet. I’m working with a few people on that decision. Also unless you saw the terrain yourself they wouldn’t mean anything to you. So I wouldnt claim it shows good evidence unless you saw it yourself.

  • “Knuckles”

    Glad you agree that she’s a fraud, as for your evidence, you shouldn’t have to consult with anyone to simply post a pic of what you have, the worst that would happen is that people would not believe it’s worthy. If that’s the real reason you won’t share it then you’ve really got nothing to show which strengthens my earlier statements about there being no real evidence anywhere because Bigfoot doesn’t exist.